Proper Maintenance

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"Joint condition restored. You are a brilliant smith, Lazry. This maintenance was fast and precise. ▷Allow me to thank you as well.◁"
2"Aye, you're welcome. Moving parts are susceptible to damage over time, so it's good practice to perform maintenance. Now let's finish with a wee bath to wash all this dirt and grime away."
3"Hmm. That's an unusual item of clothing." "Aye, it's called a bathrobe—it's a sort of wearable towel? Got it from a dragon named Gaibhne, and I love it, so I do."
4"Achoo! Ach, but I've caught a chill!" "I have located a small amount of water on your face, Lazry. This is likely the cause of your reduction in temperature." "Aye, thank you. I feel better already."
5"Looks like I be the one gettin' maintenance this time around. Ha ha!" "Is your condition improving, Lazry? If so, I will continue on this course."


Ability 1