Rogues' Banquet

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Obtainable as a 4

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Wyrmprint Descriptions

1We are the rogues who are scary! And we think up fun pranks most merry! If there's foul play a'brewing You know it's our doing For we are some pals most contrary!
2We are the strong and tough rogues! We love to speak in a rough brogue! Our skills make you say "What?" When we kick your butt 'Cause our kind is always in vogue!
3We are so merry and tough! And we all have muscles so buff! We rise with the sun And don't stop till we're done So WE'LL say when you've had enough!
4Sometimes we merry rogues are sad. 'Cause folks do not think we are rad. They run when we come... Kids cry and suck their thumbs... But mostly, our lives ain't so bad!
5Those Halidom folks tick us off! They think that they're all the boss! But we'll teach 'em a lesson When with them we are messin' And when we break out the ol' right cross!


Ability 1