The Rose Prince

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Obtainable as a 5

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Wyrmprint Descriptions

1Valentine's is a special time for people to convey their feelings to those they care for. And now we find Leif, ordinarily the serious White Sparrow captain, making his way to someone with bouquet in hand.
2"Apologies for the delay," he said, "but it took longer than I thought to select flowers befitting of you. I hope these go some way toward expressing my appreciation. Well, then. Shall we be off?"
3As sunset stained the town a brilliant crimson, Leif extended a waiting hand. "The light will be gone soon," he said. "I think we ought to depart. But fear not— I will see you back.
4He glanced beside him and smiled shyly, as if feeling the gaze of his companion. "Thank you kindly for today," he said. "It was one I shall never forget—and one I pray you enjoyed in equal measure.
5Though he felt terrific loneliness at their parting, he tried to hide it with calm words. "I'm not...used to this, you see, but I hope my actions conveyed my feelings. Perhaps we might spend next year together as well?


Ability 1