Soaring Terror

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Table of Contents

Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1So you wish to know about the Rathalos, eh? Well, I commend your desire to learn. All I can share is information from my own world, but perhaps it will be useful.
2Everyone in my world knows that name, and it is feared as the "King of the Skies." And an apt name it is, for the way they soar through the air with those huge wings is the very definition of regal.
3They shoot balls of fire from their mouths that are made in an internal organ called a flame sac. ...How's that? You say there are fiends in your world who also breathe fire? Well, isn't that fascinating.
4If you run into one, you should be especially wary of the claws, for they secrete a deadly poison. ...Hmm? You want to know if there is an antidote? Most certainly! I even have some here, if you would like.
5When fire leaks from its mouth, that is a sign of its anger. As it becomes enraged, it turns more aggressive and will pursue its prey without end. In fact, one can even... Wait. That sound... It can't be!


Ability 1