Superior Summer

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"These rough waves amuse me. I shall meet nature's rage with my own strength and bend it to my will!" "H-how does one subjugate the SEA? Please be careful, Prince Leonidas!"
2"Heh. Powerful indeed, O great crests of the sea. But what do you make of THIS?!" "Whoa... Marvelous, Prince Leonidas!" "Incredible! That's His Majesty for you!"
3"...And that is how my vacation went." "Such a pity that I could not see my dear brother surfing. Had I come to the beach one day earlier, I would have seen that unusua— I mean that magnificent sight for myself."
4"I should quite like to see you in your watery element. Will you be paddling out today?" "I will not, for I have already conquered the waves on this beach. Why don't you regale me with tales of YOUR vacation, Chelle?"
5"Oho ho! A lady's secrets are hers to keep. But it was definitely a top-caliber summer." "Good. We are the eldest son and daughter of the proud Alberian royal family. Even the way we take respite must be extraordinary."


Ability 1