Dragon Quest For The Stars Available to the West in 2020 -- Register for Android Closed Beta Test Now

Dragon Quest of the Stars
  • DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS™ is coming to the West in early 2020
  • Android can now register for a Closed Beta Test

Popular Dragon Quest Game Moves West

It's a good time to be a Dragon Quest fan on the go. In addition to Dragon Quest Walk, the newest geolocation game in the style of Pokemon Go to hit the market, there’s yet another Dragon Quest game coming to mobile. This announcement comes after the release of Dragon Quest XI S on Nintendo Switch this month. Dragon Quest Of The Stars appears to be a turn based RPG from the limited information we see, far more in the style of other Dragon Quest games – and select regions will be able to beta test the game (starting today) prior to the release in the western hemisphere.

To see if you can beta test Dragon Quest Of The Stars, hit the link below –

Android Beta Test

What’s interesting about Of The Stars is it follows a model that has been working lately for games with heavy popularity in the East. We’re seeing more and more often that titles like this are released fully in the East, allowing time for developers to clean them up and get them ahead, before they begin releasing them in the West. So by the time the game hits the Americas, it’s been tested rather rigorously and usually has a lot more content than a fresh release on mobile.

There’s just generally more polish and more to do.

Dragon Quest For The Stars is set to release sometime in early 2020, and we’ll keep you up to date as we learn more.


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