Dragon Raja Global Announces Pre-Registration. Teases Launch "Very Soon".

Dragon Raja Global Pre-Registration
  • Dragon Raja Global announces Pre-Registration Campaign
  • Launch teased as coming "very soon"
  • MMO RPG with stunning graphics, grand open-world, free customization, rich gameplay, powerful social system, and real-time battle 

Part Human, Part Dragon, Full Pre-Reg

Today on their social media, Zulong Games announced the Pre-Registration for the global launch of their MMO RPG Dragon Raja.  The game was launched in China earlier this year, and for the week of July 22nd was the second highest grossing mobile game in China.  No launch date has been officially announced yet, but the FAQ on their social media teases: 

What we could say here is that Dragon Raja will come out to see you very soon.

Dragon Raja will release in Americas and EMEA (all regions) with 5 available languages: English, German, Russian and French and Simplified Chinese.

Dragon Raja Global Character Examples

About the Game

The game is based on the Dragon Raja series of Chinese fantasy novels written by Jiang Nan, not to be confused with the Korean novels of the same name.

The ancient dragons that used to rule the world are about to wake up from their deep slumber. Dragon Raja with ferocious power attempts to dominate the world again.  But humans with their free will cannot be controlled any more. They even risk their lives to become Hybrids of human and dragon. Using the power of the enemies and equipped with gears of most advanced technology, humans are fighting against the Dragon Raja to save the world.

Dragon Raja is an MMO RPG and the FAQ on their social media states:

Dragon Raja is a fantastic mobile game developed by the industry-leading engine UE4 with stunning graphics. There is a grand and seamless open-world for players to freely explore. Also, gamer are not only able to customize their pretty character’s appearances but able to define their unique personalities. In addition, the creative system enables player to be whoever then wanna be and start their Second life in the game. Moreover, our powerful social system makes players are easily to make friends in the game and play together. Last but not least, four characteristic classes and various exquisite dungeons & battlefields would bring gamers with best PvE and PvP experience on the mobile. We will introduce these feature in detail to you guys later.

Dragon Raja Global DRAGONS

The player can choose from between 4 playable classes: Soul Dancer, Gunslinger, Assassin, and Blade Master.

Dragon Raja Soul Dancer Class

Pre-Registration Campaign

Pre-registration can be done through the Google Play and the iOS App Store.  The Google Play pre-registration is currently live, with the iOS App Store announced as “coming soon”.  Links can be found below. Pre-Registration goals and rewards can be found on their website, and include:

  • 50,000: Claw Machine Coins

  • 100,000: Secret Order

  • 500,000: Gold Hero Key

  • 1,000,000: Hair: Meteor (permanent)

  • 2,000,000: Exclusive Title

  • 3,000,000: Flamingo Sporty Refit Model

The current number of pre-registrants is 3,460, so we have quite a ways to go (2,996,540 more)  if we want to be riding in style on the Flamingo at release, especially if the game is actually going to be launched “very soon”.

Dragon Raja Pre-Registration Reward

Official Trailer


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