Epic Seven Festa Event in Korea Details New Continent, Max Level Increase and More

  • Episode 2 Update arrives June 13th and contains 10 chapters with 10 stages, not including optional ones
  • Chapters 1 and 2 available at release, and new chapters will be released every month
  • More features arriving later in the month including Story Journal, Automaton Tower and more

On June 9, 2019, a summary of the information presented at the Epic Festa event in South Korea was posted online. 

On June 14, the Godkiller update will bring the start of Episode 2 to Epic Seven. The game will have 2 new chapters with a total of 20 new stages to complete. There will be 100 total quests in Episode 2. The chapters released will be:

  • Chapter 1: Jerdun Borderlands
  • Chapter 2: Crimson City Meldrec
Full Info: 6/9 June Developer Notes
  • "More than 15 new 3★ and 4★ Heroes waiting for you in chapter 1"

Adventure content has also been redesigned to be easier and will require less farming.

A side story will be added at the end of episode 1 that will allow players to farm catalysts. 

The June 13th update will also include a max level increase to 65 and "Urgent Mission Improvements".

Future updates will include:

  • Story Journal, where players can rewatch cutscenes related to the game
  • Automaton Tower, a 100-floor tower that rewards MolaGora and Galaxy Bookmarks
  • Alchemists Steeple, where you can craft ingredients and equipment, and change catalysts
  • Steel Workshop, a place to craft accessories

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