04/24/2019 Patch Notes

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Article by Brian So

New Limited Hero


First up this week is the brand new limited banner (Hero guaranteed in 121 summons), featuring the first gacha collab Hero ever, Baiken. Focused entirely on bleeding, she has the ability to both provide a teamwide CR push, inflict bleeding, and then exploit that bleeding for maximum profit. Not only that, she also gets a free turn that can instantly chain her S2 and S3, and her basic attack can reduce her cooldowns.

On the same banner is the new 5★ Artifact, Torn Sleeve, which has a 100% chance of inflicting Bleeding for 2 turns on any single-target attack. This provides bleed synergy and consistent damage output.

Collab Event

The second collab character is the free 5★ , Sol Badguy. Featuring % max HP damage on his S3, a % max HP counterattack with guaranteed silence, and a Dispel, along with the ability to extend buffs, he’s quite the amazing welfare unit. Make sure to grab your max devotion copies of him from the new event shop while you can!

The free Artifact Junkyard Dog is also available via the new side story, offering an up to 50% chance to burn the enemy for 2 turns on a basic attack. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some awesome burn synergy!

New Mystic Heroes

Third, we have new arrivals to the Mystic summon pool, Sage Baal & Sezan and Crescent Moon Rin. ML Baal has an innate CR gain after enemies take turns, and ML Rin is the first unit to ever genuinely steal and copy enemy buffs. Look forward to them after your guild battles!

Powder Shop Update

Fourth, the artifact powder shop will be refreshed with a new rotation, featuring:

  • Notable 5★ Artifacts: Etica’s Scepter, Iron Fan, Uberius’ Tooth, and Noble Oath 
  • Notable 4★ Artifacts: Tagehel’s Ancient Book (up to 20 souls for the team for any mage!) and Magaraha’s Tome (up to 30% CR after using a non-attack skill). Be sure to snag those copies for MLB purposes if you need them!

Champion Zerato Challenge Ending

Fifth, remember to finish farming your MLB copies of Iela Violin; the event with Champion Zerato ends the following week.

Dizzy Incoming!

Lastly, don’t forget that the current banner does NOT feature Dizzy or her Artifact, so if you’re on the fence about pulling, you may want to wait to see which of the limited heroes you would like.


That’s all the important stuff for this week’s patch notes. Feel free to leave us some feedback if you think we’ve left anything out, and we’ll see you next week!

Official Patch Notes are released on the Smilegate site. 

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