05/15/2019 Patch Notes

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  1. Last part of the Guilty Gear Collab Event begins now.
  2. Brawl! Revelator! Challenge ends this coming week. Farm your artifact before it disappears.
  3. Hard Tournament Mode, which drops various rare resources, becomes playable from the Guilty Gear story event menu. It uses the same currency as the previous Tournament section, Tokens for the Chosen.
  4. Limited summon Dizzy will leave the pool at the end of the coming week.
  5. Guild buffs are now applied immediately on purchase instead of via claim.

Final Story

We’re finally at the last part of the GG collab event, the aptly-named Final story:

After the patch, the last part of the collab will open. This part of the collab once again drops Tokens for the Chosen, the currency boosted by Torn Sleeves/Necro and Undine, so get those artifacts out (preferably at the same time). Also notable is the number of different catalysts available in the last battle - Cold Looks, Twisted Fangs, and Flame of Soul - perfect for your catalyst needs.

Brawl! Revelator! Ending This Week

The special Brawl! Revelator! Challenge will be ending this week. If you haven’t farmed a max limit-breaked version of this artifact, you may want to do so ASAP, as there is no word on whether the collab will ever return. The artifact can be used almost everywhere, so you’ll want to grab at least a copy or two, and make sure to snag that gold transmit stone!

Brawl! Revelator! Ending This Week

Hard Tournament Opens

Third, we have the Hard Tournament opening, which requires Tokens for the Chosen (same as the Normal version) for you to participate and get some one-time rewards. (Note that you don’t lose any Tokens if you happen to be defeated, so feel free to try out the battles even if you think they might be challenging on Hard.) You can get the last free copy of Sol here, which will push you toward getting his final 5* imprint, so don’t miss out.

Dizzy Leaving Soon

Lastly, don’t forget that the current banner WILL end next week. If you haven’t gotten Dizzy yet, you may want to do say, as collabs are not guaranteed to return. If you have plenty of marks and want a look at the next week’s banner, you may want to hold onto those for the small window of time where you can preview the next hero’s kit.

That’s all the important stuff for this week’s patch notes! Feel free to leave us some feedback if you think we’ve left out anything important, and finish up what you started!

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