05/22/2019 Patch Notes

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  1. Rerun of the Destina-focused event, A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice
  2. Destina Rate-Up Banner
  3. New mage-exclusive artifact, Tear of the Desert, is available via challenge.
  4. Prepare for upcoming Montmorancy Specialty Change quest.

A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice

First up this week is the rerun of the Destina-focused even, “A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice”. Collect currency to redeem for Hearth of Hypocrisy and other goodies.

Like all mini-events, this follows the regular 2-week schedule, so you have more time to do this event than the 1-week phases of the Guilty Gear event.

(2) Destina Rate-up Banner

Along with this event rerun, Destina will be available on her banner (just remember that she is not guaranteed, so don’t blow everything on her banner.) Destina is a tanky, slow Soul Weaver with a full-team heal/cleanse and a CR push for every debuff cleansed - perfect for purging those debuffs.

(3) Test of the Sandstorm Challenge

Third, we have a brand new challenge to replace Brawl! Revelator!

You can get the new artifact, Tear of the Desert, here. This artifact ramps up each time a hero uses an AoE attack, stacking up to 5 times. Good for those long fights! (This artifact faces strong competition from Kal’Adra and previous event artifact, Radiant Forever, which occupies the same niche - still, it’s good to get at least one maxed copy.)

(4) Prepare for Montmorancy Specialty Change

Lastly, don’t forget to take your Montmorancy to lvl 50 in preparation for her upcoming Specialty Change. The dev notes have specified that she will be ‘coming soon’, so it’s best to be prepared and keep a few resources on hand to make her shine. We’re looking forward to a brand new cleanse/immunity specialty change!


Image from the Korean STOVE website.

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