06/05/2019 Patch Notes

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New Hero Luluca

A new Ice Mage enters the scene with the unique and highly useful combination of teamwide DEF Buff and Barrier on Rekos’ Blessing (S2). Also fills the role of AoE DEF breaker, dealing bonus damage with her Wave of Vengeance (S3) the more it is used. Good for long fights where you expect to get several skill rotations. Relatively short CD’s, synergizing with either Etica’s Scepter OR...

Spirit’s Breath Artifact

...the new artifact, Spirit’s Breath. This artifact has a 75-100% chance (dependent on Limit Break) to reduce the cooldown of all skills by 1 when a non-attack skill is used. It fills a role similar to Etica’s Scepter, but is more consistent on the condition that a Hero have a non-attacking skill with a low cooldown. Luluca herself, Auxiliary Lots, and Aramintha come to mind as possible users for this strong niche artifact.

Luluca Sidestory Event

Luluca will receive an introductory Side Story with all the normal Side Story rewards. Keep in mind that this is a mini event, so only Silver Transmit Stones are rewarded for full completion. Here’s to hoping that next week brings us a major event!

Test of the Sandstorm Ongoing

There is no new Challenge event this week, as the Test, nay, Final Exam of the Sandstorm is ongoing. There is still a whole week to complete the event and get at least one copy of ‘Tear of the Desert’.

No Word Yet on Episode 2

Smilegate is unfortunately mum on the exact release date of Episode 2, so make sure you preregister to find out when and to get those rewards! And remember, more info is coming on June 9th. 


This week looks a little sparse on new content (likely in preparation for Episode 2). You may want to hold off on summoning for Luluca until you get your free 5* hero from the 7-day login reward campaign. In addition, we are expecting a new Mystic Summon rotation soon, so you may want to hold off on those pulls as well.

The new banner has a great unit and a strong niche artifact, but keep in mind that it is, as usual, not a guaranteed banner. Pull with caution.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week!

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