08/21/2019 Patch Notes

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Hello and welcome to this week's patch notes. We’ve got some exciting stuff in store this week! The new hero-specific unique equipment has arrived, and with it a new set of scoring challenges! We also have the brand new speedy cleave Hero, Vivian, and a very strong, free Wyvern-killing hero via Connections! Join me as we explore the new Mining City of Aakhen!

(1) New Unique Equipment System/Hall of Trials

Smilegate has implemented a brand new system to improve heroes without touching their base kits, and which rewards investment into a hero. This update comes with the addition of Unique Equipment for select heroes (though all Heroes are expected to receive their own unique equipment in time).

This system implements a new skill tree that allows you to choose between 3 brand new options for powering up eligible heroes, and provides a nice chunk of stats to boot!

You will be able to acquire these items from the new “Challenges” section, which will replace the existing Charm challenges.

These new challenges will use an as-yet-unseen scoring system, with an entry ticket system like the one for Abyss/Raids. By eliminating enemies, you earn points, with each boss giving a large number of points.

The following battle conditions will apply in this area:

  1. Bosses have a visual enrage bar over their heads; when this fills, they will clear all debuffs and deal increased damage. You don’t want this to happen, so knock them out ASAP.

  2. Guardians cannot be used - sorry, Arky, you adorable fluffball.

  3. No Soul gain - this is a big deal, since you will have to rely on skills that cannot be Soul Burned.

We highly encourage you to enter the ‘Practice Mode’ provided to get a feel for the battle, since actual entries are limited.

As you deal more damage to enemies, you will score higher and higher, with each scoring bracket providing successively increasing rewards.

The lowest you can possibly score is a D for <300,000 points, meaning that you will earn a minimum of 16 Wisdom’s Gaze per attempt.

You can score up to 3,800,000 points, which is the SSS reward tier. The maximum currency earned per attempt is 23.

For reference, the unique hero equipment shown so far seems to be available for 40 Wisdom’s Gaze.

(2) Unique Hero Equipment Short Review

The new unique equipment has its own page, where we give you a detailed rundown of the pros/cons and our recommended builds! Check it out HERE!

(3) Hero Vivian + Dignus Orb Banner

The new Hero Vivian is here, and her kit just screams CLEAVE. Boasting the ability to fire her S2, Thunder God’s Cry, up to 3 times, and high innate Speed (tied with Dizzy at 115!), combined with a 3-turn ATK+ and Debuff Immunity, Vivian looks to be a shoe-in for PvP opener, countering the common threat of Dizzy on defense with her innate Earth element and Debuff Immunity.

In addition, she self CR boosts by up to 20% with a critical hit on her S1, and even grants herself the incredibly rare Great ATK+ buff on her S3. 

Truly a monster.

This artifact grants a barrier of up to 120% of the caster’s ATK value for 2 turns after using a non-attacking skill, making it a viable option for a select few Mages (most Mages have attack skills on almost everything). It sees strong competition in Kal’Adra, which can end engagements sooner, and Spirit’s Breath for support-based Mages.

As is the new standard, Vivian’s banner comes with a 120-pull pity timer which notably does NOT cover the banner artifact. Buyer beware.

(4) New Connections Hero: Furious

We have our first amazing connections hero in a little while. Furious crashes onto the scene with the addition of the Mining City of Aakhen.

He is pretty much everything you want for the all-important Wyvern hunt, featuring the following things:

  • Constant DEF Break with Molagora investment. (2 turns on a 3-turn CD, with a free turn refresh built into his S2)
  • Teamwide CRIT% buff - one of the best ways to increase your team’s damage, due to reducing the reliance on Crit% chance from equipment and allowing ever-increasing rolls into the vaunted Critical Damage and ATK stats.
  • ???? Speed.

In addition, he has access to the wonderful Ranger artifact collection, making him a perfect fit for the Song of Stars artifact.

Though it remains to be seen, he could be even better than Seaside Bellona for Wyvern or even Taranor Guard, supplanting them in terms of inflicting both Target and DEF Break (with the proper artifacts).

(5) ‘Uphill Battle’ Sidestory

We get a new sidestory featuring Vivian, with the usual sidestory rewards. Expect to see the return of an actual currency, as this is unlike the previous event, where the currency was just an achievement placeholder.

As usual for a small sidestory, there is no Gold Transmit Stone available for completing all the quests.

(6) Episode 2 Chapter 3 - Mining City of Aakhen

In this newest Chapter, we see the brand-new Mining City of Aakhen in Story mode, complete with a new AP Exchange shop and a new Connections Hero - the Lord of Aakhen, Furious.

You will have to eliminate monsters unique to this new map and also give him 400 AP to unlock him for use, in addition to gifting Leather Sheaths.

Available in the AP Exchange is a Breath of Orbis and a new one-time-only lvl 71 ATK set helmet.

(7) More QoL Changes

  • A timer was added so that you could view the countdown to Protector’s Punishment
  • Many changes to view previously invisible ‘stacks’ on artifacts/abilities such as Ranon’s Memo, etc.
  • Many changes to buffs/debuffs to show the actual value, so that you don’t have to guess
  • Various other bugfixes

That’s all for this week. We’re excited for the new equipment and heroes. Feel free to leave us any comments and feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

See you next week!

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