11/13/19 Patch Notes Walkthrough

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Hello, and welcome to this week's patch notes. This week is a bit light on new content, but we did get some important stuff, such as the Story Log that we’ve been waiting AGES for! We also got new unique equipment for fan favorites Bellona, Cermia, and General Purrgis. We also have a new 4* Hero, Khawana, who heavily encourages a mono-element fire team and who may be indicative of further elemental-themed teams in the future.

(1) Unique Hero Equipment Short Review

We got new Exclusive Equipment for the heroes below:

  • Cermia
  • Bellona
  • General Purrgis

You can find all of these reviews on the Exclusive Equipment page, found here.

(2) Episode 2 Chapter 5.2 - South Fortress City Perland

A new chapter of the story will be released with the current patch. It brings with it a notable pair of level 71 ATK% boots, which newer players will find very useful. Do note that it is locked behind the AP Exchange for the area.

The AP Exchange for this area otherwise looks rather bland, as there is no Breath of Orbis or other notable catalyst to be had.

(3) New 4* Hero - Khawana

This week’s patch also brings the plucky sister of  ̶R̶i̶c̶a̶r̶d̶o̶- er, Khawazu. His sister Khawana is a specialized Fire hero who brings incredibly strong Fire team synergy.

There’s good news and bad news concerning Khawana:

The Bad news: She’s not a Connections hero, so she’s not free :/

The Good news: Everything else! She’s fantastic! See below for her kit!

  • Khawana’s S1 deals damage and has a 35-50% chance to proc 2 stacks of bleed. Even better, it also deals an additional follow-up attack if the enemy is debuffed with ANY debuff.
  • Khawana’s S2 is loaded - it does AoE damage, and comes with a team-wide ATK+ buff AND the ability to give ALL allies Skill Nullifier if she is on a mono-Fire team. That’s insane!
  • Khawana’s S3 is a very reliable stun that also dispels 2 buffs from the enemy (after the stun - it doesn’t bypass the Debuff Immunity buff, though it will likely remove it afterward). In addition to the loaded Stun/Dispel, she will also deal bonus damage if she is on a mono-Fire team.

Khawana is a must-have on any mono-fire team, and has particularly strong synergy with Cermia, since she can extend Cermia’s Greater ATK+ buff, and furthermore provides Skill Nullifier, which helps to mitigate her squishiness. Other possible teammates include Mascot Hazel, whose Greater ATK+ buff will increase Khawana’s S3 damage, or Lilias, who can proc Khawana’s S1 double-dip via assists. The possibilities are endless...

...except in PvP. The Ice meta still reigns supreme…

But hey, there’s some potential for her as a niche GW pick! So cheer up! Just like Khawana! (Ba-dum-tss).

Khawana Skillset

(4) Story Log! Finally! (And Wrap-up)

For all you guys who love the story/lore, we finally got a story replay mechanism. Now you can see Ras ask Arky how he managed to eat him into debt MULTIPLE TIMES! AWESOME!

It’s a good time to catch up on the story that you might have skipped through as a newbie.

In addition to the Story Log feature, we got some QoL updates:

  • All Heroes heal after a battle ends (30% for a win or 10% for a wipe)

  • Safeguards against NOT inheriting skills during pet synthesis

  • New BGM

  • More ML Packs are available (worrisome)

And that’s about all the updates for this week.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions - we love to hear from you! You can join our community Discord here or get in touch with me on Discord at Burtgang#9627.

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