11/6/19 Patch Notes Walkthrough

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Hello, and welcome to this week's patch notes. Right on the heels of the rather mixed Pet debut, we have a new Hero and a Sidestory to go with her. Smilegate is also celebrating the Japanese E7 launch with a gift of 1,000 Skystone for everyone. Lastly, we got some badly-needed inheritance changes for Pets.

(1) Japan Server Launch and Skystone Giveaway

The long and short of this:

Japan servers are launched later today/tomorrow depending on your timezone. As a result, all of us on different servers (KR/GL/EU) get 1,000 Skystone to celebrate. For all you new people who want to play, please consider rerolling, as now would be an excellent time. You can see the current reroll guide here.

(2) New Hero: Melissa

You can see the "Should You Pull" for Melissa at the link here.

This update also brings the Blood Rose artifact, which is also covered in the review.

(3) Melissa Sidestory: Hatred Blooms Red

In addition to the current Halloween event, we will receive a minor tie-in event. Melissa’s sidestory, Hatred Blooms Red, is related to Haste, so we should get some interesting tidbits regarding them both.

Melissa’s sidestory comes with the normal sidestory rewards, so we recommend prioritizing the current Halloween event first, as it will both end first and has more valuable rewards.

(4) Pet Inheritance Changes

Probably due to the frustration that people have expressed, Smilegate has changed the pet system so that certain generations/starred pets can inherit additional skills.

Due to the nature of the update, anyone who has used Gen. IV pets in synthesis will receive compensation for the resources used according to the information below:

Everyone: Pet Ticket x5, Toy x1, Handmade Snack x10

Synthesizers of (2) Gen. IV pets: Pet Ticket x10, Quality Food x5 (per Gen. IV pet used)

The most important part of this change is the ability to inherit up to 3 abilities for a Gen IV pet, eliminating the frustrating (and VERY expensive) attempt to get the correct S-rank skill at max synthesis.

Pet Synthesis Changes
Pet Rank ★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Skill Added? N/A Yes No Yes
Inheritable Number of Skills (New) 1 2 2 3
Inheritable Number of Skills (Old) 1 1 2 2

(5) Various Updates

We also get the following small updates this patch.

  • Snacks will no longer drop in Hunt (hooray!)

  • Lobby Pets fixed to give bonuses

  • 100 FP can be used to buy Handmade Snacks (up to 10 per week)

  • Camping Voices added

  • Pet UI improvements

We can also expect the JP voice packs to drop shortly.

(6) Conclusion

As usual, we hope that you enjoyed this week’s patch notes. We encourage you to reach out to us with any feedback or corrections that you think our articles should have, as well as suggestions for future articles - we love to hear from you.

You can check out our E7 Discord community at the link here, and you can reach me personally on Discord at Burtgang#9627.

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