Arena Season 3 Gear Review

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Who Wants Each One?

Compared to the Attack set from Season 2, Season 3's gear is good with a broad range of Heroes. Regardless of how it rolls, Level 88 Gear is extremely powerful, so rolling into the substats will only dictate which Heroes make the most out of the equipment.

Overall: Speed set gear is almost universally useful. Some DPS heroes, almost all healers, and most utility units can all use a Speed set. However, hard DPS heroes that want to stack Atk (burns/bleeds/Sez/Gunther(???)) or Crit Damage usually do not want to use Speed sets (exceptions: nukers like Cidd, Vildred, A.Coli, A.Cidd who benefit from going fast and scale with Speed, or weird hybrids like Baiken), and neither do most bruisers. Many tanks do like Speed sets. HOWEVER, level 88 gear is very powerful and worth considering to use as a broken set depending on stat rolls. This analysis will consider 5 main roles:

  • Hard DPS: Your cleave unit or primary single-target DPS/wallbreaker, who wants to stack Atk/Crit/Crit Damage (E.g. Luna, Cermia, C. Lorina, A.Vildred). SOMETIMES build Speed sets but usually focus on damage sets.

  • Healer: They heal and sometimes cleanse or buff while doing so. Usually (but not always) heals are based around the healer’s HP, sometimes based on the target’s HP, and rarely based on the healer’s Attack or damage dealt.

  • Utility: Sometimes overlaps with healers. Provides buffs/debuffs, cleanse effects not tied to heals, and other strong effects like revives and dual attacks or CR pushing. 

  • Tanks: They eat damage for your team and often provide defensive buffs/effects to allies or crowd control enemies. Sometimes overlaps with healers for tankier Soul Weavers like Destina and Angelica in PVE content. 

  • Speed Nukers: Speedy units who like to either pick off a target ASAP to start a fight (A.Cidd, A.Coli, Baiken, Cidd) or want to output constant, fast DPS (Cidd, fast Vildred builds). Sometimes get damage scaling based off Speed as well. 

Since bruisers (moderate damage high health/effect resist fighters often based around outlasting squishy foes via lifesteal or counters; e.g. Ken, Ravi, ML Ken, Violet) very rarely run Speed sets, we’re going to largely ignore them for the purposes of discussing this gear. If a gear rolls high into HP/Eff.Resist you can use it as a broken set for a bruiser if you like. 

All of this gear is extremely powerful and worth leveling to +15. Determine who you want to use each gear depending on the substat rolls you end up with.

A note about Effect Resistance: Eff. Res is a very powerful stat…. If you have a lot of it alongside high HP. High Eff. Resist can make some tanks and high-priority healer targets absurdly strong. But having only a small amount is usually wasted as the enemy debuffers will usually have a lot of Effectiveness thanks to the current resist meta. And having high Eff. Resist won’t save you if your HP pool is low to begin with. Keep this in mind when evaluating gear with Eff. Resist rolls. 

Weapon: Gladiator’s Axe

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: Atk >>> Speed ≥ Health > Eff. Resist  (Speed Set: Bad) (Don’t recommend)

Healers: Speed ≥ Health ≥ Eff. Resist >>> Atk  (Speed Set: Excellent) (Highly recommend)

Utility: Speed >>>  Health = Eff. Resist >>> Atk (Speed Set: Excellent) (Highly recommend) 

Tanks: Eff. Resist = Speed = Health >>> Atk (Speed Set: Good) (Acceptable)

Speed Nukers: Speed ≥ Atk >>> Health >>> Eff. Resist (Speed Set: Excellent) (Acceptable, mostly because level 88 weapons have huge main Attack stats)

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Healers: Angelica, Achates, Tamarinne, Angelic Montmorancy, Destina, Doris

Utility: Dizzy, Maid Chloe, Diene, Kitty Clarissa, Auxiliary Lots, Lots, Roozid, Schuri, Judith. If it rolls high Atk, Iseria and Basar can benefit due to high multipliers and a high base Atk, respectively.

Speed Nukers: Baiken, Judge Kise (these two will need to get Effectiveness rolls elsewhere and this is assuming Judge Kise isn’t your main DPS. Baiken will need Crit/CritDmg elsewhere)

Tanks: Krau, Charles, Tywin, C.Armin, Falconer Kluri, Rose, Shadow Rose, Fallen Cecilia

Helm: Gladiator’s Helm

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: Don’t. This one isn’t for you.

Healers: Speed ≥ Health ≥ Eff. Resist = Def. (100% Recommend)

Utility: Speed >>> Health = Eff. Resist > Def (Highly recommend)

Speed Nukers: Don’t. 

Tanks: Speed = Health = Eff. Resist = Def (Highly recommend; use on different tanks depending on which substat rolls you get, e.g. Health vs Def) 

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Healers: Almost any healer in the game can use this gear besides oddballs like Blaze Dingo. An amazing piece of healer gear no matter what subs it rolls.

Utility: Most utility units (CR push, buffers/debuffers, revive/cleanse/dual attackers) can use this, but debuffers will need to get more effectiveness subs elsewhere and CR push openers will only want it if it rolls into Speed multiple times.

Tanks: Any tank running a Speed set can use all 4 of these sub stats incredibly well. Fast Krau and C.Armin variants are the standouts alongside Falconer Kluri and Rose since all 4 can do without Effectiveness for their main uses. Fallen Cecilia can also benefit. However, with good Speed and HP rolls, any tank will appreciate it. Fighter Maya is a great candidate for high Def and low Eff. Resist rolls, but she often uses a Counter set, so run a broken set if necessary.

Armor: Gladiator’s Armor

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: Crit Chance > Speed ≥ Health >>> Eff. Resist (Don’t recommend)

Healers: Speed ≥ Health > Eff. Resist >>> Crit Chance (Highly recommend)

Utility: Speed > Health = Eff. Resist >>> Crit Chance (Except Schuri and Vivian, who benefit from Crit Chance rolls) (Highly recommend, can put it on Schuri or Vivian if it rolls high into Crit)

Speed Nukers: Speed ≥ Crit Chance >>> Health >>> Eff. Resist (Acceptable)

Tanks: Speed = Health = Eff. Resist >>> Crit Chance (Except Lilias, who benefits from Crit Chance rolls) (Highly recommend)

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Healers: Angelica, Achates, Tamarinne, Angelic Montmorancy, Destina, Doris (Good on all, unless it rolls high into Crit Chance only)

Utility: Schuri, Vivian, Maid Chloe, Kitty Clarissa, Dizzy, Iseria, Basar etc. (Debuffers will need Effectiveness subs elsewhere)

Speed Nukers: Baiken, Judge Kise, A. Cidd, A. Coli, Cidd, Vildred

Tanks: Lilias, Krau, Fallen Cecilia, C. Armin, Fighter Maya, Falconer Kluri

Bruiser note: Ken can greatly benefit from running this gear as a broken set if it rolls odd subs like high Crit and high Health and nobody else benefits much from those stats.

Necklace: Gladiator’s Amulet

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: No.

Healers: Speed > Eff. Resist > Effectiveness >>> Crit Chance (100% Recommend for Speed set, 65% Health main stat, and Speed/Eff.Resist subs)

Utility: Speed ≥ Effectiveness >>> Eff. Resist = Crit Chance (Highly recommend)

Speed Nukers: No.

Tanks: Speed ≥ Eff. Resist > Effectiveness > Crit Chance (Highly recommend)

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Healers: Any healer besides Blaze Dingo. Fantastic piece of gear, especially for standard HP-scaling healers; special mention to Angelica, Achates and Destina.

Utility: Dizzy, Iseria, Basar, Roozid, Judith, Maid Chloe, plus other utility heroes as above. This is great Dizzy, Iseria, or Basar gear if it rolls into Effectiveness/Speed. 

Tanks: Krau (! - benefits disproportionately from high Health main stats due to his S3), Fallen Cecilia, C.Armin, Falconer Kluri, Tywin and Shadow Rose (these two benefit from high Effectiveness rolls more than the others, Shadow Rose wants high Speed)

Strongly consider giving this to your healer or Krau!

Ring: Gladiator’s Token

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: No. Effectiveness main stat is unnecessary.

Healers: Avoid due to Effectiveness main stat except if it rolls high Speed/Health. Then you might give it to Tamarinne because of her Idol Form S1 buff strip. But probably not, she needs HP. (Don’t recommend)

Utility: Speed > Health > Attack ≥ Crit Chance (100% recommend)

Speed Nukers: No. Effectiveness main stat is unnecessary. 

Tanks: Effectiveness main stat is overkill even for Tywin/Shadow Rose. That said, Speed ≥ Health > Attack > Crit Chance if you don’t have better options. (Don’t recommend)

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Healers: Tamarinne only (see above) but otherwise avoid.

Utility: !!! Dizzy, Basar, Iseria, Judge Kise, Silver Blade Aramintha, Celeste, Bellona, Hurado, Romann. This gear is tailor-made for speedy disruptors/debuffers. 

Tanks: Tywin/Shadow Rose only, and only if you have no alternative gear and nobody better to give it to. 

Boots: Gladiator’s Boots

Relevant stats:

Hard DPS: Finally, some good food. Crit Damage ≥ Crit Chance > Speed >>> Eff. Resist, run only as part of a broken set. (Acceptable)

Healers: No. 

Utility: No.

Speed Nukers: While Atk, Crit Damage and Crit Chance are good stats, you can’t give up flat Speed boots for Speed nukers unless running a Speed set cleave Vildred with a separate CR pusher on the team for Arena or a slower Cidd variant. In that case, Crit Damage >>> Crit Chance ≥ Speed >>> Eff. resist (Not recommended)

Tanks: No.

Non-exhaustive list of who might use this:

Hard DPS: Luna, Cermia, Watcher Schuri, Challenger Dominiel, etc. Again: Do not run a Speed set on any of these heroes, just run the boots as a broken set.

Speed Nukers: Cidd, Vildred. None of the other fast nukers (A.Cidd, A.Coli) can justify giving up flat Speed main stat boots since they rely on being the first to move. 

All in all, underwhelming compared to most of the other gear in the Season 3 Arena set. 

Which Should I Get First

Based on the lengthy descriptions above, you can get some idea of which pieces of gear will fit which of your units, depending on the rolls you get. However, not everyone will have enough Conquest Points to get all the gear immediately. Here’s a general idea of how you should prioritize the equipment, with the caveat that it’s ultimately based on your roster and what gear you already have.

Definitely rush:

Gladiator’s Helm, Gladiator’s Amulet

Next priority: 

Gladiator’s Token, Gladiator’s Armor, Gladiator’s Axe

If you have time/currency, it might end up useful someday:

Gladiator’s Boots

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