Banshee Hunts Guide

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Part 1: Stages 1-10

The Banshee Queen has two main mechanics to be wary of: her poisonous Banshee’s Curse (Vengeful Spirit) and her ability to split into four miniature Banshees (Spirit Shield).

Banshee’s Curse--  At the start of that hero’s turn, the curse will activate and deal massive damage to your entire team.

Each of the Banshee Queen’s attacks will inflict a poison debuff for 2 turns. Unless the poison is removed, the Queen will attack the poisoned hero on the next turn, triggering an extra AOE attack that poisons all allies and inflicts the “Banshee’s Curse” debuff on a random hero.


    Twice during the fight, as her HP falls below 2/3 and 1/3, the Queen will silence your team, dispel your buffs, and disappear into the mist before summoning four Banshee girls to fight in her stead. Unless these Banshees are wiped out completely within three turns, the Queen will reappear with a devastating AOE attack.

    Advancing through stages 1-7 is not difficult. The Queen attacks a single hero each turn, inflicting poison, and when she splits, she summons 4 Banshee girls: 2 ice-type Mistychains and 2 earth-type Pearlhorizons. To win the battle, the general requirements are:

    • Cleanse:  a healer that can cleanse the Queen’s poison each turn, such as Jecht or any Soul Weaver equipped with Wondrous Potion Vial
    • Earth AoE damage:  1-2 damage dealers, preferably Earth-type heroes with AOE attacks that can wipe out the Banshee girls.
    Hero Tags

    In stage 8, the Queen summons a light-type Gloomyrain to replace one of the Mistychains. When Gloomyrain dies, she instantly grants 100% Combat Readiness to her allies, including the Banshee Queen herself. If you kill her carelessly, your 3-turn time limit to defeat the Banshee girls will be shortened significantly. Therefore, you should focus on the other Banshee girls first and save Gloomyrain for last.

    AI behavior is also worth considering against the four Banshees-- AI will go for kills over damage, so this puts Requiemroar and Glomyrain first in an element-neutral matchup. Dark allies like Commander Lorina will also target Gloomyrain. 

    In stages 9 and 10, the Queen summons two dark-type Requiemroars instead of Pearlhorizons. Both Reqiuemroars deal heavy AOE damage while inflicting silence and decrease-attack debuffs. The rest of the mechanics are the same as earlier stages, although the Queen and her curses are also more powerful. There are three types of strategies for clearing these stages:

    Play it safe

    The standard strategy is to play around the Queen’s mechanics, avoiding all of her punishing curses. You’ll need at least one reliable way to cleanse the Banshee’s poison each turn. During the splitting phase, you’ll need a combination of strong AOE DPS or CC heroes to quickly dispatch multiple Banshee girls. If you’re unable to kill all of them at once, focus on the two Reqiumroars first, then Mistychain, and finally Gloomyrain. It’s also worth noting that Mistychain’s attack also inflicts poison, so it’s important to cleanse it before the Queen reappears and triggers her curse.


    If you lack DPS heroes with the firepower to clear the Banshee girls fast enough, you could choose to ignore that phase and instead use a team of tanky heroes that can survive the Queen’s AOE punishment. For example, you could position a bulky knight equipped with Aurius in the front, along with two healers and a strong single-target damage dealer. While this approach may seem simpler, it puts a lot more pressure on your healers and drags on the battle for a long time.


    Lastly, you could blitzkrieg the Queen and kill her in one shot with an ultra-offensive team. In stage 10, the Queen only has 54k Health. With the right heroes and setup, you can instantly bring her to zero, which would bypass her poisonous curses and her annoying splitting phases. This strategy requires strong single-target damage dealers such as Challenger Dominiel, Luna, Yufine, Baiken, Sigret, etc. along with support heroes who can provide damage-boosting attack buffs and defense debuffs. An example of a viable strategy would include using Falconer Kluri to decrease the Queen’s defense, Tywin to provide attack and crit rate buffs, and then Challenger Dominiel equipped with Kal’adra to deal the finishing blow with her soul-burned attack.

    Part 2: Big Boss Banshee Queen in stage 11

    Stage 11 brings an exciting twist to the Banshee Hunt (albeit in a masochistic way). Here are the important changes to be aware of:

    • Rather than attacking a single target, the Queen will inflict poison on two heroes each turn. This doubles the number of poison debuffs you must cleanse, making it more challenging to avoid the Banshee’s curse. Additionally, the curse damage grows stronger each time it’s triggered, potentially snowballing into lethal damage.
    • During the splitting phase, the Queen summons four ice-type Mistychains. The Mistychains inflict poison with each attack, making it easy to stack up a lot of poison debuffs very quickly. Every time one Mistychain is defeated, the others gain stackable attack and defense, becoming more difficult to kill.
    • The queen recovers health when she splits, extending the period of time that you’ll need to worry about dealing with her poison.
    • Earth-type heroes deal 30% more damage to the Banshee and her allies, while non-Earth heroes receive 30% more damage. In addition, Fire-type heroes have their combat readiness reduced to zero whenever the Queen splits.

    Banshee 11 is a tall hurdle for newer players without heavily-invested heroes and high-tier equipment. Luckily, there are several different ways to combat the Queen’s upgraded mechanics and successfully conquer this level.

    Unlike in stages 1-10, defensive strategies that work against the Queen’s curses in stage 11 can't handle snowballing curses. Therefore, the best strategy is to use a team formation focused around dealing with the Queen’s poisons and killing the Mistychain squad as quickly as possible.

    You can deal with the Queen’s poisons by cleansing it away, preventing it with Immunity, having high Effect Resistance, or evading it altogether. The most consistent strategy is to have two Soul Weavers with Wondrous Potion Vial, in addition to abilities that cleanse or grant immunity to protect your team against the Mistychains’ poisons during the splitting phase.

    Hero Tags

    For the splitting phase, bring AOE damage dealers that can sweep all of the Mistychains at the same time, preventing them from growing stronger and harder to kill. Once they’re defeated, the Queen reappears and attacks with 100% Combat Readiness, so it’s important to clear this phase without lingering poison debuffs. If you lack AOE damage, you can also bring strong single-target heroes that take multiple turns, such as Cidd or Baiken, or use CC heroes like Dizzy or General Purrgis to keep the Mistychains at bay. You should also save up Souls to use your guardian (Arky) during this phase for additional damage.

    If your team formation has a remaining hero slot after fulfilling these two conditions (ability to stabilize poisons + sufficient AOE damage), you can increase the speed of your runs by adding a defense breaker such as Falconer Kluri or Iseria. If your survivability is lacking, you can add another defensive option such as Dizzy, Krau, or Assassin Cartuja.

    Part 3: Auto-hunting Banshee 11

    Farming Banshee 11 in auto mode adds yet another layer of difficulty, further narrowing the pool of viable team combinations.

    Two healers/one damage/one support

    A conservative approach is to employ two healers (with at least one Wondrous Potion Vial), along with one primary AOE damage dealer and flexible slot for a sub-DPS, support, or tank. The main job of the healers is to ensure that both of the Queen’s poison debuffs are removed each turn, and both healers should have at least 170 Speed to act before the Banshee Queen.

    Your damage dealer should have AOE abilities on a low cooldown, or be able to take extra turns to kill multiple enemies. Ideally, you’ll want to deal enough damage to kill at least two Mistychains before their first turn, otherwise your damage output won’t be enough to clear all four consistently. In that case, add a second AOE damage dealer.

    • Recommended healers: Jecht, Angelic Montmorancy, Angelica, Tamarinne, Diene
    • Recommended damage dealers: Vildred, Bellona, Baiken, Charles, Clarissa
    • Recommended for last slot: Falconer Kluri, Dizzy, Shadow Rose, Leo

    One healer/three damage

    A more aggressive strategy is to bring a single healer, and fill out the other three slots with DPS and damage support. The goal is to consistently deal at least 1/3 of the Queen’s health per turn, forcing her to split before she has the opportunity to stack her poison. This usually requires a fast, reliable defense breaker like Falconer Kluri or Iseria, along with a single-target nuker. This approach allows you to avoid the Banshee’s poison while focusing on damage output.

    However, this approach is more difficult and susceptible to failure by RNG if a Defense Break doesn't land, or Mistychains gang up on crucial attackers.

    Part 4: Advanced strategies

    Depending on your goals, it’s possible to farm Banshee on auto with 3-man team compositions (the last slot being reserved for leveling fodder), or to create a speed farming team focused on killing the Queen in one shot (on auto). However, these kinds of strategies require very specialized heroes with top-tier equipment and heavy Molagora investment.

    3-Man Clear

    In a 3-man composition, you’ll need a very fast healer with a reliable, low-cooldown cleanse and an extremely strong AOE damage dealer. The last slot fills in the remaining holes offensively or defensively as needed.

    Examples of 3-man Banshee 11 auto teams:

    • Vildred, Jecht, Diene+ fodder
    • Bellona, Lots, Tamarinne + fodder
    • Vildred, Angelic Montmorancy, Tamarinne + fodder

    Speed Clear

    For speed farming, you would need to form a very specialized team setup in order to take down the Banshee Queen in one shot on auto. These team compositions usually include one heavy single-target damage dealer, one AOE cleaver, one attack buffer, and one defense breaker. Based on your specific hero choices and combinations, the strategy would follow some variation of the steps below:

    1. The first hero to go provides a team-wide attack buff.
    2. The second hero to go is your AOE cleaver, and they must wipe out all enemies in the first battle (against Mistychain and her brooms) with a single attack. (Recommended: Vildred, Blood Blade Karin, Ludwig, Charles)
    3. The third hero is your defense breaker, and their role is to land a defense-lowering debuff on the Queen. (Recommended: Falconer Kluri, Iseria, Karin)
    4. The final hero to go is your main single-target damage dealer, relying on excellent gear and skill enhancements, in addition to attack-increasing and defense-lowering buffs, to snuff out the big boss. (Recommended: Baiken, Yufine)

    Speed-tuning this team is key to acting out the sequence correctly. One example is below:

    40-second clear by abs hak. Following the pattern described above, this one combines a finely-tuned attack buff (General Purrgis), initial damage (Charles), Defense Break (Karin), and high-powered damage dealer (Yufine) to oneshot the Banshee.

    Further Reading

    For a collection of videos and builds (including some accessible F2P ones) for auto-clears, see the Banshee Hunts page on Epic7x.

    For more information on advanced Banshee 11 strategies, this detailed guide by reddit user u/SatorArepoT is another excellent resource.

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