Epic Pass Farming Guide- Aloof Lifeguard Sez

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Notable Rewards

Epic Pass

The purchasing structure for part two of the Summer Pass event is identical to part one. The player is able to purchase one of three options: Special Epic Pass, Premium Epic Pass, or Special Upgrade. 

The Special Epic Pass costs 1800 Skystone. In return, the player immediately receives an Experience boost which unlocks all rewards up to Tier 10, as well as the Sez Aloof Lifeguard skin. 

The Premium Epic Pass costs 900 Skystone, which grants benefits identical to the Special Epic Pass excluding the Sez Aloof Lifeguard skin. Purchasing the Premium Epic Pass unlocks the option to purchase the Special Upgrade at a later date, granting access to the Sez Aloof Lifeguard skin. 

There is no free method to obtain the Sez Swimsuit skin, the player must purchase either the Special Epic Pass, or the Premium Epic Pass and Special Upgrade. 

Epic Pass Purchase Options
Pass Type Contents Cost
Premium Epic Pass Bonus 10% Experience Points
1 MolaGora
1 Epic Weapon Charm
1 4★ Artifact Summon Ticket
1 Epic Helm Charm
1 Tera-Phantasma
2 3★ Penguin Packs
1 Epic Armor Charm
6 Gold Transmit Stones
2 Epic Boot Charms
600,000 Gold
Epic Artifact Charm
Epic Necklace Charm
2 Epic Ring Charm
40 Covenant Bookmarks
Epic Pass Summer Frame
900 Skystone
Special Epic Pass Sez Heroic Skin Aloof Lifeguard
All contents listed for Premium Epic Pass
1800 Skystone
Special Upgrade Sez Heroic Skin Aloof Lifeguard 900 Skystone

Valuing the Sez Swimsuit skin will be up to personal preference, however the Premium Epic pass is an exceptional value IF the player is able to unlock all 30 reward tiers. The 40 covenant bookmarks are worth 400 Skystone, and earning 6 Golden Transmit Stones via covenant summoning would require 120 summons or 12,000 Skystone. This only considers the summoning rewards, without the additional upgrade-oriented rewards and Gold.

Requirements to Unlock Rewards

For part two of the Summer Pass event, the player unlocks Premium or Special Epic Pass rewards by earning Experience Points from spending various in-game currencies. These currencies include:

Stamina (5 Exp)

Battle Flag (60 Exp)

Labyrinth Compass (480 Exp)

Abyss Keys (1440 Exp)

Guild Tokens (960 Exp)

Azmakalis Tokens (10080 Exp)

For the player to earn all possible rewards they must earn enough experience points to unlock up to tier 30. Each tier requires 5959 Exp to unlock, for a total requirement of 178770 Exp to unlock all 30 tiers. Experience Points can be earned by spending in-game currency in a number of different combinations. The chart below shows the required amount of each currency needed to unlock all reward tiers:

Currency Type Total Currency Required
Stamina 5 Exp per 1 Stamina
5959 Exp per 1192 Stamina
178, 770 Exp per 35, 760 Stamina
Battle Flag
60 Exp per 1 Flag
5959 Exp per 100 Flags
178,770 Exp per 300 Flags
Labyrinth Compass 480 Exp per 1 Compass
5959 Exp per 13 Compasses
178,770 Exp per 390 Compasses
Abyss Keys 1440 Exp per 1 Key
5959 Exp per 5 Keys
178,770 Exp per 150 Keys
Guild Tokens 960 Exp per 1 Token
5959 Exp per 7 Tokens
178,770 per 210 Tokens
Azmakalis Raid 10080 Exp per 1 Entry
5959 Exp per .59 Entries
178,770 Exp per 18 Entries

This chart will allow players to determine the most efficient way to achieve the required 178,770 Experience Points needed to fully unlock all rewards provided by purchasing the Premium or Special Epic Pass. It is recommended to maximize entries into the Azmakalis Raid and participation in Guild Wars if possible, as this will allow players to reach all reward tiers with less grinding requirements than other combinations of in-game currency expenditure. 

Below is a breakdown of the natural regeneration of in-game currency over a three week period: 

6048 Stamina at 2016 Stamina per week

504 Flags at 168 Flags per week

21 Compasses at 7 Compasses per week

With the currency provided by natural regeneration a player can earn the following Experience Points over a three week period:

Currency Experience Points Earned
6048 Stamina 30,240 EXP
504 Flags 36,240
21 Compasses 10,080 EXP

6048 Stamina

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