Epic Pass Farming Guide- Night of White Flowers Iseria

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New Character Skins

The new Character skins revealed in last week's datamine will become available with tomorrow's patch! Iseria's "Night of White Flowers" skin is part of the Epic Pass reward track, while Aither's "Star of Ezera" skin will be an event reward for the Side Story: A Small Miracle.

The upcoming Skin Shop will contain new skins for Cecilia and Cidd, as well as the past skins for Angelica, Karin and Sez. These will be purchaseable using Skin Tickets, which are sold in a new pack and dropped from the Epic Pass. Iseria and Aither's skins will also be added at a later date, so don't worry if you miss out on them now.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Skin Shop, we will be giving our Heirs Skin Ticket x60! This will be delivered to our Heirs via their in-game mailbox.

Scheduled Delivery Time: 12/19 After the Maintenance - 12/25 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

Iseria Skin: Night of White Flowers

The player has three options to improve their rewards from the Epic Pass: Special Epic Pass, Premium Epic Pass, or Special Upgrade.

The Special Epic Pass costs 1800 Skystones. In return, the player immediately receives a Season Rank level boost that unlocks all rewards up to Tier 10, as well as the Iseria skin. 


The Premium Pass costs 900 Skystones and unlocks access to all of the "functional" rewards such as the extra Charms and Catalysts, while the cosmetic rewards are included in the Special Epic Pass.

If you buy the Premium Epic Pass at first but later decide you want the Iseria skin after all, you can purchase the Special Upgrade for 900 Skystones. This essentially upgrades you from the Premium Pass to the Special Epic Pass for the same amount of total Skystones you would have paid had you bought the Special Epic Pass initially.

Epic Pass Rewards Track

Rank Standard Reward Premium Reward
1 2 Leif 1 MolaGora
2 100 Ancient Coin 1 Greater Weapon Charm
3 1 Greater Necklace Charm
4 2 Silver Transmit Stones 100,000 Gold
5 5 Skin Tickets
6 2★ Penguin Pack 1 Greater Armor Charm
7 1 Greater Necklace Charm
8 300 Stigma 1 Rare Catalyst Selection Chest
9 1 Greater Armor Charm
10 1 Greater Necklace Charm 1 Greater Ring Charm
11 1 Greater Weapon Charm
12 50,000 Gold 1 Winter Fragment Penguin (3★)
13 1 Greater Helm Charm
14 100 Ancient Coin 1 Greater Boot Charm
15 1 Greater Ring Charm
16 2 Silver Transmit Stones 100,000 Gold
17 1 Fire Spirit Penguin (3★)
18 2 Leif 1 Greater Necklace Charm
19 1 Greater Boot Charm
20 2 Lesser Artifact Charm 1 Silver Transmit Stone
21 3 Gold Transmit Stones
22 50,000 Gold 1 Blade Dash Penguin (3★)
23 1 Rare Catalyst Selection Chest
24 100 Ancient Coin 1 Greater Ring Charm
25 100,000 Gold
26 2 Silver Transmit Stones 1 Silver Transmit Stone
27 1 Epic Catalyst Selection Chest
28 2 Leif 1 Greater Helm Charm
29 1 Silver Transmit Stone
30 50,000 Gold Epic Artifact Charm 5 Skin Tickets
All Clear Reward 10 Covenant Bookmarks Holiday Party 2019 Frame 3 Gold Transmit Stones
Special Reward Iseria Skin – Night of White Flowers

Farming Efficiently

The amount of Epic Pass EXP that Abyss Guides and Labyrinth Compasses generate have been switched from previous Epic Passes. This time, entering Labyrinth is more valuable. In addition, Guild Crests, Malicious Bug Charms (Hell Raid) and Books of Retribution (Hall of Trials) do not give Epic Pass EXP. 

To compensate, the amount of EXP per level has been reduced.

  • EXP per rank: 2,700
  • EXP to Rank 30: 81,000
Currency Type Total Currency Required
Stamina 5 Exp per 1 Stamina
5959 Exp per 1192 Stamina
178,770 Exp per 35, 760 Stamina
Battle Flag 60 Exp per 1 Flag
5959 Exp per 100 Flags
178,770 Exp per 300 Flags
Labyrinth Compass 1440 Exp per 1 Compass
5959 Exp per 5 Compasses
178,770 Exp per 150 Compasses
Abyss Keys 480 Exp per 1 Key
5959 Exp per 13 Keys
178,770 Exp per 390 Keys

Total Regen

As a result of these changes, a player can earn up to 96,720 Epic Pass EXP off of natural regeneration by using all Stamina, Arena Flags and Labyrinth Compasses for three weeks.

Overall, the time needed to complete this Epic Pass is about half what it used to be, a change favoring casual and lighter players.

Is This a Good Value?

Reddit user -TheRealMC took note of dramatic differences between this Epic Pass and the previous ones: 

New Epic Pass has Been Nerfed HARD - Comparison Inside-

Most notably missing are 30 Covenant Bookmarks and all of the Epic Charms, which have been almost entirely replaced with Greater Charms. The replacement Skin Tickets and Catalysts objectively aren't of equal value-- 10 Skin Tickets is 1/6th of a single new Hero Skin. Even if you plan to buy a Skin from the shop, more Skin Tickets must be bought or obtained elsewhere.

The enticing Gold Transmit stones remain in there, but an ML pull is a chancy buy. Yes, you could get Arbiter Vildred, but it will probably be Elson.

It's always Elson. 


The skin packs aren't live with pricing yet, but we expect each skin to cost $10-$20 USD. Also note the second pack, which is 10 tickets short of a round 120. 

My Thoughts

As a Tamarinne user who loves pretty dresses and has a big pile of Skystones waiting, this Season pass and Iseria's rate up banner are placating. The reduced EXP requirement is also very nice for those with packed schedules for the upcoming holidays.

But more broadly, the Epic Seven community is already at a place of low trust with Smilegate, so reducing the bookmarks from this pack was a really unwise and poorly-timed move. Many are simply unhappy with the status quo and expected positive changes; negative changes are not being received well by review-bombers.



3.1 rating on the Google Play Store. Low ratings are even being submitted in the graphics category.

If you like Iseria's default appearance and want to save for more Heroes, this Premium Pass is a hard pass. Using the Skystones to farm and do Covenant pulls is of greater value in terms of actual gameplay. It's also a matter of principle; if you don't like these changes, voting with your wallet is the best way to make that known. 


She's still gorgeous without the skin.