Epic Seven Celebrates Anniversary with Free Summons

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10 Free Daily Summons

Yes, you heard right! The daily free Covenant Summon is being upgraded to ten daily free Covenant Summons. The event will be in effect for seven days, making for a total of 70 free summons-- so if you've been wanting to reroll a fresh account, now is a great time. Remaining Heirs will cross their fingers hoping for a strong 5★ or Moonlight Hero! 

Do note that the summons from the previous day don't roll over into the next one, so it's important to log in daily before your server's reset time to redeem those.

1) Korea/Asia: 03:00

2) Europe: 12:00

3) Global: 19:00

This also hints at the summoning system possibly accommodating multi-pulls, but as of writing, the event is not live in-game yet. Looking at the announcement post, these Summons will most likely have to be done one at a time.

Seven Days of Login Bonuses

There will be additional goodies for players logging in daily-- if nothing else, these are absolutely worth getting as the last one is a precious 5★ Hero Summoning Ticket. This is preceded by the 'One Year of Gratitude' Artifact, which gives a 10% EXP bonus to the whole team. 

This Artifact's Skill cannot be enhanced any further, so there will be no additional copies available after this. Limit Break items also won't work, but this also means anyone logging in on the sixth day can claim this valuable tool for leveling and promoting Heroes.

More Item Drops

Epic Seven’s Launch Celebration Buff Event

1. Schedule: 8/29 (Thu) ~ 9/4 (Wed)

  • Every day: GM Buff of +30% Battle EXP and +30% Battle Gold 
  • Every day: All Spirit Altars are open
  • 50% Hunt Material Drop Rate Increase: Friday, Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
  • 2x Awakening Rune Drop Rate: Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday

This weekend is a great time to farm Hunts! Note that only Crafting Materials double, so this excludes drops like Mystic Medals and Powder of Knowledge. But if you're looking to farm gold, the 30% Gold buff will be active all week and Hunts are the best place to get Gold.


Wednesday Update Content

The usual weekly update contains information regarding improvements to the Automation Tower-- notably, the rewards have been buffed again. Automation Reward Chests give players a choice between Level 40-78 Epic Accessories and EXP charms, so you can now opt out of any gear that's not useful to you. The main stats are fixed, making some of these incredibly good:

  • Floor 45- Imperial Cloth Gloves (Ring): Speed set, Atk%
  • Floor 65- Bold General's Necklace: Speed Set, CritD%
  • Floor 65- Bold General's Evidence: Speed Set, Health%
  • Floor 85- Sentinel's Ring: Attack Set, Atk%
  • Floor 85- Sentinel's Ring: Critical Set, Atk%
  • Floor 85- Sentinel's Pendant: Defense Set, Def%
  • Floor 85- Sentinel's Ring: Health Set, Health%
  • Floor 95- Sentinel's Ring: Hit Set, Eff%

There are also many strong main stats paired with Counter and Lifesteal sets, so players running those builds should definitely check out the Automation Tower!

See the full drop table here.


Send a nice message to SmileGate

The latest browser event is themed around writing celebratory messages to the developers. The number of messages will unlock new reward tiers distributed to the entire playerbase!

Event Rewards:

  • 100 Participants: 500,000 Gold 
  • 500 Participants: Epic Catalyst Chest x2 
  • 1,000 Participants: MolaGora Seed x1
  • Randomly Selected Winner: Epic Seven Merchandise (40 people)

Reward Date/Announcement Date: 9/6 (Fri)

Next Event: Reingar's Chaotic Full Moon Festival

A story event focusing on the Reingar Student Council and Public Security Club will begin next week! Expect the event to open on Wednesday, September 4th.

Judging by the available image assets, the following characters will be featured in the event:

  • Yuna
  • Tenebria
  • Kazran (Zebra Guy)
  • A new character with blue eyes and headphones
  • Rikoris
  • Zerato
  • Carrot
  • Karin
  • Hazel
  • Judith
  • Azalea
  • Carrot
  • Auxiliary Lots?

That's him, alright.


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