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The Impact of Gear

In Epic Seven, characters can grow multiplicatively thanks to the large bonuses offered by equipment. Base stats for a 6★ Max Awakened Hero add up to around ~15,000 CP before gear. A fully geared character, however, can be anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 CP, which is at least a 400% increase. 

Gear is truly the make-or-break factor in the game, so optimizing gear and acquiring high-quality pieces is the first goal of any new player. Because they vary so much in stat bonuses, it's a tedious ordeal, with many pieces being discarded. The end result, though, is incredible customizability for each character and a very rewarding progression in terms of power. 

Acquiring Gear

Sources: Hunts, Raid, Adventure, Labyrinth, Abyss, Secret Shop, Arena Shop, merchants, Adventurer's Path achievements, Automaton Tower

Places to Acquire Gear

  • Hunts and Steel Workshop: The majority of equipment will come from here. Drops are very sporadic, but since the addition of accessory crafting, Hunts have become a reliable way to target a particular slot such as the chest or ring. You can also grind specific sets here. 
  • World Map: Drops here are typically low rarity, use to level other gear or sell for gold
  • Labyrinth: Most of these are effectively a tier higher in terms of stats, superior to the equivalent gear from other sources.Very useful early game, some pieces are worth keeping later depending on how Enhancements roll. 
  • Abyss: Drops three different Lifesteal sets with deeper progression. Like with Labyrinth Gear, the main stat tends to be very high for its level (Level 71 Fire-Inquish boots, for example, gain stats more like level 85 boots)
  • Secret Shop: Garo's offerings are very expensive, and most here aren’t worth buying unless the shop is at max level. Right gear with a strong main stat would be the best deal. 
  • Raids: Higher-level (88) equipment is found in Hell Raid, with Normal Raids providing mid-level gear. 
  • Arena: The seasonal sets are purchasable with Conquest Points and/or Glory Crests. 
  • Adventurer’s Path: Chests contain basic gear with good substats, strong for beginners looking to farm Hunts.
  • Automaton Tower: Was recently revamped to drop better accessories and give the option of selecting Charms, which are invaluable for Enhancing ever-important accessories.

Deciding What To Keep

Just by playing the game, your inventory will fill with various gear pieces and accessories. The majority aren't actually worth keeping, mainly due to three things:

  • Flat stats present a risk for Enhancing
  • The stats are not complimentary to one another for desired builds
  • The starting stats are too low to present a good chance for growth

Equipment Grade

The equipment's Grade or Rarity determines the number of substats-- has from none (Normal) or four (Epic). Epic and Heroic grade gear are considered best for optimizing, but Rare and Good are considered acceptable for players still clearing PvE content (for a more thorough comparison of Rare vs Heroic vs Epic, see below).

Equipment Level

Equipment Level (previously referred to as Tier) determines the magnitude of stats; higher-tier weapons have the most potential because they gain more stats with each level. Higher level gear also tends to spawn with higher stats.

Set Bonuses

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Wyvern Sets

  • Speed Set (4/4) - Speed Increases by 25%. This is the only percentage-based Speed boost available through gear.

  • Critical Set (2/2) - Critical Hit Chance increases by 12%

  • Hit Set (2/2) - Effectiveness increases by 20% 

Golem Sets

  • Health (2/2) - Health increases by 15%

  • Attack (4/4) - Attack increases by 35%

  • Defense (2/2) - Defense increases by 15%

Banshee Sets

  • Destruction (4/4) - Critical Hit Damage increases by 40%

  • Counter (4/4) - 20% chance to counterattack when attacked

  • Lifesteal (4/4) - Absorbs 20% of damage dealt as Health

  • Resist (2/2) - Effect Resistance increases by 20%

Azimanak Sets

  • Rage (4/4) - Damage dealt increases by 30% against debuffed targets

  • Immunity (2/2) - Grants the caster Immunity for one turn at the beginning of battle. Does not stack with similar effects.

  • Unity (2/2) - Increases chance of triggering Dual Attack by 4%


The most basic thing to look for when appraising gear is percent substats. For accessories, main stats can and should be percentages as well. The reason for this is that multipliers scale much better with a Hero’s innate CP and grant huge returns. Exceptions include Attack, Health and Defense, which were recently buffed to have acceptable values for certain characters.

The above link includes tables for main stats on accessories as well as substats on various levels of gear. As a rule of thumb, characters who have very low base stats will benefit from flat modifiers. A healer with low Attack has very little to gain from Atk%, but when they have a high Health pool, then HP% will give them a significant boost. 

Possible Substats by Slot (click to expand)

Important things:

  • Since Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Effectiveness and Effect Res are percentages by nature, they do not show up as flat stats
  • Neck slot does not have Effectiveness% or EffRes% available as main stat
  • Ring slot lacks Crit Chance% or Crit Damage% as main slot options-- usually crit-focused characters can settle for Attack% instead
  • Boots are the only equipment with Speed as a possible main stat
  • Chest slot cannot have Attack or Attack%
  • Weapon slot cannot have Defense or Defense%

For higher rarities, there will be many substats, not all of which are ideal. A good rule of thumb is that pieces are worth keeping when two of three stats (Heroic) or three of four (Epic) are the  “preferred” ones. 

Level > Main Stat > Rarity > Substats > Set Bonus

For Left Equipment the main stats are fixed, so you’ll only have to look at Substats and sets. Right equipment has more variables, but this is also where you'll increase stat the most-- main stats can reach as high as 60% on Level 85 Gear.

Enhancing Gear

Alright, so now you’ve tossed all the crappy gear… but truly good gear must also prove itself through enhancement. During the leveling process, some stats will grow while others remain stagnant. Picking mostly good stats from the beginning helps with this-- but if you do happen to roll into the one flat stat, sigh dramatically, feed the gear and try again.

An important note before feeding +15 pieces, though: Since most of a Hero's CP comes from gear, it may be better to keep the 'bad' piece until there's another piece ready to swap out, depending on how often that Hero is used.

Enhancing Main Stats

Growth of main stat on Right Gear-- values are always rounded up. If there were Level 88 Speed Boots, they would grant 45 Speed at +15.

The equipment’s Main Stat will grow with each level, increasing steadily until +11. At this point stats increase sharply, with a +15% boost at the last level. Because of this, it's wise to Enhance boots and accessories to +15 right away, even before Left pieces.

All 85 Pieces start with roughly similar main stats, and grow consistently to a fixed maximum. 

Gear Enhancement Multipliers

Show Increments

11.2x0.2 (+4%)
21.4x0.2 (+4%)
31.6x0.2 (+4%)
41.8x0.2 (+4%)
52x0.2 (+4%)
62.2x0.2 (+4%)
72.4x0.2 (+4%)
82.6x0.2 (+4%)
92.8x0.2 (+4%)
103x0.2 (+4%)
113.3x0.3 (+6%)
123.6x0.3 (+6%)
133.9x0.3 (+6%)
144.25x0.35 (+7%)
155x0.75 (+15%)

Rolling Substats

Equipment’s substats grow only at three-level intervals:

3    6   9   12   15

The stats also increase by varying amounts, though there is a range depending on the level of the gear. 

Equipment Substat Enhancement Ranges
Substat typeT4 (level 45-57)T5 (level 58-71)T6 (level 72-85)T7 (level 88-?)
Crit Rate2-4%2-4%3-5%3-6%
Crit Dmg3-5%3-6%3-7%4-8%

The probability for rolling different Speed values for level 85 gear is not known officially, but the chances for rolling, 2, 3 or 4 are roughly even. Gaining 1 Speed is rare, with 5 being extremely rare and seldom reported for 85 gear.

Current assumed spread of speed rolls: 1/2/3/4/5 → 10%/35%/30%/25%/0% (still collecting data; may change)

K Gaming on Maximizing Gear Rolls

Epic vs Rare vs Heroic

While Epic Gear remains the strongest overall, Heroic and Rare pieces still have a lot of value for their more focused substat rolls.


Rare and Heroic roll 1-2 fewer enhancements, but in exchange, the probability of rolling the first 2-3 stats goes up. 

If sniping a particular stat, Rare or Heroic are strong cost-effective options. This is for Heroes who only need one or two stats e.g. Speed, Effectiveness, Defense, or Health.

If building even stats or a spread of multiple stats, Epic remains the best. Epic gear also has a higher ceiling for each stat due to the fact that it gets all five enhancements. This comes at the cost of predictability, so while Epic Gear can roll amazing substats, it takes many tries to create these near-perfect endgame pieces.

  • For more math and probability on the subject, see this post written by u/-TheRealMC.
  • JaganX does Account Reviews showcasing endgame gear used by whales; many Epic and Heroic Pieces have 15-20% in two important stats or 30-35% in a single stat.

Spending Gold

For the most part, Enhancing to +9 grants a lot of stats for relatively little Gold. There's also no rush to replace everything with Level 85 pieces-- even low-level gear (55-70) that rolled good substats at +15 can remain serviceable into endgame. 

[Discussion] Powering up gear using other equipment vs charms

Cost using charms: 10.1 gold per point of experience.

Adjusted cost using normal/good equipment: 17.5 gold per point of experience.

Adjusted cost using charms you buy from the merchant: 36.5 gold per point of experience.

  • Charms are the most efficient way to level equipment
  • Foddering other gear pieces is slow, but cheap
  • Buying charms from Huche is expensive, but gets you more EXP faster (especially for rings and necklaces).

The Alchemist's Steeple

The Alchemist's Steeple was introduced to give players options for converting gear and recycling materials. The features of the Steeple vary in usefulness:

  • Weekly: Craft random Charms
  • Use occasionally: Crafting Materials, Catalyst, Exclusive Equipment
  • Use sparingly: Equipment Conversion

More details on Equipment Conversion can be found below. 

Gearing Archetypes

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