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Equipment Conversion is for using gear as material to remake a new piece with selectable main stat and set but random sub stats. It isn't entirely selectable, but you can control what get out of the crafting. Because the feature prioritizes gear enhancement level over gear grade, it is very expensive and is mainly only for players who are getting to the point where they are trying to get gear with specific stats at the cost of lots of gold.

Some tips:

  • As long as you reach maximum Quality Grade (orange level), you will always get Epic Grade equipment.
  • You can control what the equipment level and set results are-- as long as the ingredients are only of the desired level and sets. Adding different sets and levels of gear will increase variation and make crafting even more of a gamble. 
  • The probability of getting a set is directly correlated to the relative amounts of that set in the ingredients. So two Speed set boots and one Hit Set boots equals a 66.7% chance for Speed Set and a 33.3% chance for a Hit set. 
  • The Substats on the equipment are always completely random.

Increasing Quality

When using materials for crafting, the Quality system takes into account the Enhancement Level and equipment Grade.

It is highly recommended to upgrade the alchemist steeple to 0/3/3 when using gear conversion as it greatly reduces costs.
the table uses the 0/3/3 set up and it applies to accessories and boots.

Quality Table for Accessories and Boots
Enhancement level Rare (Quality%) Heroic (Quality%) Epic (Quality%)
0 10.5 12.25 14.5
3 13 12.25 17.25
6 15 19 20.75
9 24 29.25 35.25
12 43 51 58.75
15 85 95 100

Making The Most of It

After demonstrating the enormous cost of using the Steeple for crafting, it becomes clear that you need to make what you craft actually worth it.

Since you cannot control the substats, avoid crafting equipment that needs very specific sub stats for the gear to function. Therefore, we recommend one of the most valuable main/set combinations-- crafting Speed main stat boots on a Speed set

Focus on crafting Accessories and Boots.

That said, there are a few ways to make sure things go in your favor... or at least, as much in your favor as possible:

  • Only craft Right Gear using this system. 
  • Make every piece Epic Grade for more chances at decent substats. 
  • Use gear of matching levels to ensure the product is that level.
  • Only throw in sets you're willing to accept as an end result. You can reduce the probability of a set by adding others, but there is always at least a 10% chance of rolling an undesired set if it's in the pot.
  • You can recycle badly rolled +9 or +12 Blue/Purple gear into an Epic Grade item. Considering the low sell price of Enhanced gear, this is a slightly better use of those gears (aside from foddering for EXP)
  • For the most cost effective crafting, use only un enhanced gear.
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