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Soul Weaver
Max CP14709

Table of Contents

Hero Stats

Hero CP: 14709
HP 5700
ATK 576
SPD 88
DEF 743
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

+Attack %
SSS : +10.15% SS : +8.7% S : +7.25% A : +5.8% B : +4.35% C : +2.9%
Imprint Concentration

+Health %
SSS : +14% SS : +12% S : +10% A : +8% B : +6% C : +4%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

Hero Tags


Front Row Healer-Tank


In addition to building HP, Angelica needs a decent amount of Speed to make good use of her low cooldown healing skills, so it’s recommended to equip her with a Speed set and Speed main stats on her boots.

Once she has all the Speed you can give her, build her tanky so she can survive anything that comes her way. HP% is the most important, since it affects the strength of her healing. Then give her Def%, and finally, Effect Resistance. Since Angelica is very vulnerable to debuffs when her Immunity buff is not active, Effect Resistance is important to avoid her getting Stunned or Provoked, which would stop her from applying her Immunity buff at all.


Angelica benefits from many different Artifacts:

  • Prophetic Candlestick and Idol’s Cheer are the most popular Artifacts for Angelica, especially when she is positioned in the front row.
  • Water's Origin makes Angelica much tankier and also helps speed up her next turn after she takes a heavy hit, giving her a chance to respond with an emergency heal.
  • Stella Harpa and Wondrous Potion Vial are ways to give Angelica the cleansing utility she lacks. Wondrous Potion Vial is more reliable, but Stella Harpa can potentially cleanse multiple ailments in a turn.


HP %
HP %
HP %
Def %
Eff Res %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
0 0 0
0 +3 +5
+3 +3 +5



This is an excellent team setup for PvP, PvE, Wyvern 11, or just about any content that isn't heavily Earth-elemental. Angelica handles both tanking and healing from the front position, while Bellona Defense Breaks the opposition and Luna destroys them one by one. Rose provides the team with an AOE Attack buff (and CR-push, which is very helpful in PvP), but importantly, she can also cleanse debuffs. Since this is Angelica's only weak point, having Rose along to cleanse Stuns and Provokes can be very useful.

Table of Contents



Hailed as one of the best healers currently in the game, Angelica is an Ice Soul Weaver with excellent healing and defensive support abilities. With high multipliers and low cooldowns, she can provide allies with near-continuous healing, in addition to barriers and Immunity buffs. She is also a strong front-line tank with high survivability, thanks to her high base HP and Defense stats, making her a top-tier hero choice for almost any PvE and PvP content.


Powerful Heals, Low Cooldowns

Angelica has two fantastic healing abilities: one that recovers a large amount of HP for 1-2 allies on a fast 2-turn cooldown, and another that provides AOE healing along with a barrier and Immunity buffs for all allies. Alternating these two abilities provides your team with a truly phenomenal amount of healing.

High Base HP and Defense

Angelica’s great base stats, especially after Awakening, make her a very tanky healer that can be very difficult for enemies to take down.

Semi-Permanent Immunity

When Soulburned, the Immunity buff on Angelica’s S3 has its duration extended from 2 turns to 4 turns. This coincides with the 4-turn cooldown of the skill, meaning that Angelica can keep her Immunity buff permanently active on her team by using Soulburn every 4 turns.


Lacks AOE Cleanse

While Angelica’s Immunity buff is extremely useful for protecting her team against debuffs after she uses it, she lacks the ability to remove existing debuffs. Equipping her with Wondrous Potion Vial allows her to remove one random debuff per turn, but there exist other Soul Weavers with abilities that can remove all debuffs from the entire team.

Very Low Base Speed

With a base Speed of 88, Angelica is one of the slowest heroes in the game. It is recommended to build her with good Speed gear, as otherwise her slowness limits her effective healing potential and handicaps her ability to keep allies alive.