Blood Moon Haste

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Soul Weaver
Max CP15402
An arrogant young man of noble blood
Assassin Cidd
Sole heir of the strongest among all Vampires, he was separated from his father following an attack by a Human mob and found himself alone in a strange land. He deeply respects his father and misses him dearly.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 15402
HP 5474
ATK 621
SPD 98
DEF 798
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

+Attack %
SSS : +12.9% SS : +10.75% S : +8.6% A : +6.45% B : +4.3%
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

Hero Tags

Preferred Content


PvP Offense Tank

Since ML Haste is a very strong character within his niche, we will build to maximize his abilities within said niche, which is to annoy revive users.


Players should look for triple HP% right side main stats to maximize the size of the shield he grants. Alternatively, with good enough HP% substats, players can look for HP%/HP%/DEF% right side main stats. After those main stats, he should ideally be 150~170 speed through sub stats. If players fall under that range too much, consider dropping the HP% boots for speed boots and finding the defense stats in substats.


Speed Set should help players reach an acceptable level of speed. After that, it's a matter of whether or not players would want immunity on him, though he is still good without it. Given good enough substats, a broken set might even be good.


ML Haste can use a variety of artifacts that can help support his team, it mostly depend on the team.

Shimadra Staff - is great on a team that is already stacking a lot of resistance. It even helps boost the healing.

Wondrous Potion Vial - is great since ML Haste does not provide a lot of cleansing options.

Idol's Cheer - is a good option when debuffs are not a huge concern and will help support the DPS since ML Haste will drag out fights.


HP %
HP %
HP %
HP %
Def %
Eff %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
0 0 +3
0 +6 +6
+3 +3 +6

Table of Contents



Blood Moon Haste is a Light element Soul Weaver with 1 niche: bring defense utilities against revive teams. At the time of release, Arbiter Vildred is still the most commonly used unit in Arena, Guild Wars, as well as World Arena. Most of ML Haste's value comes from his S2 and S3 passives, which not only gives his team a shield + immunity buff upon an enemy's revival, but also reset his S3, which also gives an additional 10% damage reduction whenever it is available. This combination of passives makes ML Haste a very potent pick into comps that include Arbiter Vildred or Maid Chloe and such despite his very niche skillset.


Extremely Tanky Base Stats

Being a Pisces Soul Weaver, ML Haste has access to the highest base defense in the game. This allows him to become incredibly tanky with moderate amount of defense substats, which is great for someone who brings value through passives.

Thicc Shield upon Enemy Revival

ML Haste’s hallmark mechanic. In conjunction with the damage reduction on his S3, this makes his team incredibly tanky against Arbiter’s revive counter. While it doesn’t feel as good as extinction, this skill has the ability to drag out fights much longer so expect revive users to ban him in World Arena.

Defense Penetration

While the damage scaling is no ideal and he cannot crit, ML Haste’s S3, Moon Slash scales from his HP and penetrates defense, which is good for finishing off targets that his team has softened up. On top of that, it will reset whenever an enemy revives so overall it will provide the team with a lot of finishing power as well as healing.


Lack of Utilities Against Non-Revive Enemies

Due to half his kit only having value when an enemy revives, ML Haste falls into the niche “strong against many revives, weak against no revives.” This is Blood Moon Haste’s biggest weakness.

Subpar Damage

For someone who has very little utility, ML Haste’s damage is not very good unless he has Moon Slash ready, which won’t be very often against non-reviving enemies. Most of the time he would be using Blood Scythe. Although buff dispel is strong in the current meta for World Arena, 1 buff every turn is just not enough, especially when he doesn’t have a build that boasts a lot of effectiveness.

Table of Contents


+1 Souls
Attacks by swinging a scythe, dispelling one buff.

Soul Burn Effect
-10 Souls

Ignores Effect Resistance.

Attacks by swinging a scythe, dispelling one buff. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 2: Grudge
When an enemy is revived, grants all allies a barrier and immunity for 1 turn and resets the cooldown of Moon Slash. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 3: Moon Slash
6 Turns
+3 Souls
Attacks with a scythe, recovering Health of all allies. Penetrates Defense, but cannot trigger a critical hit. Damage dealt and amount recovered increase proportional to the caster's max Health. Decreases damage suffered by allies by 10% when this skill is available. When more than one damage reduction effect is granted, only the strongest effect is applied.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers


Health +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Defense +3% Attack +20 / Health +60
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Health +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Defense +6% Attack +30 / Health +80
Blood Scythe
Attacks by swinging a scythe, dispelling one buff.
Ability Upgrade
Ignores Effect Resistance.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

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