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Max CP14876
A cold-blooded Banshee with an ice-cold scream
Beauty Recipe
Beauty Recipe
Dispatch Mission:
Specialty Effect:
Reward Bonus +6%
Auxiliary Lots
A Banshee formed from a corrupted soul. She sings songs of a passion frozen by painful betrayal. She is known to mercilessly tear things apart with her bare hands.

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Hero Stats

Hero CP: 14876
HP 3925
ATK 1244
SPD 104
DEF 606
Crit Hit Chance Crit Hit DMG Dual Atk Chance
15.00% 150.00% 5.00%
Effectiveness Effect Resist
0.00% 0.00%
Imprint Release

SSS : +48 SS : +42 S : +36 A : +30 B : +24 C : +18 D : +12
*Red tiles mark the effective area of a Devotion Skill.

Hero Tags



As a strong Ice-element DPS with multiple ailments and a little supplemental healing, Mistychain is a perfect budget Wyvern hero. To build her for this job, prioritize Spd (so she can apply her debuffs early) and Effectiveness (so she can apply them at all). From there, build as much damage on her as you can fit: Atk%, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. Since Wyvern 11 only attacks the first hero in your formation, Mistychain can sacrifice survivability to go all out on DPS.

  • NOTE: If using Mistychain in Wyverns 10 and below, she will need flat HP and Def% in order to survive the Wyvern's fireballs, since Wyverns 10 and below do not follow a set targeting A.I. Sacrifice Atk, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage substats as necessary to get her to roughly 8K HP and 800 Def. At that point, she should be able to survive just fine.

For her gear sets, she wants -- you guessed it -- more damage. For her primary gear set, a Destruction set is preferable, but Rage can also be good, since Wyvern should be debuffed at all times. (If you're very early in the game, an Attack set can also work.) Pair this with a Critical subset (or a Hit subset if you don't have enough Effectiveness substats on her gear). Remember that dealing more damage also means granting more healing, so more damage is always good for Mistychain!

The best budget Artifact for Mistychain is Daydream Joker, which is always good for helping a hero deal more damage. However, if you have some of the better Mage Artifacts around, those can benefit her even more. In particular:

  • Etica's Scepter reduces the cooldowns on her S2 and S3. This increases her damage output, since her S2 and S3 have better multipliers than her S1, and also helps her keep her debuffs up on Wyvern more consistently. However, as a 5★ Artifact, this is difficult to pull.
  • Kal'adra is the best damage buff for any Mage against Wyvern. Like a Rage set, it works so well because Wyvern should always be debuffed.
  • Sira-Ren is particularly helpful if you lack other debuffers. Mistychain already causes two debuffs with her S2; with Sira-Ren, she causes three, singlehandedly disabling Wyvern's triple-fireball.


CritC %
Eff %
Eff %
CritC %
CritD %
Atk %


Upgrade Priority

Early Mid Late
+2 +4 +5
+3 +4 +5
+2 +4 +5



This is a fairly typical example of a budget Wyvern team. Angelica is a great tank for Wyvern 11 when built for pure survivability, but she needs help healing through Wyvern's damage, so Mistychain's extra healing is greatly appreciated here. Meanwhile, Taranor Guard applies Defense Break and Alexa applies Poison. Combined with Mistychain's Attack Break and Unhealable, this gives your team plenty of debuff coverage.

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Mistychain is an adorable Ice Mage with deep-rooted family issues. She has high damage output and unique skills, especially for a common 3★ Hero, making her a fantastic addition to early-game teams. Her DPS potential, Ice element, and low-cooldown debuffs do best in Wyvern Hunts from floors 1 to 10. When fully invested in, she can be used in a variety of PvE content, including Wyvern 11, Raids, and Abyss.


High Damage Output

Mistychain is a hard-hitting DPS hero with a very high base Atk stat and potent damage multipliers on her skills. She has the highest base Atk stat out of all five of her sisters; in fact she is among the strongest 3★ heroes in terms of Atk.

Passive AOE Healing

Mistychain is one of the rare non-Soul Weaver heroes with team-wide healing, allowing her to take on secondary healer role. Both her S1 and S3 restore a percentage of the damage dealt to her allies. If paired with a Soul Weaver who has equipped the Shimadra Staff Artifact (such as her sister Requiemroar), Mistychain's healing is actually quite noticeable, especially over long fights.


In addition to AOE healing, Mistychain is also the only 3★ hero who can set the Revive buff on her allies. Doing so is conditional -- she has to kill an enemy with her S3, and the buff is automatically set on the hero with the lowest health at the time -- but it is quite the trump card to have up her sleeve nonetheless.

Budget Hero for Wyvern

Mistychain is commonly used for Wyvern hunts, especially for level 10 and below. Curse of the Banshee (S2) applies two debuffs on a 3-turn cooldown with 100% chance, preventing the Wyvern from activating its double attack. The Attack Break debuff is particularly helpful for ensuring team survivability. Furthermore, as a 3★ hero, Mistychain uses Stigma instead of Molagora to enhance her skills, allowing you to save your valuable Molagora for 4★ or 5★ heroes instead.


Glass Cannon

Most Mages suffer from low survivability, but Mistychain is among the more fragile. Not only are her Spd and Def subpar, but her base HP is among the lowest in the game. While her Attack Break debuff and innate lifesteal help balance this, she is still extremely susceptible to being OHKO’d.

Insanely Conditional Revive

The Revive on Mistychain's S3 is so difficult to set up and take advantage of that it's usually a coincidence when it works, rather than being a tool you can actively take advantage of. In particular, it's useless against Wyvern, since Wyvern fights you alone with no minions that can be killed to trigger the Revival activation.

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Skill 1: Vampirism
0 Turns
+1 Souls
Claws the enemy, absorbing some of the damage to heal all allies.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
4 Turns
+2 Souls
Casts a spell at the enemy, with a 80% chance each to make them unhealable and decrease Attack for 2 turns.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Skill 3: Life Drain
6 Turns
+3 Souls
Attacks by absorbing the enemy's life force. Some of the damage dealt is absorbed to heal all allies.
Skill Enhance
Effects and Multipliers
Specialty: Beauty Recipe
Beauty Recipe
Dispatch Mission: Cooking
Specialty Effect: Reward Bonus +6%


Speed +2 Attack +20 / Health +60

Frost Rune
Attack +3% Attack +20 / Health +60

Frost Rune
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Greater Frost Rune
Speed +4 Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Frost Rune

Ultra Fang
Attack +6% Attack +30 / Health +80

Epic Frost Rune

Blazing Soul
Life Drain
Attacks by absorbing the enemy's life force. Some of the damage dealt is absorbed to heal all allies.
Ability Upgrade
Attacks by absorbing the enemy's life force. Some of the damage dealt is absorbed to heal all allies. When the enemy is defeated, grants revive for 2 turns to the ally with the lowest Health.
Stat Increase
Attack +20 / Health +60

Frost Rune

Greater Frost Rune

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