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Eda is a 5* ice mage who specializes in controlling the flow of battle via CR manipulation and stuns. In an optimal fight, Eda’s playstyle centers around her playing as a fast bruiser to repeatedly pushing back the enemy team with her soul burned S2 while chipping down opponents with solid damage. With the right team, she could be a strong control bruiser that can stop the opponents’ turn timings.

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Designer Lilibet

Designer Lilibet is a 5* warrior released amidst the resurgence of control heroes in the meta. ML Lilibet’s main role is a debuff clearing hero both for herself and her team. Her main strength compared to other heroes of this role is that her self-cleanse is passive, meaning she has a much greater build diversity available to her at the cost of it being tied to fighting spirit, meaning she can be outplayed by more astute opponents. Compared to her contemporary, Fighter Maya, ML Lilibet is less of a damage threat vs control teams and acts more as a supporter for her own team with the ability to deal moderate damage on the side thanks to her build versatility. This makes her an ideal turn 2 hero and a valuable counter-initiating piece especially against control teams.

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Politis is a 5* Fire mage released during the “control mage renaissance” with the specific intention to stop setup buffers in Arena Defense and RTA. Politis brings a unique passive of reducing enemy combat readiness gain by 50%, on top of being able to activate an extra attack that reduces enemy buff duration by 1 turn while increasing her own combat readiness by 30%. This effectively makes her an extremely potent threat to any cleave team that hinges on a non attacking buffer such as a Auxiliary Lots or Rose, who have been a large part of the cleave landscape.

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Archdemon's Shadow

Archdemon’s Shadow is a 5* Dark Mage released to commemorate Archdemon Mercedes’ status as the final boss of episode 1. She is among the waves of control mages that are taking over the meta. Archdemon stands out as the first hero to have the debuff seal, which is used to disable hero passives, critical to shutting down the myriad of moonlight heroes currently dominating the meta.

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Fairytale Tenebria

Fairytale Tenebria is a 5* Ice type control mage that brings a brand new debuff, redirected provoke, forcing enemies to attack players’ high HP hero. Redirected provoke allows players to utilize creative strategies around tanky characters that were previously deemed too slow for certain metas such as Martial Artist Ken and Dark Corvus. Even as a control mage, F Tenebria is extremely flexible as she can be built anywhere from an initiator (full speed) to a control bruiser that can be flexed into both PvP and PvE. Overall she is a decent limited unit that will definitely see usage due to her flexibility.

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Mortelix is a 5* Earth bruiser with the new debuff injury baked into his kit. He excels in a long fight against multiple tanky units by inflicting injury and reducing their maximum HP to taper sustain. Aside from injury, his skill kit is loaded with different types of utilities that can come in handy in a load of different situations.

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Operator Sigret

Operator Sigret is a 5* Dark Ranger designed to play against barrier heroes. Her kit is packed full of offensive utility but really comes online when fighting against heroes protected by barrier as her S2 would be able to fully penetrate defense, putting her in a similar role as Watcher Schuri. But better than that, if she kills her target, she can gain an extra turn for her to use her own S3, which can not only reduce buff time, but also buffs her team with Attack Up and pushes enemy CR back which helps her team gap. In short, Operator Sigret is a flexible piece with a lot of damage and utility and can can in many different types of aggressive/cleave comps.

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Flan is a 5* Ice Ranger intended to be an offensive support similar to how a Tywin would function with few differences with the biggest being that she cannot soul burn for an extra turn thus requiring much more resources team building wise to pull off. However, in exchange she makes up with reliability and lower self investment.

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Ervalen is a 5* Earth Thief whose hallmark trait is granting himself counterattack buff, the first gacha hero in the game to do so. He has a strong single target combo and utility that allows him to fit into both a speed team as a DPS and a tank team as a bruiser. His kit is so versatile he is even viable as the designated DPS unit in a Banshee one shot team. His biggest strength is that his versatility allows him to be used in many scenarios, which also marks his biggest weakness, he has many stronger competitors in a given team slot. However, for players who lack a wide hero pool, he is a great A tier hero that will service many roles.

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Top Model Luluca

Top Model Luluca is a 5* Dark Mage released in the buff/bruiser PvP meta of Epic Seven. While her initial reception outside of her looks is lukewarm, her versatility in her skill kit proved her to be a powerful hero, especially as an initiator on top of a DPS hero. She can be thought of like an Assassin Coli, but instead of a stun, she has better team utility.

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Last Rider Krau

Last Rider Krau is the first released moonlight hero of Chapter 3 of the story. He is a 5* Light Knight whose focus is on protecting his team from overt AoE threat while being a threat himself with constant threat of AoE defense penetrating damage. Given how his kit functions,  he can be anything from an instrumental defensive piece against an AoE team to a solid AoE threat against tanky teams. ML Krau is a unit that requires very specifically funneled stats but he also gets massive value from the stats that he specializes in through his buffs.

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Choux (pronounced ‘shoe’) is a 5* Ice Warrior released around the second anniversary for Epic 7. She is generally deemed to be a bruiser that is a combination of Alencia and Diene. While she is quite similar to Alencia, the only aspect of Choux that is similar to Diene is the Crit Resistance buff. In terms of mechanics, Choux is a lot more like Violet as she has her own focus mechanic that will allow her to pump out some big damage with full focus and soul burns. Choux is an archetypal bruiser that can do a solid amount of damage, no RNG aspects to her kit (like Alencia passive), and has great base stats to compliment her playstyle. However, unlike Alencia, Choux has very little built in utility and needs to be well supported in a long fight.

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Holiday Yufine

Holiday Yufine is a limited 5* Fire Warrior who fills multiple roles as a bruiser. Her hallmark trait is her passive, which grants an aura on allies preventing 30% (up to 50%) CR push back and granting herself 50% evasion while at full HP. This aura in combination with her skills and stats make her a very potent bruiser in content such as World Arena, Guild War, and Arena Offense where bruisers can be strong, but are proned to being turn-chained and crowd controlled. H Yufine is an especially hard counter to Basar, as her passive nullifies the CR push back and her S3 can cleanse his debuffs.

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Briar Witch Iseria

Briar Witch Iseria, our first ever 5* Dark Ranger, is a PvP centric character that seems to have been released as a direct response to Remnant Violet and Celine. Due to her base stats as a Gemini Ranger and the utility she brings, she has a natural affinity as either a utility DPS or a full cleaver.

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Celine is a 5* Earth Thief that was designed as an anti-cleave counter pick that went largely underused and under picked for a long time. The release of her exclusive equipment gave her enough consistency to propel her into popularity and ultimately cementing her as a staple DPS in all PvP content picked not only against cleave comps but also comps that rely on a buffing initiator as it allows her to snipe an enemy hero with her S2, Instinct.

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Remnant Violet

Remnant Violet is a 5* Dark Thief who is designed to be a powerful single target nuker through his ultimate, Massacre, and sustains himself with evasion in a longer fight with his passive, Concentration. ML Violet boasts a very powerful set of base stats and multiplier, with damage comparable to pre-soulburn Cermia and survivability on par with Mirsa, which makes him a very dangerous unit with the right stats.

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Elphelt Valentine is a 5* Fire Ranger released as a part of the Guilty Gear collaboration rerun. Elphelt is played as a single target combo DPS with the ability to defense break a target, or all enemies if she can finish off a target. She has seen a controversial release due to her low damage multipliers and her combo not being able to finish most tankier targets through defense breaks. Despite that perception, it is definitely possible for her to kill most targets with refined gear and maximized investment.

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Blood Moon Haste

Blood Moon Haste is a Light element Soul Weaver with 1 niche: bring defense utilities against revive teams. At the time of release, Arbiter Vildred is still the most commonly used unit in Arena, Guild Wars, as well as World Arena. Most of ML Haste's value comes from his S2 and S3 passives, which not only gives his team a shield + immunity buff upon an enemy's revival, but also reset his S3, which also gives an additional 10% damage reduction whenever it is available. This combination of passives makes ML Haste a very potent pick into comps that include Arbiter Vildred or Maid Chloe and such despite his very niche skillset.

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Captain Rikoris

Along with confidence, Rikoris has put some meat on his bones with his new Specialty Change. When fully runed, Rikoris now has an additional 75% chance to Stun the highest enemy CR when using Supreme Spear regardless of miss, a huge boost to stats, 5% bonus Hit rate, 20% extra damage on Dark targets, and several other conditional buffs when low on HP. He shines in the Azimanus raid, where he can keep the boss’s Berserk buff under control easily.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Captain Rikoris' Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Sinful Angelica

Sinful Angelica is a 4* Dark Soul Weaver who generally used as an offensive support for content such as Arena Offense, Guild War Offense, and World Arena. She is considered one of the best offensive attack buffers due to her ability to grant others extinction through her passive Soul Harvest. This opens up opens up so many options for cleave teams as single turn attackers can ignore revives from Arbiter Vildred and don’t have to stress about 1 turn bursting Ruele of Light, allowing for players to opt for much more aggressive offenses against higher tiered meta opponents.

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Roana is a 5* Pisces Soul Weaver of the Earth element. She is a unique counter to any unit that draws a lot of power from counterattacks or extra attacks thanks to her S2, Vigiliant Eye, which heals her team and boosts CR based on how many allies is hit by a counter, extra, or dual attack. This makes her extremely good in certain fights while lackluster in others, cementing her as a good offense healer.

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Little Queen Charlotte

The long awaited Queen has finally arrived. It’s Little Queen Charlotte! She is a 5* Light element warrior who is a natural bruiser, who is someone that can take a few hits, then clap back hard. Charlotte has a fairly simple kit consisting of a defensive passive and a low cooldown nuke outside of her normal attack. This kit further reinforces her bruiser roles as it gives her both the ability to be bulkier than expected and hit back harder than many bruisers can.

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Mercenary Helga

Helga, who had the potential to be a buff hoarding DPS that can become a bruiser with the right buffs, received a Speciality Change.

She was popular as a low budget speed imprint booster as well as a team attack buffer before her Speciality Change, and her SC enhances that even more, turning her into a sweep team Hero. But she is also useful in long term fights, has alternative options in initial strategy, and able to benefit from the player's creativity.

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Ambitious Tywin

Ambitious Tywin is the first Moonlight Hero released in 2020 in January in the Mystic Banner. While he does nothing flashy outright, he is a formidable support-tank unit that occupies a niche that was previously empty in the PvP meta: passive debuff cleansing and Soul-stealing.

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All-Rounder Wanda

The older sister of Formia family, Wanda is back to make her younger sister Azalea jobless!

Having added self-CR-push to her S1 and Unhealable to her signature 2-turn Stun, All-Rounder Wanda's mission is ensuring that the enemy cannot turtle forever. Does that mean she's just here to counter Apocalypse Ravi or a solo Angelica? Not at all. That 2-turn Stun is still one of the strongest disabling skills on a 3★ hero, and her S1 is one of the best DPS skills you can find as long as her victims have the Targeted ailment. 

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Alencia was controversial on release due to poorly chosen wording on her S2, which led players to expect different things from her kit. Now that the smoke is dying down, however, it's easier to see where she stands in the Epic Seven meta: a sturdy wall of an Earth hero who combines spammable Defense Break, AOE buff dispel, and a protective Defense buff to keep the odds firmly in her favor.

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Ray is a 5* Earth Element soul weaver released following the rerun for the Guilt Gears collaboration. His kit is somewhat of a mishmash between that of a Destina and a DJ Basar but with 1 distinct advantage, his awakenings grant him 30% innate resistance, making him the perfect comeback counter-initiator for a turn 2 team.

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Cerise is the first limited hero of 2020. She is a 5* Ice Ranger who primarily functions as a debuffer specialized in shutting down cleave teams. This mostly comes from her new debuff, restrict, which prevents enemies from gaining (or losing) Combat Readiness, which are crucial to the slower DPS units in a cleave team.

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Pavel is a 5★ Earth Ranger released in January 2020. He is the first male RGB hero released since Charles. Due to his ability to ignore damage transfer effects such as Aurius, he is marketed by SmileGate to be the definitive Seaside Bellona counter, who has been dominant in PvP since her release. Being a Virgo Ranger, Pavel has quite high base Speed and Attack, which signifies good damage potential that is unfortunately marred by mediocre damage multipliers and low utility. 

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The long awaited edge lord of book 2 finally makes his appearance, Kawerik. Kawerik is a 5* Fire Mage with a star sign of Virgo. Kawerik comes off as a very potent combat hero with a skill kit that not only scales decently with attack and speed, but also brings a bit of disruption via cooldown reset and silence. In the right teams, Kawerik has the right kit to have a similar impact to someone such as Assassin Cidd.

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Elena is a 5★ Ice Soul Weaver whose specialty is in defensive utility rather than healing. While her myriad of defense abilities makes her a solid PvP Defense hero, she could also be used on Offense to hyper-protect one solid DPS.

With teamwide Invincibility, an Effect Resistance buff, and damage reduction, Elena is very comparable to Crimson Armin. However, Elena has access to Soul Weaver-exclusive Artifacts along with 6 more base Spd than Crimson Armin. Magaraha's Tome works especially well with her S2, allowing her to cut-in and deny enemy DPS with her Invincibility buff. This alone makes her a dangerous presence on Defense.

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Taranor Royal Guard

Taranor Guard in Korean, promoted to Royal guard in English is the forgotten knight who is the savior of new players who needs a tank for wyvern 11!

...But little did we know that he packs a punch.

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The once-legendary Tieria was hit with a super nerf in December 2018. To be fair, her old skillset would have made her tier 1 even today!

Even after her nerfs, Tieria is still alive and kicking. However, since she's lost the Defense Break she used to have on her S3, she's become more of a boss-killer in line with Nemunas. Nemunas has stronger percentage damage and more team support, considering her AOE cleanse and her ability to equip Ranger Artifacts. However, Tieria is useful for CR-pushing her allies and doing more reliable damage in general combat.

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Falconer Kluri

Despite being a 3 Earth Knight, Falconer Kluri is one of the best supports available to players who don’t have a huge amount of variety in their hero pools. With an ultimate full of utility, a bundle of small bonuses from her Skill Tree, and the ability to carry Aurius, Falconer Kluri can be used by any player looking to clear more content as well as helping to lock down low-Resistance enemies in PvP.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Falconer Kluri's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Commander Lorina

The famous player goddess that used to have a skill damage modifier of 3. Even after her rework, she still packs a huge punch.

Even before Specialty Changing, Lorina's damage output is very good, especially for a 3★ hero. However, after completing her Specialty Change quest, her DPS gets even better, especially with the addition of even more self-CR push and a little bit of much-appreciated survivability.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Commander Lorina's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Chaos Inquisitor

The "famous" hero who can take most attacks as a scratch and live to fight another day. After the damage reduction bug fix, he hasn’t seen much daylight... until now. Now he's gone from a hero with no damage and no threat potential to a surprise secret weapon who can shrug off his enemies' attacks, crushing the opposition one at a time until they can no longer defy him.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete the Chaos Inquisitor's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Researcher Carrot

Epic Seven's magical girl Carrot -- who was forgotten after release due to underwhelming AOE and a useless passive -- has upgraded her transformation pen at last. She's coming back strong with a new style and a new S3, ready to prove her worth in fighting evil by moonlight, daylight, or any other kind of inbound extraterrestrial illumination.

In a nutshell, Researcher Carrot is a versatile Fire Mage who is no longer just a budget AOE, but a budget Mage bruiser. With a Speed debuff, a personal shield, and a unique Burn detonation mechanic, she is the linchpin for any Burn-focused team, able to perform in PvP or PvE to great effect. While she is not a must-have hero, she introduces many interesting combinations and fun strategies to Epic Seven gameplay.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Researcher Carrot's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Faithless Lidica

Faithless Lidica is a 5★ Light-element Ranger released with the 2019 December Mystic summons rotation. She is the first hero released with the ability to fully increase a hero's cooldowns with her S3, Hysteria (which can be Soulburned to bypass resistance, no less). This along with her S2, Larkspur, forms a powerful combo -- pushing up the Combat Readiness not only of Faithless Lidica's team, but also herself so that she can instantly S3 a key enemy and prevent them from using their skills.

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Lena is a 3 star Ice Warrior who specializes in AoE sweeps and general DPS. While having a skill set that reminds of Lorina, Lena is commonly used in PvE as a farmer due to her S3. Being an AoE cleave skill with a good ratio, and has a cooldown reset on kill. Her passive gives up to 50% Crit chance, allowing for an easy gear build and her single target DPS is not so poor as well. Like Lorina, this kit full of damage also comes with a self CR boost in S1 and enemy CR push on S3.

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Melissa is a Fire-element hero with an extremely high single target damage output. Melissa has the highest raw base Atk in the game. She also has the ability to reliably engage Ice-element enemies because her S3 is not affected by elemental disadvantage. Unfortunately, her unique Curse debuff is PvP-oriented and does not work against bosses. For Arena, Melissa has great synergy setting up Lilias’s S3 due to her incredible base Atk.

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Batisse excels at dueling strong single opponents. He passively applies Attack Break to one enemy every turn, and his S1 and S3 both have powerful additional effects that trigger when used on an enemy suffering from Attack Break. Against a single target, he can reliably inflict his Attack Break over and over, racking up additional attacks and Defense Breaks as the battle goes on. His usefulness declines the more targets there are in the battle, since his Attack Break can go to the wrong target and mess with your strategies, but against a solo boss (i.e., Wyvern) or a boss where the adds are easily killable (i.e., Banshee) he can be extremely powerful.

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Eaton is a relatively new hero in Epic Seven, and if you haven't seen him yet, he's worth keeping your eyes open for. In addition to delighting Miyazaki fans everywhere, Eaton is a combination of just about every tool a tank unit could want, from HP scaling on his skills to AOE Provoke (when Soulburned) to self-Immunity (plus cleanse, plus a barrier!) to a built-in version of Aurius (stronger damage reduction, but applying to a single ally at a time instead of to the entire team). Being Light-element, he never suffers elemental disadvantage when attempting to land his Provoke, and his element also helps him draw the aggro of the many nasty Dark-element heroes in PvP. Though slow and bad at hurting others, his unparalleled tanking prowess makes him a valuable addition to any team comp in need of some additional protection.

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He's a goofy dunce in the story, he's a pushover as a boss, he's a 2-turn Stunner in Arena: it's Ains, the criminal disaster-mind of Perland! Between his tanky stats, guaranteed critical hits, innate counterattack chance, and a potent 2-turn-long Stun, Ains is a fairly decent budget bruiser hero to round out an Arena team for a new player. It's hard to keep him relevant later in the game, as the random nature of his critical hits makes him hard to build efficiently and his 2-turn Stun can be replaced by Dark-element hero Wanda. However, with the many powerful Ice units flooding Arena Defense teams, Ains can give new players a leg up on the opposition with a minimum of investment.

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Perhaps appropriately for a character who is a teacher and a mentor, Hataan is a Fire Thief who fills an oddly support-focused role in a team. His S1 causes a Hit chance debuff, helping reduce the enemy's damage output, and it can also be Soulburned to ignore Effect Resistance. His S3 buffs Atk for the entire team and also increases his own Spd, which works well since Hataan's damage is also affected by his Spd stat.

All in all, Hataan isn't a hugely powerful hero, but he is a good source of an AOE Atk buff (especially against Earth-element bosses, such as Golem) who also has some additional 

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Lilias is a speedy yet damaging tank who takes the word ‘teamwork’ to a whole different level. She comes with a guaranteed random ally assist on her S1 and a damaging AoE that scales with the highest ATK on the team. In addition, her AoE is also a full-team cleanse, enemy CR knockback, and massive self-CR boost.

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Desert Jewel Basar

Desert Jewel Basar— known as DJ Basar in the Savara club circuit— is a Light Soul Weaver from Moonlight Summoning. Although underwhelming for his rarity, his extreme kit includes 3-turn Immunity, full cleanse and 30% CR Push, albeit on a very long cooldown. AoE healing every turn is still quite strong though, making for a consistent if predictable support perfect for stalling in Arena Defense. He’s also pretty good in PvE, with the long-duration of Immunity being complementary to Support-oriented Soul Weavers like Tamarinne and Diene.

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Vivian is a 5★ Mage who offers both utility and AOE DPS. On the support side, she can apply both Immunity and Attack Up to her party using her S3, which are two of the most important buffs in the game. On the DPS side, she casts an AOE with her S2 that is repeated if the first cast kills at least one enemy. A DPS Vivian has a very similar cleave and farming potential as Vildred. With so much power in her kit and a respectable base Speed of 115, the leader of Witchaven can be the cornerstone of just about any team composition.

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With the release of Chapter 3 and the Aakhen area in Adventure mode, Furious became available to all players through Connections quests. Despite his welfare status, Furious quickly became among the best Wyvern teammates and claimed the title of strongest Defense breaker in the game. With his teamwide Critical Rate buff and potent single-target damage, Furious is perfectly poised to overthrow the Wyvern and support the team. 

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Roaming Warrior Leo

There's no way to sugarcoat it: Roaming Warrior Leo is in serious need of buffs or changes from SmileGate. His gimmick is planting the "Bomb" debuff on enemies, a debuff that "explodes" after the enemy takes 2 turns. The damage from the Bomb is based on Roaming Warrior Leo's Atk and ignores a significant portion of the target's Def, and it also attempts to cause Stun.

On paper, Bomb sounds like a fine gimmick, but in practice, Roaming Warrior Leo's ability to use Bombs is painfully limited by the enormous amount of cleanse and Immunity that exists in Epic Seven. Furthermore, the damage when Bombs are successfully triggered is not very impressive considering the time and effort they take to set up and set off, and their Stun is useless on PvE boss monsters.

If the rest of Roaming Warrior Leo's kit was strong enough to outweigh the weaknesses of the Bomb debuff, this would be okay. However, his S1 causes Attack Break -- which is helpful but by no means essential -- and his S2 is, at best, on par with 3★ Earth-element hero Adlay's S3. Unfortunately, there is little justification to using Roaming Warrior Leo at this point in time.

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Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona is a strong debuffing Hero with an innate damage transfer mechanic and the only Unbuffable/Unhealable. Additionally, she has an AoE 50% DEF break counterattack that can proc multiple times before her turn. Her high number of debuffs and the ability to inflict Target with her S1 make her an ideal candidate for Wyvern, whose triple fireball breath will proc her counterattack nearly every turn.

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Apocalypse Ravi

Apocalypse Ravi is a 5★ Dark Warrior that can be built as a tank or a bruiser. When fully built, she can become impossible to kill thanks to her passive War God's Might, and can kill squishy attackers in 1-2 hits. She is most commonly found in guild war offense and defense, and sometimes arena.

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Auxiliary Lots

Although he’s Reingar’s very first battle doll, Auxiliary Lots isn’t to be taken lightly. The Moonlight 4* is one of the most reliable Combat Readiness boosters in all of Epic Seven. Aside from this he also has an AoE Silence and self Combat Readiness boost allowing him to support the team while Mana Injection (S2) is on cooldown. These abilities paired with his two Hero Attack buff can exert tight control over the outcome of most PvP matches. 

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Cuteness aside, Lilibet is a single-target hero whose sole purpose to exist is to banish Arbiter Vildred to the Shadow Realm. She is currently the only character in the game who has access to extinction. When Lilibet secures a kill with her S3, the fallen victim cannot be resurrected. Aside from dealing with resurrection, Lilibet is simply a bursty single target hero.

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Khawazu doesn't do anything particularly unique on his own, but he does bring several mechanics together in a way that can carve him a shallow niche in your lineup. Because he passively cleanses debuffs on himself with his S2 and causes Unhealable with his S3, he makes for a decent budget Golem fighter. On the other hand, if building a Burn-focused team with allies like Aramintha and Researcher Carrot, his ability to guarantee Burn on his S1 can be quite useful.

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Luluca is a premier defense Hero who still has strong offensive options. Her kit consists of a unique teamwide Shield and DEF buff, a damage-ramping S3 that also applies AoE DEF break, and an S1 that gets stronger the longer the fight goes.

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Fallen Cecilia

Fallen Cecilia is a supportive tank who makes her whole team significantly tougher. She shines in PvP situations, especially Arena Defense and Guild Wars Offense. Her S1, Mistake, can permanently Provoke any target that is slower than she is, and her other abilities make your squishy damage dealers almost impossible to nuke down quickly.

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Angelic Montmorancy

If you add an ‘A’ to the end of her title, you’ll get exactly what Angelic Montmorancy is. While she doesn’t occupy the exact same niche as vaunted fellow Ice healer Angelica, it is hard not to see the parallels between the two. With lots of Effect Resistance, a reliable team heal, low cooldowns on her cleanse, and the self CR-push that her kit originally came with, SC Montmorancy is quite possibly the best low-rarity healer. She combines the best parts of her idol Diene and her mentor Angelica’s kits for a versatile healing presence.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Angelic Montmorancy's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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She has no idea how she got here, but the Ice Mage Dizzy joins Epic Seven with a bang! Despite being one who hates fighting, she brings a unique skill set to any battle. Gamma Ray (S2) and Emotional Gamma Ray (S3) are perfect for providing your team with defensive debuffs, while her consistent AoE damage can be an asset in many styles of teams.

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Champion Zerato

Champion Zerato is the ideal solution to the oversaturated Dizzy population in the PvP Defense meta. His S2 passive has a unique effect: if Champion Zerato takes damage while being debuffed or after he has been debuffed, he counterattacks with his S1. This is bad news for the enemy, because his S1 transfers up to two debuffs from Champion Zerato to his targets and also heals the user as a bonus. With the appropriate team support, Champion Zerato can be a much-needed hard counter to debuff-centric teams.

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Baiken is a limited Earth Thief from Epic Seven’s Guilty Gear collaboration. Getting sucked into Orbis from her own world, she decides to join the fight. Baiken brings a combination of Bleed, Crit, Combat Readiness increase, and Detonation all in one kit. This enables her to be a fierce Single Target damage threat when placed into teams that can proliferate her strengths.

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Sol is a welfare 5 fire warrior earned during the Guilty Gear collab. He’s a top tier fire DPS used almost exclusively for PvE purposes due to his damage scaling from enemy HP%. Due to the enemy max HP% damage being very powerful against the huge HP pool of abyss bosses, Sol is one of the best options available to new players for this purpose. Outside of this Sol can be used to auto Golem 11 and can be used to clear raid.

In terms of PvP, Sol was briefly used by some players as a counter to the Iseria/Tamarinne combo. But due to it being weak to other forms of cleave, Sol is has not seen much action in PvP since.

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Crescent Moon Rin

Crescent Moon Rin is an extremely fast waifu with the ability to steal opponent’s buffs and protect her team from incoming debuffs. With a base speed of 126, Crescent Moon Rin is a reliable opener, the drawback being her lack of ATK. Her presence in the current meta right now is also fairly low due to the Effectiveness requirement on her S3, so as a result Basar and Hurado are superior options.

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Sage Baal & Sezan

Sage Baal & Sezan is the premier PvP debuffer specializing as a defender against cleave teams and teams that require a lot of set up such as Iseria + Tamarinne, a common PvP team comp. His absolutely loaded Skill 2, Cloud of Ruin, dispels buffs and strips away previous setups while putting the entire enemy team to sleep. What's more, it also has a passive effect of increasing Combat Readiness at the end of an enemy's turn, allowing him to cut into opening buffs and CR push. 

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The quite possibly-suffering-from-gacha-addiction gambling-obsessed swordgirl is here! Featuring a kit that only does one thing: damage. Cermia can dish out a huge amount of damage and carries her own Greater Attack buff. She can even make sure that enemies stay down with her rare Unhealable debuff.

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Blaze Dingo

Dingo is back, but this time he is blazing into action as one of few damage-oriented healers. His kit heavily encourages building offense, as his healing scales on the damage he deals. This opens the oven to very destructive gameplay potential when paired with the Invincibility and Attack buffs that he brings to the table.

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Silver Blade Aramintha

Supplanting General Purrgis’ former best 2-man guaranteed Stun with her own full-team stun on Meteor Fall (S3), Silver Blade Aramintha (SB Ara) is a fearsome PvP hero but also a potent PvE DPS. Her kit lacks nothing except for buffs; she has access to utility in a teamwide stun on a 4-turn cooldown, high AoE damage with burns, high single-target DPS with a small AoE guaranteed, and CR boosts for herself.

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The most refined gentleman this side of Orbis has arrived. This loyal Knight punches far above his weight class, pulling first-rate damage as a DPS and a dispeller, while still remaining fast for a Knight. He can be a terrifying anti-cleave option in PvP or a potent DPS for PvE, combining above-average bulk with great damage that only gets stronger as his number of enemies decreases.

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Lidica is a Fire Ranger who focuses on interrupting the enemies’ rhythm through a mixture of CR delays and debilitating debuffs. Her flexibility with both single and multi-target attacks make her a valuable option for a wide variety of PvE or PvP situations, excelling both as an opener or as a pinch hitter. While weak alone, her potential is further accentuated by a team that can take advantage of the extra turns that she provides through her CR delays.

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Mascot Hazel

After her Specialty Change, Mascot Hazel transforms into not just a cute girl but a strong support. In addition to a well-deserved smirk, she boasts the only targetable Greater Atk buff in the game with her S3 (A Girl in Uniform). Combined with the strong pinch healing on her S2, the Unhealable debuff on her S1, and the AOE regular Atk buff on her S3, she is one of the strongest F2P options for a consistent Attack buffer. This does, however, come at the cost of heavy investment.

While she is very strong for Golem 11 and other areas where you can bring an excessive number of Fire-element heroes, you may want to reconsider using her on a mixed team without at least one other Fire hero.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Mascot Hazel's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Righteous Thief Roozid

Combat Readiness is one of the most important parts of PvP. Being able to take the first turn in an Arena match means being able to disable or even kill your enemies before they can do the same to you; it's an advantage that is difficult to surpass. Righteous Thief Roozid's claim to fame in the field of CR manipulation is that his S3 not only increases your team's CR but also buffs their Speed. With the low cooldown on his S3, he gives your team a turn advantage not just at the start of a battle but throughout its entirety.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Righteous Thief Roozid's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Kitty Clarissa

Kitty Clarissa is a dark warrior with a mix of defensive and offensive support abilities, and can reliably trigger dual attacks from allies. She dabbles in several roles, such as cleanser, stripper, debuffer, and semi-DPS, making her a versatile hero that can fit into many different team compositions for both PvE and PvP.

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Boasting a myriad of support capabilities, Tamarinne takes center stage as one of the game’s strongest PvE Heroes. Although long Skill cooldowns make her tricky to time, her idol phase comes with a teamwide Attack buff and CR boost, with an AoE Dispel on her Serene Tune (S1) and a guaranteed Dual Attack from the teammate with highest Attack. Of course, being a Soul Weaver, she also heals and dispels debuffs from allies. While her PvP use is very limited, Tamarinne is very fun to use and one of the game’s most valuable Heroes just for completing content and farming materials for the whole roster. 

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Exuding elegance from every pore, Bellona is an Earth Ranger whose kit is packed with offensive utility and situational (but very powerful) offensive potential. In addition to boasting a rare 100%-accuracy AOE Defense Down debuff on her S3, Bellona also has the ability to deal max HP% damage with her S1. This makes her a great choice for high HP bosses in PvE content such as Raids and the Abyss, but it also allows her to become a great leading option for cleave compositions in PvP.

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Zeno is a weird hero who is in a weird place, both in the Epic Seven story and the current Epic Seven meta. He is a limited-edition, purely PvP-focused hero who is specifically designed to enable and counter stall compositions, where the player uses four tanky units and lots of healing and revival to stall out the enemy's offense.

Unfortunately, due to a glut of hugely powerful DPS heroes and the prevalence of Unbuffable, Unhealable, and buff strip, stall comps are not in a good place in the late 2019-early 2020 meta. However, should the winds of change blow Arena strategies back to stall comps, the Emperor of the Stars will be there, ready and waiting to welcome opponents into the maw of the Ancient Beast.

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Specimen Sez

Specimen Sez is a vicious Thief with immense potential to kill. His unique kit centered around Stunning Heroes allows him to quickly dispose of nearly any foe he may come against. The latent power of Light Storm (S3) can quickly turn him into the ultimate killing machine when placed into teams that support his innate reliance on Stuns.

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To a lot of new players, Violet is the “He ate an apple and somehow killed my entire team” guy. The pretty boy from Perland is a foreign 5 Earth Thief who specializes in evasion and counterattacking. Most players can agree that whenever Violet appears in PvP, there is a good chance he is going to be annoying. When built correctly with RNG in his favor, he will dodge everything his opponents throw at him and become a one-man army.

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Specter Tenebria

One of the Acolytes of the Archdemon, Specter Tenebria is a Dark Mage who eludes her opponent's attacks and inflicts hilarious amounts of damage in return. Typically she works best on teams who can provide debuffs to allow Endless Nightmare (S3) to deal even more damage than it already does. Her built-in Stealth can cause her to be a lingering threat, unlike most other Mages in this game, while her scaling power provides endless opportunity for destruction.

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Despite being a 3★ Moonlight hero and therefore relatively easy for new players to pull, Mirsa is not a beginner-friendly hero. She requires very specific Artifacts and pretty high-level gear to reach her full potential. She is also a heavily PvP-focused hero, one who isn't going to be much use to a player who is working on clearing Adventure and Hunt content.

That being said, a well-built Mirsa can be a nightmare for opponents to handle. With blazing base Speed, enormous evasion, Speed-based damage, a devastating S3 nuke, a 2-turn Silence, and a Speed-based Devotion Aura, Mirsa has a noticeable presence in terms of damage, survivability, and team utility all at the same time. Though she is hard to build correctly, it can feel very rewarding when she gets her chance to shine.

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Requiemroar is best known for being a miniature Lifesteal set for your entire team. Her S2 passive causes all allies to recover health equal to a portion of the damage they inflict, and it gives a percent heal every time an enemy dies. However, she is also very useful for her S3, which has a high chance to inflict Defense Break and also CR-pushes her team by 20%. She's too slow to be initiating team battles in PvP, but considering the number of extra turns and the amount of free healing she gradually generates in prolonged battles, she's a powerful choice for just about any PvE content.

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When you need to survive enormous amounts of damage, Doris is one of the best Soul Weavers to have at your side. She's one of the most comprehensive healers in Epic Seven, combining burst healing, healing over time, and AOE healing into one package. However, she also pulls double duty by mitigating damage before it affects your team in the first place, with a Hit chance reduction debuff on her S1 and an AOE Defense buff for your team on her S2. Though she is ill-suited for PvP, her position in PvE as a steadfast foundation that the rest of the team can rely upon should not be underestimated.

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If you're a new Arena player and you see an enemy team with a level 40 Judith and think, "Oh good, an easy mark!" then learn your lesson now: IT'S A TRAP! Judith may look cute and harmless, but in her case, looks are certainly deceiving. Judith is so dangerous because of her blisteringly high Speed. She is one of the fastest heroes in Epic Seven, which allows her to act first in almost every battle and give Combat Readiness to her allies, pushing them all to act before your team and completely obliterating you.

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Hazel is a 3★ Fire Soul Weaver who can Specialty Change into Mascot Hazel. Before her Specialty Change, Hazel is probably one of the more reliable 3★ Soul Weavers. Her main claim to fame is having an AOE Attack buff for her team, but she also has strong burst healing for allies who are low on Health and can even cause Unhealable. Her weakness is being unable to cleanse debuffs; for debuff-heavy bosses, Soul Weavers like Aither or Montmorancy are preferable.

After Specialty Changing into Mascot Hazel, Hazel gains multiple passive aura effects from her Skill Tree that enhance the abilities of Fire-elemental allies. This makes her a lot stronger, but also a lot more focused: her kit specifically benefits Fire-element heroes above any other element. Her AOE Attack buff also becomes stronger when used on Fire-element heroes, and she even gains a lot of extra Speed to help her protect the party faster and more reliably.

Building Hazel

Building Hazel is going to be almost identical to building Mascot Hazel. (See our page on Mascot Hazel for more information.) Keep in mind, however, that Hazel does not have all the special "Fire heroes get an extra buff" abilities that Mascot Hazel has. Including her in an all-Fire-hero team is not going to give you any kind of special power boost.

Hazel is an especially good healer to use in the Golem Hunt. She can cause Unhealable to block the Breeze Silva's healing and has an AOE heal to keep up with the Golem's AOE attacks. However, you will need to run her with a cleanser for the Golem 11 Hunt, since Hazel will not be able to cleanse the Defense Break debuff on her own.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Hazel's Specialty Change quest on our Specialty Change page.

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Of the free units in Epic Seven -- Ras, Aither, and Mercedes -- Aither might be the one with the best long-term viability. As an Ice-element Soul Weaver with low cooldowns, a targeted cleanse, and an AOE barrier, he is able to sustain most teams for just about any early- to mid-game content. Most importantly, he is a solid budget option for the Wyvern 11 Raid, which might be the most important battle when it comes to transitioning from mid-game content to end-game content. Since not all Soul Weavers are built to be primary healers, Aither might be your best healer for quite a long time.

Also, let's set the confusion to rest right now: What gender is Aither? Aither is male.

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Montmorancy is a 3★ Ice Soul Weaver who can Specialty Change into Angelic Montmorancy. Before her Specialty Change, Montmorancy is less of a healer and more of a cleanser. Her healing is very limited, but she is able to dispel debuffs from your entire team at once and can also apply Immunity, making one ally immune to any and all debuffs for 2 turns. Being able to put enemies to Sleep with her S1 is also a useful little trick.

After Specialty Changing into Angelic Montmorancy, Montmorancy goes from one of the worst healers in Epic Seven to one of the best. Her healing becomes much more reliable, her cleansing becomes much stronger, her Sleep becomes more reliable, and she gains more ways to increase her own Combat Readiness for more turns. Despite being a simple 3★ hero, Angelic Montmorancy becomes just as good (if not better!) than any 4★ or 5★ healer in Epic Seven.

Building Montmorancy

Despite their differences, building Montmorancy is still going to be very similar to building Angelic Montmorancy. (See our page on Angelic Montmorancy for more details.) However, it is very important to remember that before she Specialty Changes, Montmorancy is NOT a strong healer. Her S2 will only heal allies who are debuffed when the skill is used, and her S3 only heals one ally at a time. She can still be useful for debuff-heavy bosses like the Banshee or Azimanak Hunts, but you will need to bring another healer as well to keep your team alive, such as Aither or Hazel.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Montmorancy's Specialty Change quest on her Specialty Change page.

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Elson has been buffed and nerfed many times from patch to patch, going from one of the best 3★ Soul Weavers in Epic Seven to one of the worst and back again. As of December 2019, he's back in a pretty good spot, able to buff Attack and Defense in one move while also serving as a passable off-healer. Furthermore, since he's the only Light-element Connection hero, Elson may be the player's only Light-element unit for quite some time, proving useful as a neutral unit against Fire, Water, and Earth.

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Jecht is a beginner-friendly Soul Weaver with a passive that dispels one debuff from your team at the beginning of each turn. He is commonly used as a support Hero in auto Banshee 11 Hunt teams because his passive -- along with the Wondrous Potion Vial Artifact -- allows him to remove both stacks of the Banshee's poison each turn and avoid the Banshee's curse. He also lowers the enemy's Hit chance for better team survivability and applies a Speed buff and continuous healing with his S3 (Gale), which benefits the team both offensively and defensively. 

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Roozid is a 3★ Earth Thief who can Specialty Change into Righteous Thief Roozid. Before his Specialty Change, Roozid is a Combat Readiness buffer (aka, a CR-pusher) who also has some debuff utility. However, poor stats in all areas and a Speed stat that isn't high enough to compete with fellow 3★ CR-pusher Judith leave him without much of a niche.

After Specialty Changing into Righteous Thief Roozid, Roozid becomes much faster and more survivable. His increased Speed makes him one of the best CR-pushers in Epic Seven, and his added tankiness combines with his debuffs to make him quite durable. He is still outsped by Judith, but it is a much closer race now. On top of that, Righteous Thief Roozid grants his team more CR than Judith can, and he also grants a Speed buff that helps allies for multiple turns rather than just once, making him much more competitive.

Building Roozid

You should build Roozid about the same as you would Righteous Thief Roozid (see our page on Righteous Thief Roozid for more details). However, you should be aware that Roozid is going to be much squishier than Righteous Thief Roozid, and it's going to be much harder to build him to outspeed enemy teams in PvP.

Roozid also doesn't benefit from Moonlight Dreamblade or Violet Talisman the way Righteous Thief Roozid does, since Roozid does not get any passive evasion until after he Specialty Changes and invests in his Skill Tree. A totem Artifact like Rainbow Scale or Card of Small Miracles is probably going to be better on him.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Roozid's Specialty Change quest on his Specialty Change page.

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Nemunas is a utility-focused boss-killer who has a special niche as a budget Golem-slayer. Her S1 helps to lock down single targets by decreasing their Combat Readiness, and her S2 is a great nuke against high-HP boss targets -- especially Golem. Between her Combat Readiness control, Hit chance reduction, and the AOE cleanse on her S3, Nemunas can serve as a reliable team player in most non-Ice-focused PvE content.

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If you enjoy manipulating the A.I. in Epic Seven PvP, then Sven is a hero you can have a lot of fun using. Sven is similar in many ways to Kayron -- both of them deal more damage when low on health and have a passive that lets them turn Immortal for one turn when their HP should be reduced to 0. However, Sven is Dark-element, while Kayron is Fire-element. This means that a 1-HP, Immortal Sven is going to be the number-one priority for any A.I.-controlled hero, since he is neutral to their element and they have no chance of missing him.

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Considering her modest design and her no-frills kit, a lot of people probably pass up Celeste in favor of flashier heroes. You should think twice before you do the same, however. With blazing speed, self-sustain, team utility, and an S2 that can be spammed infinitely under the right conditions, Celeste is one of the best budget farmers in Epic Seven -- surpassed only by relative newcomer Lena -- and boasts strong Combat Readiness control for PvP in the bargain.

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The easiest way to understand Rima is to think of her as a mini-version of Iseria. Instead of preventing enemy buffs with Unbuffable and increasing your party's damage potential with Defense Break, Rima causes Sleep, which guarantees critical hits and prevents enemies from using their buffs in the first place. Her real claim to fame, however, is reducing the cooldowns of an ally unit with her S3, similarly to Iseria's S2. While she doesn't enable all of the same crazy strategies that Iseria's complete cooldown reset does, Rima can still "perform" (get it? Because she's a bard?) impressively in a variety of situations and team comps.

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Despite being a relatively common Moonlight 3★ Hero, Hurado comes packed with utility and is a prime stripper for PvP. With an S3 that dispels buffs and pushes CR, he makes a strong opener and continuously generates CR for himself with the Dark Magic passive. This allows him to cut into CR Push or any other strategies in which the enemy spends turns setting up.

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Alexa is one of the best DPS heroes for Wyvern 11. A humble 3★ hero who is available for free through a Connection Quest, her kit is nevertheless perfectly constructed to take advantage of Wyvern's weaknesses and shred him into dragon jerky. It's not just Wyvern, though: with the ability to attack twice on her S1, stack Poison using her S2, and land a respectable nuke with her S3, Alexa can be a surprisingly high-impact hero in any PvE boss content.

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Taranor Guard

The nameless, faceless Taranor Guard is a surprisingly strong Hero with good utility and unique Dual Attack synergies. As a summonable 3★ Hero, he stands out as an easily obtainable specialist for auto Wyvern Hunts, but with some investment he can become a potent damage dealer for other PvE and PvP content as well.

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Rikoris is a 3★ Light Warrior who can Specialty Change into Captain Rikoris. Rikoris is valuable because he serves no fewer than three important utility roles in combat:

  1. He is a reliable Defense Breaker.
  2. He can reduce all allies' cooldowns.
  3. He can dispel buffs from all enemies at once.

His DPS is very low and he isn't terribly durable, but his grab-bag of versatile support abilities can make him a useful addition to many parties.

Specialty Changing into Captain Rikoris doesn't change Rikoris' position in the party very much. He becomes a little more durable and a little more accurate. He gains a damage buff against Dark-element foes and a passive aura that makes his allies more accurate. His S3 gains a Stun and the ability to heal Rikoris. However, all of these benefits are secondary to the utility that Rikoris was already bringing to the team.

Building Rikoris

Rikoris can be built almost exactly the same as Captain Rikoris. (See our page on Captain Rikoris for more details.) Since his role doesn't change at all between his two versions, there's not much difference when it comes to building them either.

That being said, do remember that Captain Rikoris has a lot more durability and team support in the form of auras and passive benefits, however. It takes more work to keep Rikoris alive than Captain Rikoris. You may need to prioritize more HP and Def stats on his gear, or perhaps run him with a stronger tank and/or healer than you would need to after promotion--I mean Specialty Change.

How to Specialty Change

Learn more about how to complete Rikoris' Specialty Change quest on his Specialty Change page.

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Kluri is a 3★ Earth Knight who can Specialty Change into Falconer Kluri. Before her Specialty Change, Kluri is a budget Provoker. Provoke is a powerful tool because it not only controls who the enemy attacks, but also prevents the enemy from using anything but their basic attacks. Kluri also passively restores her own Health every turn, helping her survive the attacks she Provokes her way. However, she suffers from low stats and very long cooldowns, limiting her usefulness.

After Specialty Changing into Falconer Kluri, Kluri becomes dramatically more powerful. Most noticeably, her S3 gains the power to dispel all buffs from its target in addition to its Provoke and Defense Break. Furthermore, her ailments become much more accurate, she passively heals her entire team every turn instead of just herself, and she starts granting Combat Readiness to her allies as well as to herself. Though she is still a bit squishy for a tank, Falconer Kluri has such powerful utility that it doesn't even matter.

Building Kluri

Building Kluri is almost identical to building Falconer Kluri. (See our page on Falconer Kluri for more details.) You still want to build her as tanky as possible so she can survive enemy attacks, and you also want to build her fast so she can cycle her long cooldowns more quickly.

However, Kluri is not going to be useful in nearly as many circumstances as Falconer Kluri, since she cannot dispel buffs. Though you can build the two heroes the same, you cannot simply replace Falconer Kluri with Kluri in any battle where Falconer Kluri is recommended. Kluri is useful for Provoking and for occasional Defense Breaks. Don't expect much else from her.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Kluri's Specialty Change quest on her Specialty Change page.

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Helga may be one of the most underlooked 3★ heroes in Epic Seven. Her kit combines two of the most important parts of bosskilling -- Defense Break and an AOE Attack buff -- with the unique ability to extend the duration of buffs on herself or on the entire team. How does an extra turn of Immunity sound? Greater Attack Up? Revival? Invincibility? Combine this potent utility with blazing base Spd and a Speed-increasing Devotion Aura, and it should be easy to see why Helga is a hero you shouldn't be sleeping on.

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Mucacha may not look it, but he's all about that Speed stat. His S1 boosts his own Combat Readiness, his S2 passively ramps up his Speed throughout a battle, and his S3 grants him a Speed buff. Speed is an important stat on its own, but it's even better on Mucacha, whose damage is partially based on his Speed stat. He complements this paradigm by causing Defense Break with his S3, one of the most important debuffs in Epic Seven.

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Carrot is a 3★ Fire Mage who can Specialty Change into Researcher Carrot. Before her Specialty Change, Carrot has an interesting place in a team as a hero who can detonate Burn effects. The Burn debuff can deal a lot of damage over time, but it can also be cleansed early, preventing it from dealing its full damage. Detonating the Burn effect before it can be cleansed is an effective way to maximize the damage of Burn-focused healers like Serila or Aramintha.

After Specialty Changing into Researcher Carrot, Carrot gains much better stats, especially Atk, which makes her Burns a lot more potent. She also gains the ability to CR-push herself with her S1 and a passive that reduces damage she takes as long as she's at maximum HP, making her difficult to one-shot in PvP.

Building Carrot

Carrot should be built very similarly to Researcher Carrot. (See our page on Researcher Carrot for more information.) However, you should be aware that before her Specialty Change, Carrot is not going to be doing a whole lot of damage on her own. She really needs the various buffs from her SC to make her dangerous. Regular Carrot is much more reliant on being paired with other Burn heroes to maximize their damage, rather than being able to cause much damage on her own.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Carrot's Specialty Change quest on our Specialty Change page.

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Adlay is an underrated unit who can surprise opponents in PvP. He functions like a miniature version of Judge Kise, since both can increase the skill cooldowns of enemies and thereby prevent them from operating at maximum power.

While Judge Kise can increase cooldowns by multiple turns if she's lucky, Adlay's S3 can only increase cooldowns by 1 turn. However, Adlay also has built-in Combat Readiness with his S2 passive, which Judge Kise does not. This gives him a niche as an anti-cleave lockdown unit with a particularly rare form of lockdown. Bizarre, yet capable -- a perfect position for this eccentric hero.

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Kiris is a 3 Earth Ranger that is often hailed as the queen of the Abyss. 

Since most of her kit revolves around her landing poison and poison scales with enemy max HP %, she is the ideal DPS for newer players to take into abyss before they have high end DPS gear.

Kiris' kit is built and should be augmented around the fact that she can land multiple stacks of poison and landing poison, making her very potent in PvE content with only investment into SPD, HP%, and effectiveness %.

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Wanda is a 3★ Dark Ranger who can Specialty Change into All-Rounder Wanda. Wanda's big selling point is her unique 2-turn Stun and her ability to passively apply the Targeted debuff. She can be used effectively in both PvP and PvE as a crowd-control specialist who Stuns and reduces Combat Readiness. However, she is strongly countered by Stun immunity and Effect Resistance, which are common among PvE bosses and high-level PvP teams.

After Specialty Changing into All-Rounder Wanda, her ailment game becomes stronger with the addition of Unhealable. However, just as noteworthy is her greatly increased damage on Targeted enemies, turning her into a hybrid DPS-debuffer, and her ability to Stealth herself, making it harder for enemies to retaliate against this slippery Ranger.

Building Wanda

Players should build Wanda similarly to how they would build All-Rounder Wanda (see our page on All-Rounder Wanda for more details). However, don't expect as much damage out of Wanda as you can get from her SC version. Before her Specialty Change, Wanda is much more of a pure debuffer, focusing on increasing her team's damage with Targeted and preventing key targets from moving with her Stun. (She also can't cause Unhealable until after her Specialty Change. That's important to remember.)

How to Specialty Change

Learn more about how to complete Wanda's Specialty Change quest on our Specialty Change page.

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Rin is something of a "jack of all trades, master of none" archetype: she can dispel buffs from enemies, inflict Defense Break, AOE heal, and drop a plethora of random buffs on her team. Since her damage scales off her own health, she can even build lots of HP and function as an off-tank. She doesn't fulfill any of these roles as well as a dedicated tank, healer, buffer, or debuffer, but she compensates by increasing her CR with her spammable S1. While her individual turns may have less effect than a more focused character, her value builds up rapidly as she strikes over and over again, crushing her enemies' defenses and flooding her allies with buffs.

How does Rin's S3 work?

As of October 2019, Rin's Awakened S3 randomly selects one buff from each of the following two pools. Both buffs are randomly chosen separately for each party member.

  • Offensive: Greater Atk Up, Critical Chance Up, Crit Damage Up, Continuous Healing
  • Defensive: Immunity, Evasion Up, Defense Up
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Gunther's meme-levels of uselessness were thankfully addressed by SmileGate in August 2019, when he got some much-needed buffs to his previously-bare-bones kit. For those who aren't aware, Gunther's claim to (dubious) fame is his S2 passive, which prevents him from dealing critical hits in return for boosting his Atk stat to be the highest in the game.

  • NOTE: Gunther's passive is added directly to his base Atk both on Epic Seven's interface and here on GamePress. So when you see "Gunther's base Atk is 1,426," that number is already figuring in his passive. He does NOT have 2,496 Atk after his passive (as broken as that would be).

Losing out on critical hits means losing out on a huge amount of damage output. However, it also means that Gunther never has to build Crit Chance or Crit Damage, which leaves him free to build bulk on his gear. Now that he has Defense Break on his S3 and a 70% chance to ignore incoming critical hits on his passive, Gunther has a new identity as a bulky, heavy-hitting Defense Breaker and Stunner. Is this enough to make him useful? Only time will tell, but it's undeniable that Gunther's in a better space than he's ever been before.

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Chaos Sect Axe

Chaos Sect Axe--better known as Axe God by the community--is one of the best sustain bruiser Heroes in the game. As is the case for any Specialty Change character, he needs a heavy amount of investment into his Rune tree before unleashing his true potential. But when he does, he has a number of key advantages: innate lifesteal, a high-chance Defense break, and short cooldowns (that can be even further reduced); all the while dishing out considerable damage.

NOTE: Read more about how to complete Chaos Sect Axe's Specialty Change quest in our Specialty Change section.

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Pearlhorizon has access to two nasty debuffs in Stun and Sleep, and she also has a neat little combo where her S3 does a truly phenomenal amount of percent health damage when her target is asleep. The fact that she can cause Sleep to all enemies at once with her S2 can come in handy as well. Unfortunately, Pearlhorizon's damage is unimpressive unless she can pull off her Sleep combo, and due to the low duration on her Sleep ailment (as well as other factors) she is often unable to use it when it matters. When the stars align and she successfully combos, her damage is spectacular, but most of the time, she's not going to see her full potential.

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Church of Ilryos Axe

The Church of Ilryos Axe is a 3★ Dark Warrior who can Specialty Change into the Chaos Sect Axe. Before his Specialty Change, the Church of Ilryos Axe is actually still a decent hero. He has reliable Defense Break on a low 3-turn cooldown, AOE damage that grants him an extra turn if he snags a kill with it, and high base Attack power. Being Dark-element, he is a reliable Defense Breaker for any boss content, regardless of element, which is reason enough to use him.

After Specialty Changing into the Chaos Sect Axe... well, let's just say he earns his fan nickname of "Axe God." Gaining massive slabs of new HP, excellent self-sustain, extra ailments, and cooldown reduction would be enough to make Chaos Sect Axe an upgrade. However, the real kicker is how much raw damage Chaos Sect Axe gains. With an even more powerful S3 and a chance to gain an Attack buff when attacked, the Axe God reaps havoc on the battlefield like few other heroes can manage.

Building the Church of Ilryos Axe

The Church of Ilryos Axe should be built very similarly to the Chaos Sect Axe (see our page on the Chaos Sect Axe for more details). Just remember that, even with endgame equipment, the Church of Ilryos Axe isn't going to be as strong or as durable as the Chaos Sect Axe. His sustain, his Attack buff, and his cooldown reduction all come from the Specialty Change. Without it, the Church of Ilryos Axe is much more dependent on healers and Attack buffers to do more than maintain Defense Break on his foes.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete the Church of Ilryos Axe's Specialty Change quest on his Specialty Change page.

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Gloomyrain is a late-blooming DPS hero who becomes pretty nasty to deal with once someone is foolish enough to inflict a debuff on her. Since the PvP environment is heavily dependent on debuffs, Gloomyrain can be a bit of a surprise in Arena. Stun, Sleep, and Provoke simply don't work on her at all, while usually-crippling debuffs like Unbuffable or Silence just unlock her potential as a raging berserker. She also has great potential as a DPS unit against ailment-heavy encounters like Banshee, Azimanak, or the Raid bosses.

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Lorina is a 3★ Dark Warrior who can Specialty Change into Commander Lorina. Even before she Specialty Changes, Lorina is a very reliable DPS hero (despite what her description may tell you). She takes some time to ramp up, but her S2 passive makes her an excellent bosskiller, and being Dark-element makes her viable for fighting against opponents of any element. 

After Specialty Changing into Commander Lorina, she becomes one of the best budget bosskillers in Epic Seven. Her S3 becomes even stronger, and her S1 gains a host of added benefits, in particular self-CR-push to get her more turns. She even becomes more survivable, since her passive begins giving her Defense as well as Attack.

Building Lorina

Players should build Lorina the same way they would build Commander Lorina (see our page on Commander Lorina for more details). Lorina doesn't perform as well as her Specialty Changed variety, having less damage and less durability, but she's still a respectable DPS hero who can be brought to just about any content. Especially early on, Lorina is a great hero to invest in, since she is a free Connection hero who can be very helpful for clearing Adventure and Abyss content.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete Lorina's Specialty Change quest on her Specialty Change page.

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Bask is a Limited-edition hero whose role on a team can be a bit deceptive. When you see "Immunity" and "dispel all buffs," you may think he's designed for PvP, and when you see that he's an Ice-element Knight, you may think he's designed for Wyvern 11. In truth, with his slow speed and huge bulk, his kit is perfectly positioned for high-end Abyss content instead. Between the Immunity on his S3 and the full buff dispel on his S2, he maintains an even playing field, protecting your party from any debuffs and stripping all buffs away from bosses in a single blow.

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Mistychain is an adorable Ice Mage with deep-rooted family issues. She has high damage output and unique skills, especially for a common 3★ Hero, making her a fantastic addition to early-game teams. Her DPS potential, Ice element, and low-cooldown debuffs do best in Wyvern Hunts from floors 1 to 10. When fully invested in, she can be used in a variety of PvE content, including Wyvern 11, Raids, and Abyss.

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Kikirat v2

Kikirat v2 is a unique tank in Epic Seven. It doesn't Provoke enemies like Krau, or set up barriers like Fallen Cecilia. This automaton's protection is more subtle: it consistently dispels enemy buffs, preventing foes from reaching their full damage potential, and it inflicts Hit chance debuffs, mitigating damage by forcing enemy attacks to miss. Its methods are not always effective, but for an unprepared opponent, it can be almost impossible to deal with.

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Otillie is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to make a fool out of Golem. She has Unhealable to counter the Breeze Silva add, AOE damage reduction when all of Golem's attacks are AOE, and Silence to delay Statue's Rage. She's more effective against Golem 10 (no Protection of Nature to deal with and Unbuffable to counter the Green Klineode), but between her S1 and her S2, she's still a helpful safety net when dealing with Golem 11, especially for new players.

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Arguably the sanest of the five Banshee Sisters, Carmainerose can be an extremely strong hero for new players to build. Easy to build and easy to use, she focuses on buffing herself into an unstoppable juggernaut, tearing into her enemies, and absorbing their lifeforce to restore her own. Though she eventually falls off very late in Epic Seven, when players usually have access to teamwide versions of her self-only buffs, her value for pulling players through the rest of the game up to that point deserves recognition.

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Pyllis is the tankiest of tanks in Epic Seven. While her one-track kit might seem inferior to the broad utility some other Knights can offer, her dedication to her purpose means she is completely min-maxed for damage mitigation. Everything she does scales off of Defense, including her barrier and damage for her S1 and S3 -- so building her is simple -- and with a passive activated by taking damage, she’s quite possibly the best carrier of Aurius. Since real players can’t be manipulated like AI, she falls off in RTA, but she can still be a serviceable Knight in Arena or Guild Wars as part of stall comps.

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Jena has had a bad reputation for a long time due to being a 3★ hero who required heavy investment of Molagora -- one of the most limited resources in Epic Seven -- to be worthwhile. However, the change that made 3★ heroes' Skill Enhancement cost Stigma instead of Molagora made a huge difference for Jena. Now that it doesn't cost Molagora to increase the hit chance of her debuffs, Jena can occupy a useful niche as an AOE debuffer who debilitates enemy damage output and still does decent damage on the side.

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Epic Seven's biggest heel and smarmiest hero, Enott has a few things going for him (although nobody's going to put his sparkling personality at the top of the list). He can buff himself every 3 turns after Skill Enhancement, meaning he doesn't depend on good gear or buff-heavy allies to maximize his damage. He can also cause Defense Break and Unbuffable at the same time with his S2, which is a strong counter to buff-heavy opponents. Long cooldowns and low infliction rates hamper his usefulness at higher levels, but early in the game he can be instrumental for clearing boss content and certain Abyss floors.

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Easy to obtain and easy to use, Azalea can be a very helpful 3★ hero to have around, especially for new Epic Seven players. She comes with self-sustain and some valuable status ailments that can be very useful against bosses and even in low-level Arena fights, making her a versatile character. She's easy to gear and, as a 3★ hero, even uses Stigma instead of Molagora to enhance her skills, giving her some extra longevity. Though outclassed by higher-star options, her unique blend of Provoke and Unhealable can be helpful for quite a long time.

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Hailed as one of the best healers currently in the game, Angelica is a Water Soul Weaver with excellent healing and defensive support abilities. With high multipliers and low cooldowns, she can provide allies with near-continuous healing, in addition to barriers and immunity buffs. She is also a strong front-line tank with high survivability, thanks to her high base HP and Defense stats, making her a top-tier hero choice for almost any PvE and PvP content.

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Arowell is a pure support Knight who focuses exclusively on protecting her team from incoming damage. She passively grants barriers to her allies every turn, then actively uses her turn to strip enemy buffs or deal highly accurate Stuns to key targets. Her offensive presence is negligible, but the amount of damage she mitigates by dispelling Atk buffs or Soulburning her 100% Stun so it ignores Effect Resistance can be substantial.

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Achates is often seen as a faster mini-Destina, and for good reason: Although her HP and Curing Prayer (S3) healing may not rival those of Destina, Achates has more Speed and lower cooldowns, allowing her to heal very frequently. Her Invincibility saves teammates from death and allows her to frontline tank, but lasts for only 1 turn, making it extremely situational but the fact that the skill reduced cooldown as well makes up for it. Achates also has other caveats, such as lacking Immunity in her Skill set, which make her not that useful in a debuff-focused PvP.

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Ras is the main protagonist of Epic Seven and the first unit the player is given to use. Since Ras is a free hero, all players are going to need to consider whether or not they should use him. So what is Ras good at doing? Interestingly, despite being a Knight -- a role that is framed as the tank class of Epic Seven -- Ras plays more like a support unit. He can dispel enemy buffs with his S1, and his S2 automatically triggers a Dual Attack with the strongest character on your team. His tankiness comes into play with his S3, which makes him much more survivable by healing him and buffing his Def. In terms of raw power, Ras isn't going to be winning any contests, but he still packs some useful utility that can keep him relevant.

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Lots is a powerful Combat Readiness pusher and an off-healer who focuses on continuous healing over time. He is often compared to fellow Earth Soul Weavers Jecht and Destina, but in reality he occupies a rather different space from either, as he lacks a cleanse (unlike Jecht) and has low direct healing (unlike Destina). Instead, he hands out bonus turns to his allies like candy, and he also applies continuous healing to his allies so that those turns come with free heals. Lots isn't going to be your primary healer, but he's excellent for multiplying the performance of your team by multiplying their turns.

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Butcher Corps Inquisitor

The Butcher Corps Inquisitor is a 3★ Fire Knight who can Specialty Change into the Chaos Inquisitor. Before his Specialty Change, the Butcher Corps Inquisitor can serve an interesting role on a team due to his S2 passive, which prevents any single attack from one-shotting him. If run alongside enough healing and support, he can outlast enemies who can't take multiple attacks in a row simply by limiting their damage potential with his passive. (He can also dispel enemy buffs with an okay success rate if you need a buff dispeller, especially against Earth enemies like Golem 1-10.)

After Specialty Changing into the Chaos Inquisitor, the Butcher Corps Inquisitor becomes much more threatening, with the ability to chain his S3 into his S1 for more damage and better buff-stripping potential.

Building the Butcher Corps Inquisitor

Building the Butcher Corps Inquisitor is basically identical to building the Chaos Inquisitor. (See our page on the Chaos Inquisitor for more information.) However, you should be aware that before his Specialty Change, the Butcher Corps Inquisitor will not be able to do nearly as much damage, since his S3 cannot chain into his S1 the way it does for the Chaos Inquisitor. You should only be counting on the Butcher Corps Inquisitor to dispel buffs and survive single hits instead.

How to Specialty Change

Learn how to complete the Butcher Corps Inquisitor's Specialty Change quest on our Specialty Change page.

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Celestial Mercedes

Celestial Mercedes has had a bad reputation for a while, but after a much-needed buff to the damage of her S3, she's become something of a sleeper unit for strong AOE damage. It's not uncommon for players to be turned off by her low base Spd and limited team utility, and she is certainly not easy to build, requiring a lot of investment and a team built entirely around her needs. However, once she's properly set up, Celestial Mercedes is a loose cannon with way too much power who absolutely obliterates anything foolish enough to get in her way.

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As one of the few free units in Epic Seven and a major character in the game's main storyline, Mercedes holds a special place in many players' hearts. It is well known that there are many units who are better to raise than Mercedes, but her value as a reliable budget farmer that new players are guaranteed to obtain is undeniable. While you will likely bench her in favor of stronger farmers like Vildred, Clarissa, or Celestial Mercedes further down the line, her early-game contributions can still be invaluable.

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Watcher Schuri

Watcher Schuri is a powerful single target sniper with the ability to pierce through all his opponent's defenses. He is the ideal solution for bulky bruisers and stall teams in PvP. With his ability to ignore 100% of his enemy's Defense on S3, Watcher Schuri has the ability to remove high-level threats from the fight with a single shot. Because his kit is so heavily offensive, Watcher Schuri requires heavy support backing him up in order for him to excel.

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Leo is a very simple hero who is deceptively effective at his chosen job: Stunning in PvP. No matter what composition you or your enemy have going on, Leo wants to open every battle with his S3, slamming the enemy side with Speed Break and a paralyzing Stun. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the rest of your party to ride roughshod over the enemy team with their biggest nukes and destroy them as quickly and painfully as possible. If any enemies happen to survive to Leo's next turn, Defense Break and the possibility of a follow-up Stun from Leo's S2 assures that they won't survive much longer.

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Schuri is a 4 Fire Hero who specializes in CR pushing off of a Critical hit. He is one of the more accessible CR pushers due to him being in Covenant Summoning, and among the most versatile since he can establish a good tempo with his passive, Explosive Gentleman. Schuri is a solid initiator for PvP fights since he can not only grant CR, but also push back enemies with his ultimate, Rifle Shot/Full Burst. He is commonly found in early-mid game Arena since his utility falls off a bit compared to some of the rarer Moonlight PvP initiators.

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Coli is an Ice-element hero with a recognizable niche that she is fairly good at performing. She is a strong Combat Readiness debuffer who relies on multiple attacks with her S1 to rack up damage and repeated applications of Stealth to keep herself alive. She even throws in Stun and Speed-based damage multipliers to sweeten the deal.

Her main issue is just that there isn't really a good place to utilize her niche in currently existing content. As an Ice-element hero, you would want to bring her to Wyvern 11, but Wyvern is immune to CR-pushback, so she can't do her job there. Almost all bosses are immune to Stun, too, so she loses utility in most PvE content.

She sounds better for PvP, where she can lock down single targets with Stuns and CR-pushback, but CR-pushing your party is almost always better than CR-pushback on your enemies, since buffs can't miss while debuffs can. There are also better ways to lock down enemies, like Auxiliary Lots' AOE Silence or Wanda's 2-turn Stun.

In summary, Coli isn't a bad unit, but the current Epic Seven environment doesn't favor her. In the future, there may be content that is better-aligned for her strengths, but for now, she's often outclassed by other options.

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Blood Blade Karin

Blood Blade Karin is an interesting unit who can be built in two polar opposite directions: reliable and survivable, or gambling for huge damage numbers. It all hinges on her S2 passive, which increases her Atk, Def, and Spd as her HP falls. If she's built for reliability, she can take multiple hits, fall to low HP, strike with her lifestealing S1, and heal all the damage back instantly with her increased Atk power. On the other hand, if she's built for the gamble, she can lash out with her AOE S3, turning that increased Atk into staggering amounts of damage.

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The justice-obsessed queen of extra turns with an utter reliance on Critical hits and lucky procs is here! Just like her single-minded devotion to justice, Karin’s kit is single-mindedly focused on only one thing: CCritical hits. She is extremely good at this, with every portion of her kit doing something extra when she crits. If you can get her to 100% critical chance, you will enjoy consistently above-average DPS, with a good chance to luck into some truly incredible damage.

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Before Wyvern 11 was released, Surin was the Wyvern Queen, able to keep Bleed stacks permanently stacked on Wyvern 10 to prevent it from firing multiple fireballs in one turn. When Wyvern 11 became Ice-unit-focused, Surin lost a lot of fans, but her role as a heavy Bleeder with massive damage output for PvE has not faded. Especially if you can build other Bleed- or ailment-focused units around her like Sigret or Dingo, Surin is a lethal weapon ready to draw blood, especially in locations such as Abyss, Raid, and the Automaton Tower.

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Cidd is arguably one of the best 4★ Heroes in the game, shining in both PvE and PvP content. He has one of the highest Speed stats in the game, often allowing him to act first and take frequent turns. When he has a Speed buff, he can dish out a painful amount of damage and DEF break to the enemy team. High single-target damage combined with his Earth element makes him a great counter to popular water Heroes such as Diene and Angelica in PvP.

However, Cidd suffers from a DEF break that only lasts for one turn, a Speed buff requirement that makes him hard to pace with his team, and low survivability.

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Assassin Coli

Assassin Coli is a force to be reckoned with in PvP. With one of the highest Speed stats in the game, it is very easy to ensure she goes before the enemy team, and her kit allows her to devastate the enemy before they have a chance to react. If she has strong enough gear to one shot a unit, she can essentially solo carry a battle by killing a key unit, silencing the rest of the team, and then slipping into stealth after all is said and done.

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Assassin Cidd

Assassin Cidd's buffs in October 2019 were a big deal. They made him the first hero ever to receive a mechanic that exclusively affects Offense teams: his S3, which now destroys up to 20 Souls for the enemy team. This heavily denies Soulburns and removes a primary advantage of Arena/ GW Offense teams. Soul Destruction is becoming a more common mechanic in 2020, but Assassin Cidd is still a primary source of it for those lucky enough to pull him.

In addition, Assassin Cidd has become one slippery bastard, with an evasion buff on his S3 (which his A.I. uses at the beginning of every encounter) and much better synergy with existing Thief Artifacts such as Violet’s Talisman and Moonlight Dreamblade.

All things considered, Assassin Cidd is much improved as a hero overall, with Soul destruction, better team synergy, and much better survivability. He fills a unique niche on Defense teams, and we are likely to see him a lot going forward.

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Shooting Star Achates

"Showtime!" Shooting Star Achates is renowned for her ability to apply the coveted Immortal buff to her allies, making her the only hero in Epic Seven who can grant Immortal to other heroes than herself. However, that's not the only trick she's got up her showy sleeves. She can also revive fallen allies and has an entirely unique S3 healing mechanic that not only has the potential to full-heal an ally but is unaffected by the Unhealable debuff -- a common counter for Soul Weavers.

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Despite being a Warrior, Dingo focuses more on damage-over-time and team support rather than direct DPS. By stacking Bleed and Burn, he whittles away enemy health and turns their corpses into delectable meals that cure all ailments and decrease his allies' cooldowns. He's an excellent choice for a Bleed-heavy PvE team alongside units like Sigret or Surin, especially if you're going up against a boss that uses a lot of ailments.

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Challenger Dominiel

Challenger Dominel is a high power single target damage dealer that can work in various PvE and PvP situations. Great for general PvE content that isn't Hall of Trials. Has a very unique niche of being a Damage dealer that has combat readiness boost for the whole team and a self boost on all critical hits by your team.

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Assassin Cartuja

Assassin Cartuja is a 4 Dark Warrior that is most commonly seen in arena or guild wars defense that is known for randomly terrorizing even the highest echelon of players. Assassin Cartuja's main draw is his S2 passive, Battle Fervor, which grants each of his teammates 15% evasion chance. Evasion is considered a very strong defense mechanism since not only does it reduce damage, the attack cannot critically strike or apply status effects. This is often times pair with heroes who often synergize with evasion such as Violet or Arbiter Vildred, who has evasion or miss chance debuff built in, to hopefully cheat a win out of an attacker. Since he needs to be alive for the passive to take effect, Assassin Cartuja is generally built as a bruiser, or even a pure tank in higher play.

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Purrgis is a powerful bruiser with decent AOE damage potential that specializes in counterattacking. As an earth warrior, he works well in Banshee hunts and against certain raid and Abyss bosses. In Arena and Guild wars, Purrgis can be built to withstand attacks from heavy single-target fire heroes while dishing out frequent counterattacks to punish your opponents. 

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Zerato is a rarely-seen PvP-focused hero who can be a nasty surprise to an opponent who isn't expecting him. His S3 is an AOE Stun akin to Leo or Dominiel, but his damage potential is much higher than those heroes, allowing him to follow up his Stun with lethal force. In a meta filled with even more powerful Ice-element DPS, Zerato often gets overlooked, but his combination of lockdown and DPS can make him a valuable addition to a lower-level PvP team.

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Fighter Maya

Fighter Maya is one of the most durable tanks in the game, with high defensive stats and a unique passive ability that both cleanses and grants her defense buffs whenever attacked. She excels in soaking up repeated attacks from enemies, and because of her light element typing, she can be used in PvP to bait out hard-hitting dark element heroes. She is commonly recognized for having a uniquely satisfying Finishing Attack animation.

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Rose is an all-rounder Hero with an extremely diverse supportive kit. She has ATK buff, CR push, Cleanse, and Provoke all crammed into her skills, allowing her to fulfill more roles than the average Knight. Her S3 is one of the best skills for starting fights and works great with cleave teams. However, her low base Speed stat will require heavy investment to fully utilize her skillset.

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Crimson Armin

Don’t let this bright pink shielder fool you; she’s a force to be reckoned with! Crimson Armin is an immensely strong Hero who provides almost unrivaled bursts of protection to your entire team, while also boasting strong passively protective abilities. This allows her to be a strong Hero in PvE content and even more impressive in PvP content.

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Kayron is a versatile Fire Thief that thrives on the thrill of battle. His damage flourishes as his Health goes down, all while providing both AoE and single-target damage to his team. He also has the unique ability to extend his own buffs when Apocalypse (S3) defeats an enemy, pairing well with Void Slash (S1) that becomes an AoE version when buffed. This ability, paired with Immortality when taking Lethal Damage, creates a formidable threat.

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Clarissa Clarissa is a strong farmer, and, with some gearing, a good candidate for either Wyvern or PvP. She has one of the lowest CD’s for a very strong S3, paired with a very high ATK value and her Rage passive, which activates when an enemy is slain. Using her in Wyvern requires some speed investment.Read More

Destina, the "Beast of the Western Light", is a powerful Earth Soul Weaver who excels at healing and tanking. She stands out as one of only two heroes who can heal with all three Skills-- the other being her ML counterpart, Ruele. This provides abundant healing and sustains allies throughout long battles, making her an excellent healer for Raid, Hunts, and the Abyss. 

Her Destina's Grace (S3) is a comprehensive reset that heals and cleanses her entire team, while also granting an extra CR boost based on the number of debuffs removed. 

An alternative PvE build for Destina involves equipping her with a counter set to capitalize on her Key To an Oath (S1) heal, turning Destina into a masochistic tank who dishes out additional healing to allies when she counterattacks. (Credit: /u/Catechin from Reddit)

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Guider Aither

A hero whose viability is as hotly discussed as his gender, Guider Aither has an interesting niche in Epic Seven. He is a supportive off-healer and buffer... who dispenses his healing and buffs by nuking the living hell out of the enemy team. With the inclusion of his Exclusive Equipment, he can support his allies in either a defensive or offensive way, spreading barriers or Attack buffs to his team (and, as a side effect, vaporizing his unlucky opponents with massive amounts of spirit power).

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Ruele of Light

Ruele of Light is a PvP monster despite her innocent demeanor. She is incredibly tanky, extremely hard to kill, and a Hero who will often be the bane of many enemy teams. Her skills have short cooldowns while also having strong effects attached to them. As one of the few Heroes who has access to both Invincibility and a Revive Ruele will light the way to victory by protecting her team members.

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Corvus has had a tumultuous life, both in Epic Seven game canon and in the history of the Epic Seven meta. First he was underpowered, then he was buffed to nearly unstoppable levels, then he was nerfed off most people's radars. The poor guy has had a hard life.

However, while Corvus' last round of nerfs definitely put a stop to having him 1v4 full teams of ML summons in Arena, he hasn't lost his edge quite yet. He may no longer be an unstoppable juggernaut, but he is still a massive, sturdy, interfering obstacle of a hero to try and overcome in combat. His stall-focused style isn't particularly in vogue with the current PvP meta, but he still has his uses, being able to soak up damage and ailments and then shake them off with the use of his Fighting Spirit.

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Diene is the Queen of Ezera and the joint holder of the "Most Versatile Soul Weaver" crown, alongside Tamarinne. She offers everything in one compact package: a teamwide Atk buff, Critical Hit resistance, AOE barriers, and significant self-CR boosts that help her keep all her buffs active throughout the entire battle.

Due to her diverse toolkit and strong Crit reduction mechanic, Diene can stabilize both PvE and PvP battles. She helps you avoid sticky situations where a hero gets knocked out due to lucky crits, and she makes your own team punch significantly harder as well.

Buffs? She’s got it. Cleanse? She’s got it. Defensive utility? She’s got it.

She’s queen for a reason!

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If your Epic Seven team needs a hero who is absolutely not going to die no matter what, Cartuja is the hero for you. His survivability comes primarily from his extremely tanky base stats and his S3, which causes Attack Break and also grants Cartuja a massive heal. After his buffs on 12/13/19, he's somehow become even harder to kill, especially when combined with a powerful support like Diene or Destina. While he's busy not dying, Cartuja also threatens the enemy with Defense Break and self-CR-push whenever he is attacked. Unfortunately, his lack of direct influence over the enemy team holds him back when compared to more powerful tanks and disruptors.

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Maid Chloe

Maid Chloe is a one-of-a-kind Soul Weaver, being the treasured carrier of Epic Seven’s only teamwide Revive buff. Did the enemy Arbiter Vildred just unleash a maximum-Focus Dark Blade? Did you mess up the timing on Wyvern 11 and trigger its party-wiping breath? Maid Chloe's Revive buff resurrects your entire team after death, guaranteeing a comeback from certain death in a way no other hero can.

If that wasn't enough, Maid Chloe combines her potent Revive with a teamwide ATK buff on a relatively short cooldown, making her a hero who clinches both the support and offense role. With the correct partners, Maid Chloe can be a frustrating defensive failsafe or a potent offensive enabler.

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General Purrgis

General Purrgis is a strong PvP opener or an excellent lategame PvE tank on single-target boss fights (specifically for Wyvern 11).
The latter build requires him to be very tanky and is NOT an early-game build. Strong teamwide CR gain remains one of his main advantages in both modes though, provided he is hit and activates Spearhead.
His guaranteed 2-man stun in PvP, along with his teamwide Attack Up buff, makes him ideal for cleave team compositions.

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Maya is a tank who focuses on disruption and disables to prevent her enemies from effectively attacking her allies. Quick and sturdy, with both Stun and Provoke in her kit, Maya can be quite a curveball in PvP, where she's too bulky to kill easily but too disruptive to leave alive. She suffers from the Ice-heavy meta currently prevalent in PvP and from low accuracy on most of her debuffs, making her less reliable than most players prefer, but when the RNG favors her, she is very difficult to overcome.

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Shadow Rose

Shadow Rose is one of the most generally useful units in the game. Well known for her power in Arena, her abilities still shine in all content. She can dramatically swing Combat Readiness in your team’s favor, and provide some of the most consistent Defense Down in the game. Since she is a dark unit, she can provide this regardless of the elemental type of the enemy she is facing.

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Serila is a Halloween-themed Fire Mage with strong single-target damage. Against PvE bosses such as Golem 11, she can also contribute to team survivability by applying Attack debuffs and decreasing the enemy’s Combat Readiness. While her main weakness is having low HP, she somewhat makes up for it with high Defense and the ability to lifesteal.

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Forced to constantly work to keep her earring collection, Bobeda’s top mercenary harbors a heart as big as her armor. Armin carries the only Shield/Healing combination available to Knights and strong damage mitigation potential with her AoE Blind. She can even provide a little damage, with the occasional Poison tick on tough targets.

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Romann is good for two things: manipulating Combat Readiness and countering buff-focused characters like Elson, Angelica, and Diene. These strengths are rarely necessary in PvE content, but they can have a huge effect in PvP, where getting a turn advantage and stripping buffs from the enemy party can lead to victory individually, let alone together.

That said, because Romann combines AOE buff dispel with Poison effects, he can also be an appealing choice when you need a dispeller for PvE boss fights, like Executioner Karkanis or certain floors of the Abyss.

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Part DPS, part debuffer, and part support, Dominiel unfortunately falls a little too much into the "jack of all trades, master of none" category. In particular, she is outshone by her Moonlight counterpart, Challenger Dominiel, who is much more powerful and (ironically) more versatile. However, Dominiel does have some uses, especially in PvP, where the high Stun chance on her S3 and the unique Reflect buff on her S2 can create some winning situations.

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Crozet is one of the few four star connection heroes that you can unlock from the game. With his recent buff, he is now a viable in PVP, but will need heavy investment. Though not as impressive as his ML counterpart, Crozet brings his very own niche to arena as a disrupter with his S3. His Breakthrough skill attacks all enemies decreasing their combat readiness up to 50%. Additionally, his S3 also has a 75% chance to provoke all enemies for 1 turn. Though not seen often in arena, Crozet is a very viable option for disrupting the current meta and upcoming  RTA.

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Iseria is an incredibly versatile support Ranger who nonetheless excels in damage. She possesses the unique ability to reset the cooldowns of other heroes in combat, and is the sole carrier of a combined Unbuffable/ Defense Break in one skill. Her ability to fill any role (other than tank) and excel at it is praiseworthy. She works as a stellar DPS and force multiplier for your strongest units.

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In addition to being the last living Nocturne, Ludwig is an Earth Mage with immense burst potential. His incredibly high base Attack paired with Call of the Full Moon (S3) makes him a perfect hero for cleave compositions. While not often used in PvE content, Ludwig can still hold his own in both Banshee 11 and other areas. His kit also offers a combination of surprising tankiness, buff stealing, and a Stun on top of the already-strong defense penetration.

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Sez is an indespensable Hero for beginners, but can shine even through mid and late game with the correct team composition. His Conviction (S3) is a powerful nuke that can quickly end fights, but to use it to its full potential means he would be sacrificing Speed. He is also efficient in leveling fodders and farming for catalysts due to his cleave.

However, the conditions for Encroach (S2) means that he will need a few turns to reach his power spike, or needs to be compensated by his team. It also makes him weak against bosses with high HP.

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Charlotte has accumulated a lot of hate over the years from players who see her Knight role, think she can be a main tank, and then watch her die on them repeatedly. The most important thing to remember about Charlotte is that she is not a tank: she is a DPS unit. In fact, given some time to build up her Focus, she can be one of the more devastating AOE DPS units in Epic Seven.

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Vildred is a powerful Earth Thief who specializes in dealing huge amounts of AoE damage. He is commonly used for speed farming World, Side Story, and Hunts, as well as for cleaving opponents in Arena and Guild Wars. As a farmer, he snowballs through mobs extremely quickly thanks to his passive ability that triggers additional AoE attacks whenever an enemy is defeated. In PvP, he has the attack potential to decimate an entire enemy team in one turn, especially when paired with a CR booster with Speed and Attack buffs. 

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Yufine is a 5 Earth Warrior who is most commonly used on Guild Wars Offense. The small, scrappy nature of Guild Wars fights means she won't be easily combo'd to death, while still allowing her to output a lot of damage against the right opponents.

Since the release of her exclusive equipment, Azure Dragon's Spirit -- which features two different powerful buffs it can give to her S1 -- she is often seen together with heroes such as Lilias, Kitty Clarissa, and Tamarinne, who can proc her S1 with dual attacks.

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Arbiter Vildred

As the subject of a recent overhaul, Arbiter Vildred got a 30% damage bonus on all his abilities, and gained/lost an ATK up buff on revive.

Arbiter Vildred is a cleave-based Hero with high base SPD, a full blind-inflicting AoE, a free revive that clears debuffs tied to a damage-boosted AoE, and the ability to constantly have his S3 up as long as he kills at least one target. In addition, he has a small CR knockback on his S1 as well, on the primary target as well as a random target. This makes him ideally suitable for arena/GW cleave strategies, as, barring the very rare Lilibeth counter, he is incredibly effective at offense. He's even a good counter for himself!

Post damage buffs, Arbiter Vildred is also a great dog walker, excelling at soloing and farming fodder.

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The queen of any glasses-lover's heart, Sigret is a debuff-focused Warrior who becomes stronger as her enemies become weaker. She chains her S2 into her S1 when her target has less than 50% Health, and her S3 penetrates an increasing amount of Defense for each debuff her target is inflicted with. She can be very powerful when paired with other strong debuffers like Surin or Alexa, but if the team isn't built around her needs, she can feel a bit slow and underwhelming.

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Haste is considered one of the best heroes to reroll for at the start of the game, due to his versatile combination of damage, utility, and healing abilities that can carry early-game teams through the majority of PvE content. He is one of very few DPS heroes with a team-wide healing ability, in addition to having a unique lifesteal debuff that allows himself and his allies to recover additional HP when attacking the debuffed enemy unit.

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The Queen of Illusions makes her appearance as a Phantom Schoolgirl. After her latest skin and a variety of small buffs, Tenebria has made a resurgence with high ranked players in Arena Offense and RTA both as an off DPS and as a full tanky debuffer. With so many debuffs in her arsenal, she can become a hard crowd control for single target heavy teams OR a defense breaker type setup for offensive teams.

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Krau is arguably the #1 husbando, er, tank, with a kit that uses his bulk to great effect. Even when he’s built for full Health, he still possesses a significant amount of damage output and utility, making him a great hero to take anywhere. Raids? Check. Wyvern? Check. PvP? Check. This guy does it all. (Except write things. Don’t ask him to write things.)

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Luna is a single-target Water Warrior with devastating damage potential. The unique yet random multi-hit mechanic of her basic attack, Infinity Slash (S1), means that Luna is inherently a high risk, high reward character. Her powerful passive and built-in utility with Ragnar Spear (S3) can become powerful assets in her kit, but only if luck is on your side.

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Tywin is a premier single-target tank optimized for taking the brunt of boss damage. He serves a dual purpose as a debuffer/ buffer, yet his speed and personal CR boost allow him to keep up with the best damage dealers. This additionally allows him to serve an additional role in Arena cleave teams as a leading AoE breaker.

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Cecilia’s ability to provoke multiple enemies at once makes her a queen among knights. With excellent base stats and abilities that scale with her HP, she can be built into a monstrous tank with huge damage potential that excels against multiple enemies. Although she requires relatively high investment into her skills and gear in order to shine, she can become an invaluable asset for your team in both PvP and PvE.

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To say that Chloe is the fastest and hardest-hitting Warrior in Epic Seven is not an understatement. She can contribute greatly to the team with her signature Magic Nail debuff, or go for broke with an extremely damage-focused build. Either way, she is sure to leave a dent in the enemy. While she is unfortunately not an early-game hero, she excels at fights deeper in the game, with access to max HP% damage and very high burst damage.

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Baal & Sezan

Baal & Sezan are Fire Mages who cripple any enemy before them. Boasting a total of four Debuffs (Poison, Defense Break, Decrease Speed, and Unhealable) allows them to play an offensive supportive role in a way that not many other Heroes offer creating for a variety of playstyles.

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Aramintha is a strong utility Mage with access to AOE damage, painful Burns, a 2-turn Unhealable debuff, self-CR push, cooldown reductions, and a reliable teamwide Attack buff. She combines this solid kit with top-of-the-line Attack and above-average Speed (for a Mage). As a Mage, she also gets access to an incredibly diverse and potent Artifact selection.

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Judge Kise

Judge Kise is a Light-elemental 5 Warrior with a loaded skillset. She is currently one of the most popular DPS for an AOE comp in high-end Arena Offense. Since the balance update in August 2019, her Soulburn changed into extra turn on her S2, End of Evil. This has made her the highest damaging AOE damage dealer and made her a good matchup against Arbiter Vildred, instantly skyrocketing her to be one of the best cleavers in Epic Seven.

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Yuna is the first and only 5★ Hero obtainable through Connections. She functions as half Support and half DPS, and while she's unlikely to be the main DPS of a team comp, Yuna provides respectable damage as an offensive support with two valuable buffs in her kit. 

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Ken is a 5 Fire Warrior who took 2 whole reworks to get to where he is today. At present, he is a bruiser with both Health and Attack scaling who packs a whole lot of utility in a single kit. Ken is a hero who can excel at all phases throughout the game in a variety of content. From finishing the Adventure story to clearing Abyss to holding down a Guild War Defense, Ken's versatile kit can be built to excel in any of these scenarios.

Don't misunderstand, either: Ken is more than just a "jack of all trades, master of none" character. He is more of a Swiss Army Knife who can be slotted into any team that needs a damage dealer, a dedicated Defense Breaker, a front-slot tank, or all of the above.

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Ravi is a versatile Warrior who excels in most PvE content, often referred to as a “jack of all trades but master of none.” Her built-in sustain paired with high Base Health and damage multipliers allow for her to fare well throughout the entirety of Epic Seven.She is a Hero who, while selfish, will almost never need support during most battles due to her innate stability. This is a unique asset that very few other Heroes in Epic Seven share.

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Martial Artist Ken

A visitor from another dimension! Martial Artist Ken has come to challenge his greatest foe. This Dark Warrior brings an extremely versatile skillset to any team, allowing for a very reliable Hero investment. The Coming of Asura (S3) offers an AoE Defense Break, while Knockout (S1) weakens the foe. If you happen to pull this extremely rare Hero, prepare to take on the world kicking and punching.

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Basar has a huge presence in the current offensive cleave meta. Equipped with a buff removal on his S3 which cannot be resisted, Basar is currently the most optimal counter for immunity sets and effect-resist builds. When paired alongside Tywin’s S3 AOE DEF break, this skill sets the stage for a devastating cleave.

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Dark Corvus

Sporting the highest base HP in the game, the 5 Dark Warrior Dark Corvus is the bruiser that packs the hardest punch, with his ultimate, Devil’s Descent. Due to the skill scaling off of his high Health pool and completely penetrating enemy Defense, Dark Corvus is commonly run on PvP offense with a specialized team built around him to support this damage and play out very slowly. He is considered a premier offensive attacker that can take out any threat with proper setup.

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Kise is an interesting teammate. In most content, she functions as a standard DPS hero, but she also has several niches that empower her in specific situations. Her buffs on 12/13/19, while small, have helped to make her more consistent in a wider variety of situations. She doesn't change the entire field of battle the way other Ice heroes like Seaside Bellona, Diene, or Tywin do, but when you're looking for raw damage, she doesn't disappoint.

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