Lilias and Moonlight Basar found in Epic Seven Data

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Article by Kiera Hoogendam
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Lilias, the citylord of Perland, is currently viewable in the Hero Journal through Violet or Furious's entries, under Specialty. (Cerise and Pavel also show up, but their character data is not in the game yet). Her three Skills, animations, flavor text, and stats are all available to view. She will become summonable next week, so save your bookmarks for this powerful Fire Knight!


Her Defensive Formation! (S2) Provoke is especially good, with 100% Effect Chance when max enhanced. It can also be Soul Burned to ignore Effect Resistance.

Ready, Load, Fire! (S3) has potential to nuke with its multiplier-- 90% of the strongest Ally's ATK value-- and may come with a Defense Penetration effect as well. Not to mention, the animation is really freaking cool.


Desert Jewel Basar

The Moonlight version of Basar, Desert Jewel Basar, is here! He is not yet in the Hero Journal, but we can see his Skills and basic info. He is Light element and a Soul Weaver rather than a Mage, with an AoE cleanse, Immunity AND and CR push on Bastet Roar (S3). This could be quite powerful, depending on his base Speed! Overall his kit has a 'Combat Medic' feel, with passive healing scaling off both his own Attack and the ally's max Health.

  • Heal Strength: 15-18% of self Attack and 6-7.2% of target's max Health.
  • 36% self Attack and 14.2% target's max Health soulburn.

His Skill animation isn't viewable yet, but here's the 2D animated cut-in:

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