New Exclusive Equipment, Maintenance Time Changes

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New Exclusive Equipment

The official Epic Seven Facebook recently shared a post announcing four new pieces of Exclusive Equipment being added. The teaser image shows the silhouettes of four Heroes, identified as Charles, Tywin, Serila, and Blaze Dingo.

Teaser Image

Maintenance Time Changes

Time Until Maintenance Starts

The next maintenance will not occur until Thursday at 3:00 AM UTC. Note that this is just the beginning of maintenance, so the game is expected to become playable again about 3-6 hours afterwards.

Below the maintenance start time has been converted to US Time Zones:

See Local Time Conversion
US Pacific8:00:00 PM Wednesday
US Mountain9:00:00 PM Wednesday
US Central10:00:00 PM Wednesday
US Eastern11:00:00 PM Wednesday

From October 17, Epic Seven’s maintenance period will begin on Thursdays in the early morning. As a result, some changes have been made to the start time and refresh time of certain contents. Please see below for more details.

Maintenance Time Adjustment Details


Wednesday Evening (UTC)


Thursday Early Morning (After 03:00 UTC) 

Rate Up banners and Side Stories are also slated to refresh at this time. The Weekly Package shop item will update on Wednesday as usual tomorrow, but change to Thursdays starting next week.

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