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Today we’re covering Basar, available for a single week as part of a non-limited banner. There is NO featured artifact on this banner.

The normal banner mechanics apply:

  • No other 5* Heroes can be pulled on his banner

  • There is no rate-up Artifact on this banner

  • 121 pulls guarantees you a Basar, regardless of the rates

  • Your actual chance to pull him before you reach the pity summon timer of 121 pulls is ABOUT 61.9% (this is no guarantee, just the odds of getting there in 120 summons or fewer)

That being said, let’s examine the pros and cons in this scenario.

Pros & Cons

PROS (reasons to pull):

  1. Basar’s toolkit is incredibly strong for PvP, providing strong utility

  2. Soulburned S3 cannot be resisted, removes buffs (including immunity) and inflicts unbuffable

  3. He possesses a strong AoE Blind/ATK Down combination

  4. He has strong debuffing power even on S1, and his cooldowns are low

  5. Doesn’t need EFF% if  he has Souls to spare

However, there are also cons to pulling.

CONS (reasons NOT to pull):

  1. Misses on Fire heroes will hurt him badly, as he won’t be able to land debuffs

  2. Basar requires heavy soul usage - Tagehel’s is mandatory for PvP

  3. He has low ratios despite his high ATK values (.9 - 1X ATK), resulting in low overall damage

  4. Medium speed makes him unsuited for going first in combat; further speed tuning is required for the popular Tywin/Basar combo

Additional Considerations

In addition, there are the following things to consider at this specific time -

  • Diene’s banner has still not returned, and is still expected at some point

  • ML Chloe’s mystic banner is still active at this time. She’s a hero that Basar counters directly and she is very popular in upper-tier Arena at the moment

  • You can justify skipping his banner if you have a strong Hurado, making his role somewhat less relevant. Hurado, however, doesn't provide Unbuffable, and his effects can be resisted, requiring ever-increasing amounts of EFF% as you rank in Arena

  • This banner does not have a rate-up artifact. Any artifacts you can pull will be completely random

Hero Comparison!

Comparison Time!

And now for a short comparison between Basar and (probably) common 3* ML Hurado!

When compared to Basar, Hurado has the following pros and cons:


  • Neutral element makes misses much less likely

  • Self-CR boost allows him to interrupt CR pushers

  • Deals with sustain better due to anti-healing passive

  • Slightly faster base Speed

  • Very easy to skill up due to not costing any molagora

But hey, he's not without some demerits as well.


  • Dispel/CR knockback can be resisted

  • His CR knockback is weaker at 15% vs. Basar’s 30%

  • Hurado doesn't have Unbuffable

  • Weaker off-turns

  • Lower overall stats

You'll want to take this info with a grain of salt - Hurado certainly isn't Basar, but the simple comparison of these two heroes can give you some insight as to whether the differences are worth it or not for you to pull at this time.

Find what works for you personally!



If you need a strong PvP debuffer and disabler (quite possibly the strongest at this time), pick Basar.

He does a fantastic job of crippling the entire enemy team and setting up follow-up. However, he does suffer from mediocre Speed and low damage, so only take him for his utility. He is also heavily reliant on good follow-up from his team and Soul support via Tagehel’s Ancient Book, so he's not beginner friendly.

However, if you’re just starting out, you’ll also want to note that Basar is used VERY heavily in higher-tier arena, so it’s a good idea to pick him up while he’s guaranteed.

And that's all for today! If you have any questions or comments, please leave us some feedback! We love to hear from you.

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