Song Of The Sea Event Guide

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Notable Rewards

Summer Pass

Paying 900 Skystones unlocks the Summer Pass (increased Story points rate) and a second rewards track, while another 900 Skystones will unlock Karin’s skin. These can also be bought together for 1800 Skystones. 

Unfortunately, Karin's Seaside Patrol skin is locked behind purchases with Skystone, but the base version of Karin can be earned for free.

Note: Story Points are tied to map Achievements.

Item Contents Cost
Premium Summer Pass Bonus 10% Story Points
Molagora Seed
30 Covenant Bookmarks
100 Mystic Bookmarks
120 Magic Dust
Coral Cave Hero Background
900 Skystone
Special Upgrade Shore Patrol Karin Skin 900 Skystone
Special Summer Pass Bonus 10% Story points and Shore Patrol Karin Skin 1800 Skystone

The Special Upgrade becomes available after buying the Premium Summer Pass for 900 Skystone--so if you decide to buy the Karin skin later, it will still be available. 

If you’re unsure about the Special Upgrade, there’s nothing lost by buying only the Premium Pass with functional rewards. The 30 Bookmarks alone are worth 600 Skystone, so with the Magic Dust and Mystic Bookmarks, it’s a very good value. 


A similar pack will be available for Sez’s Aloof Lifeguard skin-- half is resources, half is cosmetic only. Seaside Bellona, however, is a separate Hero and will most likely be featured on her own banner as a limited Summon. 

If you want to aim for a guaranteed limited pull, it will cost 605 Covenant Bookmarks to pull 121 times. This is the equivalent of about 11,495 Skystones, so F2P Bellona fans may want to hold off on the skins.

Hidden Achievements

slimy little dude

??? 0/10

Kill 10 Goblin Thieves

Goblin Thieves are found at 5-S1, 5-S2, 5-S3, and 5-S4 on any difficulty.

The third boss encounter for each of the above levels will always a character like Judith or Serila, accompanied by minions. For Goblin spawns, look at the second encounter on the map to see if it’s a boss fight. If the second battle area on the map is a Boss, it will be a goblin spawn. 


In the event of a normal encounter (crossed swords) you can Yield and exit the stage, but the spawn will not reset without first completing a different stage or difficulty. Still, it’s worth cycling through stages to complete this achievement more efficiently.

??? 0/100 (Coastal Cleanup)

Kill 100 Monsters

The “monsters” in question are Basilisk enemies that must be defeated at 5-4 Pale Footprint Beach. Easy difficulty is extremely quick and energy-efficient for farming kills, but if you’re looking for Fused Nerve catalysts, higher difficulties have a higher drop rate while also contributing a decent number of kills. 

7-S Climax Battle

Relevant Hero Tags

Bellona’s counterattack procs based on hits to her adds, so be careful with AoE attacks. When possible, focus down the adds before whittling away at Bellona’s HP bar.

Suggested Heroes

  • A common strategy is to use the broken Dizzy to cripple Bellona's damage. This also eases the difficulty around hitting her minions. 
  • Normal Bellona is also great as an Earth-element Hero with Defense Break and damage scaling off of the boss' maximum Health. Not to mention, the event gives her nice buffs! If using her, hit with Razorwind Fan (S3) and then spam Butterfly Fan (S1) with the Defense Break up for huge damage. 
  • Cidd has very high single-target damage and Defense break on his Relentless Strike (S1) 
  • Falconer Kluri also lands a reliable Defense Break and resists Seaside Bellona's own Def Break. 
  • Angelic Montmorancy is another neutral matchup, but great to have for Immunity and cleansing the party-wide Defense Down debuff. Double healer comps with Destina and Angelica can also save the team. 

If you lack strong Earth Heroes, you can use a Friend Assist. The Epic Seven Discord Server and Subreddit Megathread are great places to add friends with specific Assist Heroes. 

Underwater Ruins 

This stage is locked until part two!

Underwater Ruins

Hidden Achievements

??? 0/100

Eliminate Additional Monsters in 17-S1 Salt Pillar Passage.

As usual, farm Easy for speed and Normal-Hard for catalysts.

this fucker

??? 0/10

Run through 16-S1, 16-S2 or 16-S3 on any difficulty to kill Scorpetra. Like the last part’s Goblin Thieves, Scorptera’s appearance on these stages is a random boss battle that occurs on the second encounter. 16-3 is the fastest one to farm repeatedly if going the straightforward way. Otherwise, change levels and difficulties to reset the seed.

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