Specialty Change: All-Rounder Wanda

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Article by EmmaNielsen


Gemini-Branded Wanda is a 3-star Dark hero who is primary role is being a Ranger.
After Specialty Change
  • Increased Effectiveness

  • Several proc chances of either self buffs or additional debuffs on enemy

  • Can work well with Specimen Sez and do well in Guild wars. 

  • Has proc chances of increasing Speed & Decreasing Cooldowns.

Hero Skill set
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Weak Point Shoots an arrow at the enemy. When the enemy is targeted, damage dealt is increased and their Combat Readiness is decreased by 10%.
Steady Aim Has a 80% chance to target a random enemy for 2 turns at the beginning of each turn.
Fatal Shot Attacks the enemy's vital points, with a 80% chance to stun for 1 turn.


  • Acquire 500 Duselnorc Adventure Points.

  • Gift 6 Small Sun Badges. 

  • Obtain 1000 Equipment Crafting Materials in Hunt.

  • Trial Battle

GamePress recommendation

For the 500 Adventure points it is recommended to do episode 1, chapter 8 area. 

Small Sun Badges can be forged in the Sanctum. 

Hunts will be the one who takes most time here, but as we do need to grind for equipment this should auto complete itself, if you are in a hurry of achieving the Specialty Change, one could grind lower level hunts, it would be inefficient in terms of dropped equipment and stamina, but it would get the job done. We Personally recommend that this is a task that is completed over time.

Advice on Trial Battle

The trial battle will be 3v3, it is adviced to immidiatly take out enemy allies units, as they will buff up when they get their special move ready, they got super low health so it shouldn't be an issue taking them out. After that slowly but steady take out the boss and you should easily complete the trial encounter. 

Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Steady Aim Same Effect - Image update
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
One Shot, One Kill Attacks the enemy by exploding a flare, with a 80% chance to stun for 2 turns, and a 50% chance to make them unhealable for 2 turns.

Skill Enhancement

Now that Specialty Changed Heroes can further develop their awakenings through a Skill Tree [Lobby] → [Hero] → [Team] → [All-Rounder Wanda] → [Awaken] → [Skill Tree] 

we will now enlist the 10 skills here that can be enhanced 3 times each. The Rune Enhancement cost can be found at the main Specialty Change page found here

Rune Names Effect 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Courage Rune Weak Point grants Combat Readiness. 3% 5% 7% 15%
Speed Rune Chance of increased turn end of turn. 3% 5% 7% 15%
Recreation Rune Weak Point has a chance of reducing One Shot, One Kill's cooldown by 1. 3% 7% 15% 25%
Faith Rune Increase Effectiveness 1% 1% 3% 5%
Faith Rune Increase Effectiveness 1% 2% 4% 7%
Achievement Rune Weak Point, has Increased Crit Chance by 5% 15% 20% 40%
Fruition Rune One Shot, One Kill has Increased Crit Chance by 10% 25% 35% 70%
Health Rune Increase Health by 3% 5% 7% 15%
Obscurity Rune One Shot, One Kill has a chance of proc stealth. 2 turns 20% 30% 50% 100%
Wedge Rune One Shot, One Kills effect chance increased by 10% 15% 25% 50%
Enhancement Conclusion

Unit Stats Enhancement

  • Health Increase by 15%

  • Effectiveness increased by 12%

  • End of each turn. 15% Chance of gaining Speed buff for 2 turns.

Weak Point S1 Changes

  • Gain 15% Combat Readiness on use

  • 25% chance of reducing S3's Cooldown by 1.

  • 40% Crit Chance

One Shot, One Kill S3 Changes

  • 70% Crit Chance

  • Procs Stealth for 2 Turns

  • Effect Chance increase by 50%

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