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The Butcher Corps Inquisitor is a 3★ Fire-element hero with the zodiac sign Leo, whose primary role is being a Knight. By completing his Specialty Change quest chain, he is able to transform into the Chaos Inquisitor (apparently at the cost of his shirt).

After Specialty Change

- Reliable dispeller

- Can self-heal and do a lot of single target damage

- Improved skill effectiveness

- Hard to one-shot

Hero Skillset
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Heavy Strike Strikes the enemy with a blade, with a 35% chance each to dispel two buffs.
Butcher Corps Gear Damage suffered in one attack does not exceed 50% of max Health.
Hack Strikes indiscriminately at the enemy, dealing damage proportional to the caster's lost Health, and recovering Health proportional to the damage dealt.


  • Eliminate 500 enemies from the Sacred Kingdom 

  • Acquire 1 Mercenary’s Medicine Catalyst from battle

  • Eliminate 25 Enemies in the Rose Apostle Meeting Hall in Labyrinth 

  • Trial Battle

GamePress Recommendations

The first two tasks for the Butcher Corps Inquisitor's Specialty Change (defeat Sacred Kingdom enemies and collect Mercenary's Medicine) can be accomplished simultaneously by running Unrecorded History Stage 6-4 (Valley of Echoes). This is the highest-level stage that drops Mercenary's Medicine from Sacred Kingdom enemies, making it a great place to farm.

If you get the Mercenary's Medicine to drop but still need to farm more Sacred Kingdom enemies, consider switching to Unrecorded History Stage 1S-3 (Red Mace Camp). This stage doesn't drop the Medicine, but has more Sacred Kingdom enemies, helping you meet that requirement more quickly.

(Unfortunately, there is no reliable place to farm Mercenary's Medicine in Normal difficulty. If you haven't unlocked World difficulty (Unrecorded History) by completing the first chapter of the game, you'll really want to do so in order to complete this Specialty Change quest.)

The last task (other than the Trial Battle) is to kill 25 enemies in Labyrinth 1 (Tirel Castle in Chaos) Zone 3 (Rose Apostles Meeting Hall). This should be a very simple task if the player has been able to get the Butcher Corps Inquisitor to level 50 in order to start the Specialty Change quest in the first place.

Advice on Trial Battle

This Trial Battle sees the Butcher Corps Inquisitor, a Cult Enforcer, and a Cult Devotee facing off against Corvus and Enott. Defeating Corvus wins the battle. Corvus doesn't do much damage, but Enott has elemental advantage on the Inquisitor and also causes Bleed. Unfortunately, because of the elemental advantage, Enott is also a pain for the Inquisitor to take out.

Since defeating Corvus is the win condition, it's easier to ignore Enott completely and focus on Corvus. Use the Cult members' S3s whenever they are off cooldown, but save the Inquisitor's S3 until he can Soulburn it. The amount of damage it does will probably end the battle (and will heal the Inquisitor for a large chunk of health if it doesn't).

Congratulations! With the battle won, the Butcher Corps Inquisitor can Specialty Change into the Chaos Inquisitor.

Chaos Inquisitor
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Preach Attacks the enemy in the name of Chaos, recovering Health proportional to damage dealt. When the enemy is buffed, has a 50% chance to activate Heavy Strike. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's lost Health.
Changes Assessment

The Chaos Inquisitor's new S3 has the ability to chain into his S1 when his target has at least one buff. Since his S1 can dispel up to two buffs, this change makes the Chaos Inquisitor much better at keeping debuffs off his enemies. It makes the Chaos Inquisitor an excellent choice for bosses who are constantly buffing themselves, such as Golem 1-10 or Azimanak 9-11.

Skill Enhancement

Specialty Changed heroes gain access to a Skill Tree, where players can invest Runes to make them even stronger. The Chaos Inquisitor has 10 skills in his Skill Tree, and each can be enhanced up to 3 times. Rune Enhancement costs for these improvements can be found at our main Specialty Change page.

Rune Names Effect 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Faith Rune Increased Effectiveness 2% 3% 5% 10%
Faith Rune Increased Effectiveness 3% 5% 7% 15%
Relic Rune Increase Heavy Strike (S1) dispel chance 2% 3% 5% 10%
Order Rune Heavy Strike (S1) dispels gives Combat Readiness 5% 6% 9% 20%
Courage Rune Heavy Strike (S1) damage increased 1% 2% 2% 5%
Mercy Rune Preach (S3) damage increased 3% 4% 5% 12%
Sacrifice Rune Preach (S3) healing increased 2% 3% 5% 10%
Health Rune Increased Health 2% 3% 5% 10%
Sun Rune Heavy Strike (S1) proc chance off Preach (S3) increases 4% 6% 10% 20%
Relic Rune Heavy Strike (S1) proc chance off Preach (S3) increases 7% 10% 13% 30%
Enhancement Conclusion
  • Health increases by 10%

  • Effectiveness increases by 25%

  • Both chances to dispel buffs with Heavy Strike (S1) increased to 45%

  • Heavy Strike (S1) will give 20% Combat Readiness each time it dispels an enemy buff

  • 5% damage increase on Heavy Strike (S1)

  • Preach (S3) deals 12% more damage and heals 10% more Health

  • Preach (S3) has a 100% chance to proc Heavy Strike (S1) if target has at least one buff

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