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Carrot is a 3★ Fire-element hero with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, whose primary role is being a Mage. By completing her Specialty Change quest chain, she is able to transform into Researcher Carrot.

After Specialty Change
  • High chance to dispel debuffs on herself

  • Good chance to slow the enemy

  • Amazing DPS when paired up with Burn-stacking allies

Hero Skillset
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Flourish Attacks with a staff, with a 35% chance to decrease Speed for 2 turns, before a 30% chance to detonate burn effects inflicted on the enemy at the end of the turn..
Flame Barrier After being attacked, grants the caster a barrier for 1 turn and burns the attacker for 1 turn. Barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's Attack.
Blaze Explosion Attacks all enemies with powerful fire, with a 60% chance to burn for 2 turns.


  • Eliminate 500 Machinery 

  • Gift 6 Cold Look Catalysts

  • Clear 150 Spirit Altars

  • Trial Battle

GamePress Recommendation

There is only one way to do Spirit Altars, but it is recommended to focus on Fire Altar if possible, as players will need a lot of Rune materials for enhancing Carrot's upcoming Skill Tree.

For the Cold Look Catalysts, we recommend using a 0-3-0 Alchemist’s Steeple. However, you can also farm Cold Looks from Cidonia 1 (Jerdun Borderlands) using Stage C1-6. Cold Looks drop from the monsters in C1-6 and are also for sale in the Jerdun Borderlands AP Exchange shop.

Finally, for the 500 Machinery kills, we would like you to refer to the following Reddit thread. User iMoneypit found out that you can endlessly grind Machines for merely 10 energy, in Stage 2-9.

If this trick is not your style, no problem: the Stage 2-8 Hazel fight provides Machinery foes as well.

Advice on Trial Battle

Carrot is alone, facing her sister Cermia and her two Orichalcum Cannon allies.

The encounter starts with Cermia being faster than you, so your Flame Barrier procs and gives Cermia a Burn debuff. You should here start your fight with S3 (Blaze Explosion). Afterwards, hit each Cannon once with an S1, then throw out another S3 to finish them both off in one strike. At this point you can just go for the kill with nonstop S1s and S3s on Cermia. 

This is one of the easiest Trial Battles of all Specialty Changes, and once it's done, Carrot can Specialty Change! Congratulations!

Researcher Carrot
Icon Skill Name Skill Effect
Flame Spurt Attacks all enemies with powerful fire, with a 60% chance each to inflict two burn effects for 2 turns.

Skill Enhancement

Specialty Changed heroes can use Runes to further develop their awakenings through a Skill Tree. Researcher Carrot has 10 skills in her Skill Tree, and each can be enhanced up to 3 times using different levels of Fire Runes. The costs for these improvements can be found at our main Specialty Change page.

Rune Names Effect 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Courage Rune Increase Attack 1% 2% 2% 5%
Mercy Rune Increase Attack 2% 2% 3% 7%
Order Rune Flame Spurt (S3) damage increase 2% 3% 5% 10%
Wedge Rune Flame Spurt (S3) effect chance increase 1% 1% 3% 5%
Faith Rune Flourish (S1) effect chance increased 2% 3% 5% 10%
Relic Rune Flame Barrier (S2) chance to cleanse from Caster 10% 15% 25% 50%
Sun Rune When attacked at full health damage taken decreased 5% 8% 12% 25%
Health Rune Increase Health 7% 8% 10% 25%
Sacrifice Rune Increase Effectiveness of all allies 1% 1.5% 2.5% 5%
Solitude Rune Combat Readiness increased when using Flourish (S1) 2% 3% 5% 10%
Enhancement Conclusion
  • 12% Attack increase

  • 10% Flame Spurt (S3) damage increase

  • 5% Flame Spurt (S3) effect chance increase

  • 10% Flourish (S1) effect chance increase

  • 50% chance of self-cleansing one debuff when activating Flame Barrier (S2)

  • 25% Health increase

  • 5% Effectiveness for the entire team

  • 10% Combat Readiness when using Flourish (S1)

  • 25% damage reduction at max Health

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