Ezreal Draven Deck Review

Ezreal Draven

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An odd kind of deck that, on the surface, eschews curve play to maximize the damage of Tri Bream Improbulator. Draven threatens Nexus damage as soon as he hits the board, but where this deck really shines is it's reaction to threats at crucial building turns for common midrange threats. multiple copies of Scorched Earth keep away the ever present Grand Plaza, Scargrounds, or Targon's Peak. Also included is targeted damage from Mystic Shot, Statikk Shock, and Ravenous Flock, especially when played off of a Arachnoid Sentry. Three copies of Thermogenic Beam keep Champions from maintaining a foothold for long. 

On the surface, this deck appears to be an aggressive Ezreal burn, but it functions much better if played reactively, burning away enemy lines until threats like Tri Beam Improbulator and Captain Farron join a leveled up Ezreal on the board to finish the game. 


  • Tri Beam Improbulator is the main weapon of this deck and should be searched for. 
  • Draven is always nice to have in hand as well, as he can keep on the pressure in the early and mid game.

Early Game

  • Save Mana in the first few turns, and try to collect copies of Tri Beam Improbulator.
  • House Spider should be used defensively, as this deck lacks early game Follower presence.
  • Draven should come out on Turn 3, or as early as he can.

Mid Game

  • Plenty of Mana and damaging Spells should be available at this point to knock off or cripple enemy threats. Keep an eye on the opponent's resources; such as hand size, Mana, and probable counters. Use Spells during this stage in the game to stress those resources while not overextending your own. 
  • Keep copies of Tri Beam Improbulator until a leveled up Ezreal can safely enter play. It is usually not recommended to play Ezreal until he levels up. 

Late Game

  • After Ezreal has leveled and the opponent's resources are burned, it is time to push for victory with a barrage of Tri Beam Improbulators and Decimates from Captain Farron.
  • Keeping pressure on the opponent without running out of gas yourself is crucial to getting to this point, and fundamental to the strategy of this deck.


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