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01/24/2020 - 07:34
@DISTANT_COUNTER wrote: Can someone explain this to me because I never understood this. I’ve seen +10 units with the Heavy Blade seal on but the unit would have an unimpressive atk stat like 50 or would be low as…
01/24/2020 - 06:35
@antsims93 wrote: FEH Unit Builder - Sue (1)720×1280 1.05 MB Posts: 5 Participants: 2 Read full topic
01/24/2020 - 04:43
@SafCar wrote: Fire Emblem Heroes_2020-01-23-09-43-451080×2220 1.26 MB Ahhhh I was just cresting towards a 6% rate (would have been 7% if Tibarn didn’t break my chain) when she appeared earlier! She had a Spd…
01/24/2020 - 04:20
@Beoluve wrote: She’s one of my favorite units, of course. The main idea behind the build is big risk, big damage. And boy does she deal big damage. Still, I wonder if there’s room to take her to the next level?…
01/24/2020 - 03:27
@supersoren wrote: Everyone here has a favorite character. They love them for their looks, personality, or power. Some have it all. I would like it if you were to tell me what captured you. short story …