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This page is an addendum to the General Team Building Guide by takaminacchan. It was written by eclogia and details the arena as a system.

Arena Categories

The main arena (not Arena Assault) has three scoring categories:

  • Offense : The highest streak you got with your consecutive battles. It gives Sacred Coins and Feathers.
  • Defense : The highest-scoring team that lost to you. It gives Feathers.
  • In-tier ranking : Your offense score compared to other players in the same tier as you. It gives Orbs and Feathers.

Arena Offense

The goal of Arena Offense is to win seven battles in a row over a week, with the least deaths possible. Losing a unit in battle will lower your match's score and losing all your units breaks your streak.

Every day, you will be given three Dueling Swords, granting you three tries at the arena. When you do not have any Dueling Sword left, you can replenish them with a Dueling Crest.

Once you consume a Dueling Sword, you will be prompted to choose between three difficulties:

  • Beginner : A team with a rating lower than yours
  • Intermediate : A team with a rating equivalent to yours
  • Advanced : A team with a rating higher than yours

On this screen, you can see the first unit of the opponents' teams, weapon hidden. If you do not feel confident about winning against the enemy, surrendering on that screen does not break your offensive streak. If you are aiming for a high streak score, surrendering on the selection screen and burning Dueling Swords until you find high-scoring enemes is a valid strategy.

Once you select an enemy, one of the maps in the weekly map rotation will be selected for you to battle in. There are currently four map rotations, with one out of two featuring defensive tiles.

Reminder: Your team rating is based of the following criteria:

  • Unit levels and rarity
  • Total number of merges
  • Unit Base Stat Total (the sum of a unit's stats, weapon and skills removed)
  • Equipped skills' sp cost and level (some skills such as Renewal and Aether cost more than standard skills)
  • Equipped Sacred Seal's Sacred Coin cost and level

The team score is an average of your members' scores. Summoner Support and Ally Support do not affect your score.

Note that the opponent's arena tier is not related to their rating, so even in tier 20 you may face someone from tier 17.

Arena Defense

Just as you face other players' teams, other players will face the team you chose as you defense one in the team management menu. The team selected as your defense one has a shield icon at its left.

The arena defense screen shows you your team's ten latest wins. You can tap the user's lead unit (usually the first unit of their first team slot) to see their build. The unit shown is not necessarily part of the team that fought you.

The number of defense wins you get doesn't matter, only the highest-scoring enemy does.

Tier Ranking

Arena players are placed into tiers. You begin at tier 1 and climb your way up to tier 20. Depending on how well you do in the arena offense compared to others in your tier, you may promote, stay, or demote. The Tier Ranking shows you in which tier you will be next season based on your current score. The cutoff score depends on how many players are in the tier as it is percentage-based.

Let's take tier 10 for example:

  • The top 20% players will promote to tier 13
  • Those between 21 and 30% will promote to tier 12
  • Those between 31 and 50% will promote to tier 11
  • Those between 51 and 80% will stay in tier 10
  • The bottom 20% will be demoted to tier 9


  • Up until tier 14, you may go up 3 tiers.
  • Up until tier 15, you may go up 2 tiers.
  • You cannot get demoted to lower than tier 7
  • You cannot stay in tier 18 and 19, only promote or demote

Bonus units

In both offense and defense, including a bonus unit in your team offers a bonus multiplier of 2 to your score. You do not need more than one bonus unit. The 10 bonus units follow a pattern and stay up for usually two weeks for what we call an arena season.

  • The newly released heroes
  • A recent Grand Hero Battle
  • Two of the free rotation units (the daily special maps) in a set pattern
  • One of the starter heroes in a set pattern
  • If there aren't 10 heroes yet, seemingly random heroes will be added to the pool

Free rotation units pattern

There are 12 free units obtanable once in 1 star and 2 star versions. The first one is paired with the seventh one etc. Here is the rotation:

As these heroes are featured one out of six seasons, they are not necessarily the best to invest into if you're on a budget.

Starter unit pattern

The three starter units make a worthwhile investment as they are featured in one out of three seasons. They also possess legendary weapons that cost more (thus are worth more) than normal ones. The rotation is the following: