Dragon's Dance

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Grants another action to target ally. If used on turn 2 onward, also grants another action to unit, grants Atk/Spd+6 to unit and Pair Up cohort (if any) for 1 turn, and inflicts【Isolation】 on unit and Pair Up cohort (if any) through their next action. (Effects that can trigger on turn 2 onward will not trigger again for 3 turns after triggering. Cannot target an ally with Sing or Dance. This skill treated as Sing or Dance.)  【Isolation】 Target cannot use or be the target of Assist skills through its next action. (Target can neither use nor be the target of skills like Dance and Sing, skills that neutralize penalties, like Restore and Harsh Command+, etc.)

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Skillsets that use skill

Reminiscence (Offensive Support Hybrid)