Rally Speed

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Grants Spd+4 to target ally for 1 turn.

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Skillsets that use skill

Literally Who?? (Aether Raids Defense Specialized)

Rally Skills


This set of skills have the potential to grant stat boosts to allies. They are a great way to make use of turns that are otherwise wasted: a unit can use Rally Attack to boost an ally’s damage if they were to do nothing else that turn. A buff granted by a Rally skill lasts through the duration of the player’s turn, through the enemy’s turn and only wears off at the start of the player’s next turn. Rally skills do not stack with other Rally skills or buffs granted through Hone/Fortify skills. However, they can work in conjunction with Goad/Spur/Ward buffs. There are two types of Rally skills, single and dual Rally. Single Rally skills grant +4 to one stat, while Dual Rally skills grant +3 to two stats.


Of the two types of Rally skills, dual Rally skills are the more useful of the two. Their 300sp cost makes them a staple for players looking to score highly in the Arena, and the +3 to two separate stats is generally seen as more valuable. Defensive Rally skills are best used on tanks who can use the extra stats to take less damage during combat. Offensive Rally skills are best used on offensive units who can use the Attack and Speed to double or hit harder. Blade tome users are among the best users of Rally buffs (Especially Attack), as each adds extra damage to their attacks.


Rally skills have two main weaknesses: Firstly, they require an entire allies’ turn to be used. While they are a great use for an otherwise empty turn, they cannot always be relied upon if the ally with the skill needs to perform a more important action. Secondly, they do not stack with the powerful and popular Hone and Fortify skills, which can potentially buff multiple allies without using any turns. Class-based Hone/Fortify skills grant +6 to two stats and do not require a turn, heavily outclassing Rally skills. Tactic skills also grant a +6 bonus and can be used on mixed teams.