Feh Channel 10/03/2019 - New R&R Structures, New Special Heroes, and a New Event

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Greetings Summoners! Wondering about what’s in store for FEH? On October 3, 2019, a new FEH channel was aired on the official Nintendo Mobile youtube. The video outlined some new features in store for the next version update, and provided some information on the Special Heroes that will be introduced for the “Harvest Festival” (aka Halloween). One of these Special Heroes will even be a new type of unit – the Duo Hero!

New R&R Structures – Field and Dining Hall

The Aether Resort will be receiving some new structures; the first being the Field.


The Field will allow you to plant crops and harvest them at the start of the next Aether Raids season – but if you leave them until the next subsequent season, they’ll wither and die. Crops have been so far confirmed to come in two types: Food and Dragonflowers. That’s right; you’ll be able to grow your own Dragonflowers by expending R&R affinity! Each Dragonflower crop seems to cost 60 R&R affinity and yields 5 Dragonflowers. If you’re a dedicated user of Dragonflowers, be sure to invest in the Field as soon as possible!


On the other hand, Food crops at this point have not been confirmed to have any purpose outside of the other new Aether Resort Structure, the Dining Hall.

dining hall

In the Dining Hall, you can select Provisions (provided to you by Feh at the start of the Aether Raids season) along with Crops you’ve grown to make Dishes. Once a Dish has been served, you will be awarded a varying number of stars depending on its quality. It is currently not known what dictates how many stars you will receive, but it likely depends on the quality of the Crops and/or Provisions used. It has, however, been confirmed that all heroes are equally capable of preparing dishes. Earning certain numbers of stars within a limited period of time will result in you receiving rewards. 

dining hall rewards

Special Heroes

New Special Heroes have been confirmed, and they’re all dressed up and ready for the Harvest Festival! The new additions include alternate versions of L’Arachel and Hector, and the new additions Dozla, Ilyana, Rolf


L’Arachel: Harvest Princess is a green tome cavalry unit. She seems to have a new type of tome, though its effects will likely only be revealed in a unit preview video at a later date.


Dozla: Harvest Attendant is a colourless dagger armor unit. He also has a new type of dagger, but its effects are not currently known. He seems to come with the Skill Armor March.


Ilyana: Treat Harvester is a blue tome unit with a new type of tome. Like her fellow new units, nothing is known about the effects of this weapon yet. She seems to be an armored unit as she appears to be under the effects of Hone Armor in the video, but this is not confirmed.


Rolf: Tricky Archer is a cavalry archer, although it is currently not known if he will have a color. He carries a new type of bow, and will be available in the upcoming Tempest Trials+.


Hector: Dressed-Up Duo is a sword armor who is quite possibly the most exciting unit of the bunch. He and his daughter Lilina are a new type of unit; the Duo Hero. This two-in-one combo unit features two characters, and each seems to possess a Special Skill they can activate once per battle at any time. Hector’s allows him to use the effects of a Bolt Tower on-demand, allowing him to deal 20 damage to any foe that is within 3 columns of him. Duo Heroes also are counted as having 185 BST in the Arena, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to stay in higher Tiers to reap the rewards. His Skills seem to be Distant Counter, a new Skill called Odd Follow Up, Hone Armor, a new Sword called the Conjurer Curios, and Bonfire. His statline also appears to focus on Attack and Defense.

We should be receiving more news about these units soon, so keep an eye on Gamepress News and their unit analysis pages for more info!

New Game Mode – Hall of Forms

A new game mode is on its way in the next update, and it’s called the Hall of Forms! This mode seems somewhat similar to dungeon modes in other games, and it certainly shakes up the usual FEH formula.

hof splash

In this game mode, you’re given a team of units called Formas and asked to complete maps. The more maps you complete with your Formas, the more rewards you’ll earn. 


Each stage costs 1 special stamina, so you may challenge 3 stages a day – unless you have an item that allows you to replenish your stamina.

forma unit

Forma units are special in that they initially have no Skills or Specials. They can level up just like regular units, however, and levels will carry over from each Hall of Forms map (presumably for the duration of the season).

treasure chest

The first of your Formas to defeat an enemy on the map will receive a treasure chest. Once the map is completed, that Forma will be able to learn a Skill or choose a Seal from a randomly generated list. This is called Shaping your Forma. You can also choose to add a merge to your Forma instead if you wish.

shaping forma

As for rewards, there appear to be daily clear rewards and map clear rewards. Be sure to check out the Hall of Forms after the next update!

Other News

Other news in the video included:

  • Harvest Festival Celebration Log-In Bonus

  • 2x and 5x EXP & SP Events

  • Aether Raids Quests

  • New Tempest Trials+

    • Rolf will be given as a reward in this event!

  • Harvest Festival Daily Rewards Maps

    • From October 9th to October 18th, Complete maps on normal and hard difficulty for 1 orb each. If you complete all seven maps, you’ll receive 14 orbs.

  • Harvest Festival Bound Hero Battles

  • Twitter Event:

    • From October 7th to October 14th, answer quiz questions correctly on twitter to win prizes. If 5/7 questions are answered correctly, all players will receive 10 orbs and 5000 feathers.

And that’s it for the news! As always, you can stay tuned to Gamepress for more info and in-depth unit analysis. There’s a lot of exciting new things in store of FEH, and we’ll be sure to deliver it straight to you.

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