Feh Channel - Apr. 4, 2019 Overview

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Pair Up

  • Ability for new legendary heroes.
  • Legendary Roy is first to gain the ability.
  • Can switch between paired up heroes anytime during battle.
  • Heroes paired up together increase each other's stats.
  • Limited to:
    • Main Story
    • Paraglogues
    • Training Tower
    • Allegiance Battlles

Allegiance Battles

  • Earn as many points as possible in a single battle
  • Any two heroes can pair up. Even legendary heroes, as long as they are friends.
  • Three difficulties Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Earn Bonus Points

Three types of bonuses
  • Friend Quest Bonus - Given for completing a mode specific quest.
  • Top Friend Bonus - Top 3 scorers will grant a bonus to your score.
  • Synergy Bonus - Once per season, earn synergy for clearing a battle. Higher your synergy, the higher the bonus.
  • Earn feathers and dragon flowers based on your ranking.
  • Begins April 27th at 12:00 am PT.

Aether Resort

Build R&R structures using a resource called R&R affinity.
RR Structure
Inviting More Heroes
  • R&R affinity can be used to add heroes
  • Initially invite 3 heroes
How to Get R&R Affinity
Interact with heroes in structures
Resort Pass for 3 Orbs

Aether Raids: New Feature

  • Create 5 teams for both light and astra seasons
  • Teams will automatically change when the season changes

Spring Orb Promo

Limited to one pack per person

Golden Week Event Begins April 27th