FEH Content Update: 11/28/17 - Book II Version Update

FEH Content Update: 11/28 - 2.0 Version Update

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MID_SOLEIL_HOME1: Are you going to summon some\nHeroes? Bring lots of cuties back with\nyou! You can do it—I know you can!
MID_SOLEIL_HOME2: I was raised in the Deeprealms, but I\nwanted to fight beside my dad, so I\nended up leading my own band!
MID_SOLEIL_HOME3: Looks like the Order of Heroes keeps\nyou pretty busy. Don't work too hard!\nI want to see you keep on smiling.
MID_SOLEIL_HOME4: Why don't we go and get a cup of tea\nsometime? I have a lot to thank you\nfor, and I know we'll have some fun.
MID_SOLEIL_HOME5: You saw me? Oh, no! I was working\non my dancing. Problem is, I'm\nnowhere near as good as my dad.
MID_SOLEIL_FRIEND: Wow! You've got a lot of cuties here...\nHi from $Nf!\n
MID_SOLEIL_LEVEL1: Look how tough I am! See?\nSee?!
MID_SOLEIL_LEVEL2: Oooh, I'm getting cuter by the\nday!
MID_SOLEIL_LEVEL3: Ugh! So embarrassing.
MID_SOLEIL_SKILL: I'm stronger than ever? And\ncooler, too? Well, thank you!
MID_SOLEIL_JOIN: It's good to meet you! I'm Soleil. My\nfather's name is Laslow. I'll fight\nhard for all the cuties out there!
MID_SOLEIL_STRONGEST: There you are! Thanks for always\ntaking the time to chat with me.\nWhat do you say to a date this time?$k$pHah! I'm just kidding. I know you're\nway too busy with your Order of\nHeroes business.$k$pIt's a bit embarrassing to put it into\nwords, but watching you work so hard\nis a real pleasure.$k$pMaybe that sounded a little forward...\nI just think you look cool when you\nwork so hard to help everybody.$k$pYou're kind of like a coolness role\nmodel for me, so keep it up!$k$pBut if you ever want to let me have\nyou all to myself, let me know. I'll\nscout out a great café just for us!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE04: You've done it now?!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE05: Dance for me!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE06: Smile, you're dead!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE07: Scared yet?
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE08: This is gonna be cool!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE09: So...not...cute.
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE11: Seen any cute girls?
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE12: Turn that frown upside down! That's what my dad always says.
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE13: Once this mission is over, let's go get some tea. What do you say?
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE14: It's so hot out! I'm gonna change out of this— What do you mean, I can't change here?
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE15: You should take off that hood! It hides your face, cutie!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE16: We need a plan for when the women here tell my Dad to get lost.
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE17: Leave the fighting to me! I'll dash out in front and protect you! I'll look SO cool!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE19: Soleil is here!
MID_SOLEIL_VOICE20: Wanna grab tea?


MID_SIEGBERT_HOME1: Prince Alfonse is amazing. I could\nlearn a lot from him. His mannerisms\nand battle etiquette are so polished.
MID_SIEGBERT_HOME2: I was raised in the Deeprealms, so\nthere is much about the world I still\ndo not know.$k$pThat's not to say my education was\nlacking. But if in your eyes I leave\nsomething to be desired, do tell me.
MID_SIEGBERT_HOME3: Please leave the patrols to me. You\nneedn't hesitate to assign me tasks\njust because I'm a prince.$k$pWe are all of the same standing here.\nEveryone is a fellow soldier.
MID_SIEGBERT_HOME4: Would you allow me to watch your\nsummoning ceremony up close? I\nhave never seen such a skill before.$k$pIt's quite amazing. If I had a power like\nthat, then I...
MID_SIEGBERT_HOME5: I was just reading a book in the\nOrder's library, when I—$k$pWhat? I'm not allowed in the library?!\nM-my apologies! How could I have\nmade such a mistake?!
MID_SIEGBERT_FRIEND: I come with a fond greeting from\n$Nf. This\ncastle looks entertaining...$k$pWould you mind if I visited again?
MID_SIEGBERT_LEVEL1: I've grown so much so suddenly!
MID_SIEGBERT_LEVEL2: I'm an even greater help to the\nteam.
MID_SIEGBERT_LEVEL3: I'm still too young, it seems...
MID_SIEGBERT_SKILL: Many thanks for this! I'll make\ngood use of it.
MID_SIEGBERT_JOIN: It's good to meet you. I'm Siegbert.\nPrince Xander of Nohr is my father,\nso as a future king, I'll give it my all.
MID_SIEGBERT_STRONGEST: Well met, $Nu.\nChecking in while on patrol, are you?\nThere's nothing to report here.$k$pHuh? You're not on patrol, but you're\nhere to chat? Well, I must admit... I do\nlook forward to talking with you.$k$pBack home, most are too aware that\nI'm the future king of Nohr to engage\nme with anything but pleasantries.$k$pBut I'm glad people are more open to\napproaching me here.$k$pIt's not that I dislike my home—that's\nnot it at all. However, here I can be\nhonest and I can truly express myself.$k$pYou've become important to me, in a\nway that exceeds friendship. I raise\nmy sword for you, my compatriot.
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE06: No holding back!
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE07: Kneel before me!
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE08: I will end this!
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE09: I'm sorry...Father...
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE11: Everything in this kingdom is so...beautiful. So much abundance!
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE12: I cannot shirk my studies if I wish to become a great king.
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE13: I'm awfully curious about the Order of Heroes... Tell me, are the regulations very strict?
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE14: I'd like to talk with as many people from this world as I can.
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE15: I must admit, I'm a little jealous of that divine weapon you carry...
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE16: When will the day come that I finally swing Siegfried with my own hand?
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE17: The burden of living up to my father has weighed on my mind for some time. I wish to be as great a prince as he, so you will have my support until this war is over.
MID_SIEGBERT_VOICE20: Let's do this together.


MID_SHINONOME_HOME1: Summoners sure are amazing. If I\nhad that kind of power, I'd call the\nstrongest Heroes and spar nonstop!
MID_SHINONOME_HOME2: I may not look it, but I'm a prince of\nHoshido. Not that I knew this growing\nup in the Deeprealms...$k$pI still have trouble wrapping my head\naround one day becoming a king.
MID_SHINONOME_HOME3: Don't get so caught up in other tasks\nthat you neglect your training. I can\ntake over fishing duties for you.$k$pBesides, there's nothing like a freshly\ngrilled fish to get you pumped up!
MID_SHINONOME_HOME4: I know you're not much of a fighter,\nbut how about we test your strength?\nYou can arm wrestle, can't you?
MID_SHINONOME_HOME5: Yo, $Nu! You\ncaught me training. I really know my\nway around a lance, don't ya think?
MID_SHINONOME_FRIEND: Phew! I ran all the way here to give\nyou this greeting from\n$Nf.
MID_SHINONOME_LEVEL1: This is what I've been training for!
MID_SHINONOME_LEVEL2: Oh yeah! Getting stronger by the\nday!
MID_SHINONOME_LEVEL3: Maybe I didn't train enough... I\nneed to step it up.
MID_SHINONOME_SKILL: Is this your way of telling me I\nneed to build inner strength, too?
MID_SHINONOME_JOIN: I'm Shiro. Nice to meet ya! Have you\nheard of my father Ryoma? I'm\ntraining to be stronger than him!
MID_SHINONOME_STRONGEST: Yo, you got some time today? Then\nlet's chat! I've had something on my\nmind for a while now...$k$pYou're the strongest member of the\nOrder of Heroes, right? I mean, your\nstrategies are pretty solid...$k$pNot to mention how you can summon\nall those awesome Heroes!$k$pSince coming here, you helped me\nrealize there's more to being strong\nthan swinging a weapon.$k$pI've really come to admire your type of\nstrength. So I'll make up for the fact\nyou can't fight like the rest of us.$k$pIf you ever need help, just give me a\nholler and I'll come running. I'll take\nout any enemy who gets in your way!$k$pYou've truly mastered the power of\nyour soul. So until I learn how to use\nthat sort of strength for myself...$k$pallow me to fight by your side.
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE05: Any last words?
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE06: You ready for this?
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE07: I won't give up!
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE08: I won't lose.
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE09: Father... I'm sorry...
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE11: You're saying I can get stronger by helping the Order of Heroes?
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE12: If you're feeling a bit sluggish, let's head out for a run.
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE13: Lances beat katana, so that means I should be able to best my father.
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE14: If it's all right with you, let me help out with your work around here. I can turn anything into a training session!
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE15: I want to test my skills. Do you know any Heroes who would be up for sparring?
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE16: Someday I'll inherit Raijinto from my father...
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE17: I always try to fight the strongest foes I can find, but I don't try to take them on alone anymore. I want to keep fighting by your side.
MID_SHINONOME_VOICE20: Let's battle!


MID_SALLYA_HOME1: Sharena and Anna both asked me for\nmy "beauty secrets." My secrets\nhave NOTHING to do with beauty...
MID_SALLYA_HOME2: I served Plegia until I chose to cast\nmy lot with Ylisse. But you know...$k$pI was truly braided by fate with\nonly one person in my past.
MID_SALLYA_HOME3: Tired from all that walking around?\nI could curse you so you can't\nsleep, if you like.
MID_SALLYA_HOME4: Ah, er, goodness me! This weather is\nbenign, eh? ...Did that sound normal?\nWhich version of me do you like?
MID_SALLYA_HOME5: I like working on new hexes. So if\nyou talk to me at the wrong time,\nyou might suffer...consequences.
MID_SALLYA_FRIEND: I would have words with you. Now,\nyou must be the one called\n$Nu, yes?$k$pSomeone close to me has taken\nan interest in you... Someone named\n$Nf.
MID_SALLYA_LEVEL1: I can feel the darkness\ngrowing ever stronger...
MID_SALLYA_LEVEL2: Hee hee hee...
MID_SALLYA_LEVEL3: Who DARED to curse me?!
MID_SALLYA_SKILL: Enhancing MY power? You don't\nknow what's good for you...
MID_SALLYA_JOIN: You may call me Tharja. I am a dark\nmage from Plegia. Now, I shall be\nyour shadow...
MID_SALLYA_STRONGEST: Ah, excellent—it seems my hex\nto summon you worked\nimmediately.$k$pYes, that's right. You came here\nbecause of a hex—a hex that made\nyou want to talk to me.$k$pI sprinkled powdered lizard on this\npaper, and you were drawn toward it.\n...Hm? The lizard's worn off...$k$pSo you came here of your own free\nwill? Surprising, yet...not.$k$pHeehee... I already have someone\nI'm destined to be with, but you're\njust as precious to me.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE04: What's the big idea...
MID_SALLYA_VOICE05: You're already dead.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE06: Do you like darkness?
MID_SALLYA_VOICE08: You won't get away from me.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE11: Did you need something?
MID_SALLYA_VOICE12: I've taken a real interest in you.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE13: Last night you turned over 13 times in your sleep. Impressive.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE14: I like you, but my true devotion is for a particular tactician...
MID_SALLYA_VOICE15: I'll curse all of them. No one will survive.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE16: I just finished it—an extra-special hex just for you.
MID_SALLYA_VOICE17: Heehee... Too late to regret summoning me now.


MID_FJORM_HOME1: Askr is very beautiful, and everyone\nhere has been so kind to me. I want\nto fight to protect this peace.
MID_FJORM_HOME2: As far as the eye can see, Nifl gleams\nwhite, snow sparkling under the sun...$k$pI love my homeland. That's just one\nreason.
MID_FJORM_HOME3: You possess such power...but you\nnever show off. You treat all of us with\nkindness. I respect you for that.
MID_FJORM_HOME4: In my kingdom, we have a custom.\nIf you're rescued from the snow, you\nowe your rescuer a debt...$k$pYou must allow me to repay you.
MID_FJORM_HOME5: My weapon is Leiptr, the Lance of Ice,\na legendary weapon. It is said it was\nborn of Nifl's highest peak.
MID_FJORM_FRIEND: I am Princess Fjorm of Nifl, the\nKingdom of Ice. I'm here on behalf of\n$Nf.$k$pI hope your friendship remains true.
MID_FJORM_LEVEL1: I owe my continued strength to\n$Nu.
MID_FJORM_LEVEL2: Mother... I promise to do my very\nbest.
MID_FJORM_LEVEL3: I apologize. I assure\ntime, I'll do better.
MID_FJORM_SKILL: I thank you. And don't worry... I'll\nbe sure to repay your kindness.
MID_FJORM_JOIN: I am Fjorm, princess of Nifl, the\nKingdom of Ice.$k$pI will not rest until my homeland is\nrestored and I have my vengeance.
MID_FJORM_STRONGEST: My homeland, the ice kingdom of Nifl,\nis blanketed in snow. Of course,\navalanches sometimes bury people...$k$pIf you're ever caught in one and\nsomeone saves owe that\nperson a debt.$k$pWhere I come from, this is important.\nAnd you're the one who saved me,\n$Nu.$k$pNow you understand why I want to\nrepay you by fighting at your side.$k$pBut no matter how hard I try...I feel\nthat you're the one who's helping\nme—not just then, but now.$k$pI feel like my debt to you is increasing,\nlayer by layer...just like snowfall\naccumulates in the mountains.$k$pThat's why I wanted to talk to you. Let\nme know if there's anything I can do.\nI'll help you however I can.$k$pI want to repay my debt. And I\npromise that I will.
MID_FJORM_VOICE04: いけません…!
MID_FJORM_VOICE05: Leiptr! Lance of Ice!
MID_FJORM_VOICE06: You won't get past me!
MID_FJORM_VOICE07: Are you ready?
MID_FJORM_VOICE08: This is my all!
MID_FJORM_VOICE09: I let you down...
MID_FJORM_VOICE11: I am Fjorm, princess of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice.
MID_FJORM_VOICE12: Aah!'s you.
MID_FJORM_VOICE13: Oh... I'm told touching me is like touching ice.
MID_FJORM_VOICE14: I will not give up until I retake my homeland.
MID_FJORM_VOICE15: I owe you my life. I will never forget my debt to you. You have my word.
MID_FJORM_VOICE16: Mother... I promise to try my hardest and be my best.
MID_FJORM_VOICE17: I will give you my all. I owe you that much. No, more.
MID_FJORM_VOICE19: Orders, please.
MID_FJORM_VOICE20: As you say.