Fire Emblem Heroes Event Calendar September 2019 – Heroes arrive 19th, 30th, and October 9th

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Article by milkyytoast

New Event Calendar

On September 6, 2019, a new event calendar for the month of September through the beginning of October was released in-game and on the official FEH twitter

Content was relatively light – new heroes will be arriving on September 19th, and special heroes (i.e. seasonal variants or alternate version of existing heroes) will be available to be summoned as of October 9th. A new Mythic hero will be released on September 30th with a corresponding Mythic banner and Mythic Hero Battle.

The Tempest Trial where Soiree Rinea: Reminiscent Belle can be obtained will be running as of September 10th. As a free refresher, she will make for an excellent addition to anyone’s barracks – stay tuned for her in-depth unit analysis, which will soon be able to be found on her unit page linked above. 

Other noteworthy events include:

  • A Grand Hero Battle for a currently unknown hero, which will take place on September 23rd.

  • A Grand Hero Battle Revival for Panne: Proud Taguel, which will begin on September 9th.

  • A Bound Hero Battle featuring Tibarn: Lord of the Air and Caineghis: Gallia's Lion King will start on September 15th. This will be accompanied by a corresponding summoning banner – and given both of these units are incredibly powerful, they are excellent summoning choices. You can find their individual unit analysis on their unit pages above.

  • A New Power summoning focus will be available as of September 11th, which means new refines will likely soon be announced.

  • A new round of the AFK game mode Lost Lore will start as of September 14th.

  • A new round of Rokkr Sieges will begin as of September 24th.

  • A new Voting Gauntlet (theme as of yet unannounced) will open as of October 1st.

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