First Look at the Bridal Banner

amroamro’s First Look at Bridal Banner
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Analysis by Amroamro

New units, including Lyn in a wedding dress! Here's a summary of each unit, along with a bunch of observations.

Bridal Caeda – Blue Tome User

  • New Blue Tome Weapon – Blessed Bouquet+ (Mt: 12)
  • Special - Iceberg
  • New A Passive – Attack/Res 2 (Att/Res +2)
  • C Passive – Hone Spd 3

Judging from her build, Caeda is likely to be a high RES mage designed for buffing her team with Hone SPD and her new Bouquet that boosts Def and Res for other allies by 2 points when they’re near Caeda’s initiated attack.  Her high resistance will allow her to better duel with red and blue mages while potentially surviving green mage attacks.  She can also bait mage attacks and then finish them off with her initiation during the player’s turn to effectively buff her teammates.  Her native DEF and HP is most-likely below average to compensate for her high RES, but she could probably utilize Iceberg or Glacies to nuke physical units.  Caeda is known for her top-of-the-line SPD and abysmal ATK stat, so she will most-likely double-attack or at the least avoid most double-attacks but hit for low damage in return.  If her HP or DEF is near average, she could be quite the competent supporter/mage duelist while avoiding OHKOs from physical units.

Bridal Charlotte – Blue Lance User

  • New Blue Lance Weapon – First Bite+ (Mt: 14)
  • Support – Smite
  • New A Passive – Wind Boost 3 (+6 SPD if 3 more HP than enemy at start of combat)
  • C Passive – Threaten Atk 3

From her set, she will probably have fantastic HP, above average ATK, average SPD, slightly above average DEF, below average or average RES.  A relatively balanced unit that can probably avoid most double attacks with the help of Wind Boost 3.  Her ATK could be a little lower to add more SPD to her and allow her frequent double attacks, but I hope we can get a balanced unit with higher attack.  Threaten Atk is usually most effective against melee units, but it could be used to compensate for a lower DEF and allow a slightly more average RES to counterbalance (seems more thematically appropriate that a Bride can handle magic more).  Ideally, she can bait units into being double-attacked by her, and she will follow up the following turn with an initiation that buffs her teammates while finishing off the enemy and keeping her healthy.

Her HP will be high enough to warrant using Elemental Boost passives on her making support weapons such as First Bite+ quite viable on her as she uses them to buff up comrades 2 spaces away.  Her SPD should be good enough to support using defensive passives as well such as Distant Def or Fortress Def.  Sadly, Speedy lancers aren’t as popular as Ephraim or Effie because of their high attack power with decent defense or Azura who offers weak attack power combined with her good speed, resistance and game-breaking support.  So it is exciting to see a new lance unit that can add more variety to the lancer pool.

Bridal Cordelia – Colorless Bow User

  • New Colorless Bow Weapon – Cupid Arrow+ (Mt: 12)
  • New Support – Rally Atk/Spd
  • B Passive – Escape Route 3
  • C Passive – Breath of Life 3

Cordelia is clearly made with a singular purpose in mind: Whoever needs support, regardless of what kind of support or distance to them, will get it.  Able to attack enemies while buffing up nearby allies’ DEF/RES or forego the fortification and buff up a singular unit’s ATK and SPD by 3 will add many, many, MANY options for Cordelia and her teammates.  The simple addition of Rally Atk/Spd to one unit improves the viability of Spurs and Goads tremendously and opens up other options for C Passives on other characters.  Escape Route and Breath of Life lets her get to where she needs to be to buff up/heal her teammates while also attacking enemies.  Judging based on this set and Cordelia as a character, she should have high ATK and SPD rivaling Takumi's ATK and Rebecca's SPD.  But the lower her offenses are, the more HP, DEF and RES she will offer which might be more preferred as a support archer, but it wouldn't be Cordelia unless she hits hard and fast!  Glass-cannon supports are tough to handle if their offenses are only slightly above average.  If she is faster than Rebecca, she will be able to effectively utilize Windsweep/Watersweep to pass buffs/BoL to her appreciative teammates, and if she has high enough ATK, she could utilize the famous Brave Bow+ build and show Takumi up.  So I am hoping for a speedy archer with either high attack power or good bulk!

Bridal Lyn – Colorless Staff User

  • New Colorless Staff Weapon – Candlelight (Mt: 7)
  • Support - Rehabiliate
  • Special – Swift-Winds Balm
  • New B Passive – Dazzling Staff 3 (Enemy cannot counter attack)

Entering the spotlight with the most obvious game-changing abilities, Lyn brings healers to a whole new level.  Candlelight is an inheritable healer weapon that places a debuff on the enemy that prevents them from counterattacking that turn.  Regardless of SPD or any other factors, any affected enemy will not be able to counterattack any of Lyn’s allies making him an easy target for elimination without taking any damage from him.  Pair that up with Dazzling Staff 3, and even the healer isn’t risking damage.  Quite impressive, right?  Lyn is known for her SPD and great RES but below average DEF and HP.  She will probably have SPD rivaling Maria but with ATK less than Serra.  She will probably have average bulk that allows her to absorb a singular attack from anywhere since her SPD will be high enough to avoid double attacks. 

The only thing we can say for sure is she should be “fast” which can make her an impressive Candelight user that avoids double attacks on the defensive and potentially attacks twice on the offensive.  If her ATK is decent, she will be a viable offensive healer (especially with Candlelight and Dazzling Staff/Wrathful Staff).  If her RES is great with mediocre DEF or if they’re both average, she will be a powerful debuff healer that can absorb 1-2 attacks safely while helping her allies take out harmful targets.