Blessed Legends: A Guide to Legendary and Mythic Heroes, Blessings, and Seasons



The Legendary/Mythic Hero, Blessing, and Season system is a game feature of Fire Emblem Heroes that may seem a bit difficult to navigate at first. Further compounding the issue is that fact that upon its release, it was perfectly feasible to play the game without any major downsides while avoiding the system entirely!

With the introduction of the Blessed Gardens, however, many players may find themselves lost in vague instructions while trying to figure out how all these Legendary Heroes, Blessings, and Seasons actually work. Don’t worry, just keep reading -- this guide will explain them in full.

Meet Your Legendary Heroes

First introduced with Fjorm, Legendary Heroes initially don’t seem too dissimilar from regular units. The primary difference between them and the rest of your Heroes (aside from their often unique weapons and exclusive skills / Specials) is their association with a certain element, which is indicated by a small golden symbol right below their weapon type icon, another icon next to their stat box, and a larger indicator on their full stat screen.

The first four Legendary Heroes and the symbols that show their status.

Below is a table that identifies which Legendary Hero is associated with which element and stat. Note that the element and the stat aren't linked.

Legendary Hero Element Stat
Fjorm Water Speed
Legendary Ryoma Water Defense
Gunnthrá Wind Resistance
Legendary Lyn Wind Attack
Legendary Ike Earth Attack
Legendary Robin (F) Earth Speed
Legendary Ephraim Fire Defense
Legendary Hector Fire Attack
Legendary Lucina Wind Speed
Legendary Marth Fire Resistance
Legendary Tiki Earth Defense
Hrid Wind Defense

Legendary Heroes also:

  • Always gain double SP

  • Can’t have Blessings conferred on them

Meeting Mythic Heroes

First introduced in Book 3, Mythic Heroes function similarly to Legendary Heroes; there are four new seasons associated with the heroes(Light, Dark, Astra, Anima) that grant bonuses to heroes with the associated conferred blessing, assuming the correct Mythic Hero is on your team.

Below is a table that identifies which Legendary Hero is associated with which element and stat. Note that the element and the stat aren't linked.

Mythic Hero Element Stat
Eir Light Resistance

Mythic Heroes also:

  • Grant bonuses to Aether Lift gain, dependent on the number of heroes on your team with the associated blessing and number of merges on the Mythic Hero

  • Always gain double SP

  • Can’t have Blessings conferred on them


Counting Your Blessings

Blessings are a single-use item that are earned through summoning Legendary Heroes, Quests, Tempest Trials, and the Blessed Garden.

When Legendary or Mythic Heroes are sent into battle, fielded allies with the matching blessing will get stat boosts if either of these conditions are met:

  • It is a Season corresponding with their element
  • The map is in a Blessed Garden of the corresponding element

The following stat boost is granted to blessed allies:

Blessing Type Stat Bonus
Attack Attack +2, HP +3
Speed Speed +3, HP+3
Defense Defense +4, HP +3
Resistance Resistance +4, HP +3

The following are the bonuses granted by the Mythic hero blessings in Aether Raids:

Blessing Type Stat Bonus
Attack Attack +3, HP +5
Speed Speed +4, HP+5
Defense Defense +5, HP +5
Resistance Resistance +5, HP +5

Units who have been conferred with any Blessing also always gain double EXP and SP!


To have an ally be Blessed, you need to Confer a Blessing on them. This can be done with the Confer Blessing function, which is located under the Advanced Growth options in the Allies menu.

Confer Blessing under Advanced Options
The Confer Blessing function is the last option on the Advanced Growth section on the Allies menu.

There, you select the unit that you want the Blessing to be conferred on. Once you confirm, the conferred Blessing will show as an symbol on the unit’s face icon and their full stat screen.

Blessings are single-use items, but they aren’t permanent. If you make a mistake and want to Confer a different Blessing on a hero, you can use this menu -- but be warned, you won’t get back the original Blessing you conferred.

Confer Blessing Menu
Once you select a Hero, you can Confer any one of the Blessings you possess on them.

The Changing Seasons

The stat boost granted to allies that have been Blessed by entering battle with the corresponding Legendary Hero is dependent on a rotation of elements called Seasons. Even if a Blessed unit enters battle with the Legendary Hero which shares an elemental affinity with their Blessing, they will not receive the stat boost if their element is not in Season.

The sole exception to this rule is the Blessed Garden. If a Blessed unit enters the Garden of their elemental affinity with the corresponding Legendary Hero, they will receive the stat boost granted by the Blessing regardless of season.

The current Season can be found next to the Stamina bar. Two elemental Seasons are always active at any given time. Major Seasons are usually active for five weeks before they’re rotated to another Season. Minor Seasons are active for a week before they’re rotated to another Season. Seasons are changed upon server reset at 7:00 am UTC every Tuesday, consistent with Arena season resets.

HUD Screenshot
You can check the current Season by tapping this icon.