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Azura - Lady of the Lake

5 Legacy

Obtainable as a 5 during certain summoning events only.

Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 36
ATK 31
SPD 33
DEF 21
RES 28

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 16 4 6 3 5
Middle 17 5 7 4 6
High 18 6 8 5 7

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 33 28 30 18 24
Middle 36 31 33 21 28
High 40 34 36 24 31

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.

Skill Sets

Support Singer (Team Support)

Build by raelet
Wagasa+ (+Res) A Fort. Def/Res 3
Alternate: Fury (3 or 4)
Sing B Sabotage Spd 3
Alternate: Sabotage Atk 3
Alternate: Miracle
C Atk Tactic 3
Alternate: Atk Ploy 3


SFortress Res 3

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Preferred IV: +RES / -ATK

Weapon: Wagasa (+Res) 

Assist: Sing

Special: Moonbow / Miracle

Passive A: Fort. Def/Res / Fury / B Duel Infantry

Passive B: Sabotage Spd / Sabotage Atk / Sudden Panic / Wings of Mercy

Passive C: Atk Tactic / Atk Ploy / Infantry Pulse / Any Team-Synergistic Buff or Debuff

Sacred Seal: Fortress Res / HP +5

  • This is entirely a support set which guts Azura's Attack for the purposes of severely debuffing her opponents.
  • With a Resistance refined Wagasa, Fort. Def/Res in her A slot (though Fortress Res can work in a pinch), Fortress Res in her Seal Slot, Azura hits 46 Resistance for which to utilize Sabotage and Ploy skills. You can further utilize her Seal slot to run an additional Ploy debuff if you are comfortable with her only hitting 41 Resistance.
  • Alternatively, you can build off or her HP Superboon instead for a Sudden Panic build. HP + 5 can go in her A and S slots (B Duel is a scoring option which provides the same boosts) to give Azura 55 HP after her refine, which increases even further with a season-appropriate blessing.
  • Wagasa offers Azura an additional Chill Attack in her weapon slot and as she is the only lance refresher, being able to have this utility is unique to her.
  • Her C Slot is the most flexible of all: she can run a team buff, an enemy debuff, or even something like Infantry Flash, or even Infantry Pulse if using her +HP Build. Basically any skill that allows Azura to help her team's combat without seeing combat herself is a net gain.

Defensive Singer (Enemy Phase build)

Build by raelet
Vanguard+ (+Res)
Alternate: Barrier Lance+ (+Def)
A Distant Counter
Alternate: Fort. Def/Res 3
Sing B Null C-Disrupt 3
Alternate: Wings of Mercy 3
Iceberg C Joint Hone Spd
Alternate: Def Smoke 3


SQuick Riposte 3
Alternate: Distant Def 3

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Preferred IV: +SPD / -HP

Weapon: Vanguard (+Res) / Barrier Lance (+Def) / Sapphire Lance

Assist: Sing

Special: Iceberg / Moonbow / Ruptured Sky

Passive A: Distant Counter / Fort. Def/Res

Passive B: Null C-Disrupt / Wings of Mercy

Passive C: Joint Hone Spd / Def Smoke

Sacred Seal: Quick Riposte / Distant Def / Flexible

  • This Azura functions more as an Enemy Phase tank while singing for your team. Due to lance units having easy access to both Vanguard and Barrier Lance, it's easy to pick and choose which defensive stat of hers that you want to focus on, though in the current meta it's generally best to build both defensive stats, hence the alternate refines.
  • Running Distant Counter on Azura can help her to take out ranged threats that may otherwise harm your team. Sapphire Lance can be helpful here, as it allows Azura to survive and counter units like Lilina and Lysithea.
  • Null C-Disrupt is a luxury skill that Azura can use to counter units like Brave Veronica when they're in annoying places on Aether Raids offense. Note that you want Quick Riposte for this, as Azura will not naturally double due to her lower Speed.

Offensive Singer (Combat Build)

Build by raelet
Lofty Blossoms+ (+Spd)
Alternate: Harmonic Lance+ (+Spd)
A Swift Sparrow (2 or 3)
Alternate: Fury (3 or 4)
Sing B Desperation 3
Alternate: Wings of Mercy 3
Moonbow C Joint Hone Spd
Alternate: Joint Hone Atk


SSwift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Sturdy Blow 2

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Preferred IV: +SPD / -HP or -RES

Weapon: Lofty Blossoms (+Spd) / Harmonic Lance (+Spd) / Slaying Lance (+Spd)

Assist: Sing

Special: Moonbow / Iceberg / Luna

Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Fury

Passive B: Desperation / Wings of Mercy / Escape Route

Passive C: Joint Hone Spd / Joint Hone Atk

Sacred Seal: Swift Sparrow / Sturdy Blow

  • Azura can reach impressive combat heights in Player Phase by inheriting everyone's offensive lance: Lofty Blossoms.
  • With a +Spd boon, A Speed refined Lofty Blossoms, and Swift Sparrow 3 + Swift Sparrow 2 in Seal slot, Azura reaches 54 Speed on initiation, allowing her to double often in order to activate Moonbow
  • Her lower defenses means that she's guaranteed to hit the HP threshold for Desperation or Escape Route after she gets hit by an opponent, which can allow her to teleport around the battlefield to Sing for her allies.
  • Unfortunately, while this set turns Azura into a Player Phase monster, it also means that in order to utilize her combat capability, she cannot Sing for her allies during her turn.
  • Joint Hone is the best C slot for her, as it allows her to still play a slightly supportive role while also buffing herself.
  • If you'd rather more flexibility for her to Sing in her Player Phase, then Azura can still equip something like a Harmonic Lance or even Vanguard with Fury to bait enemies in the Enemy Phase while singing for her allies on her turn.



Azura’s greatest strength is her access to Sing, as it can refresh an ally’s turn and make basically any Player Plase unit twice as effective.

She sacrifices some combat capability and stats out of her base stat total for this. In addition, she will not score as highly in the Arena modes of the game.

Still Relevant

Azura is one of the few launch refreshers who still clings to relevancy with her weapon access and workable stat spread. 3 years after launch, she is still the only non-seasonal refresher capable of using lances, which allows her to run specialized builds.

Her stats are not amazing but they get the job done. Her HP is a superboon, making skills like Sudden Panic somewhat more viable, while her balanced stats elsewhere can help her to survive a single combat or two.


Lower stats

As aforementioned, Azura has fewer stats overall, making her allocation a bit tight. While ultimately her stat spread is decent for a refresher, she’s still limited by her class type.

Her build options are limited due to this - it’s difficult for her to run a variety of builds, just as it’s difficult for her to reliably get kills.

Low HP/Resistance

Dancers are not generally meant to see combat and with recent additions to the game such as Temari+ and Sudden Panic, the refresher 'meta' has shifted into having them equip these support builds which allow them to debuff opponents for your team without ever seeing combat.

Unfortunately, Azura's base Resistance and HP are too low to run skills like Sabotage Def or Panic Ploy without significant investment, which many summoners don't have as she is a 5 star locked hero.

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Iron Lance
Learns by default at 1 ★
Unlocks at 1 ★
Lance Users Only
50 1 6
Steel Lance
Learns by default at 3 ★
Unlocks at 2 ★
Lance Users Only
100 1 8
Sapphire Lance

Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantge.

Learns by default at 4 ★
Unlocks at 3 ★
Lance Users Only
200 1 8
Sapphire Lance+

Gives Atk+20% if weapon-triangle advantage, Atk-20% if disadvantge.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Unlocks at 5 ★
Lance Users Only
300 1 12
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Support Skills

Support Skills Rng. SP

Enables target to take another action. Cannot be used on units with Sing or Dance

Learns by default at 5 ★
1 150

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Speed +1

Grants Spd+1

Inheritable by all units.
Speed +2

Grants Spd+2

Inheritable by all units.
Speed +3

Grants Spd+3

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Fortify Res 1

Grants adajacent allies Res+2 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Inheritable by all units.
Fortify Res 2

Grants adajacent allies Res+3 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Inheritable by all units.
Fortify Res 3

Grants adjacent allies Res+4 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★

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