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Tailtiu - Thunder Noble


Obtainable as a 3 - 4 only

Hero Stats

Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl 40
HP 39
ATK 32
SPD 35
DEF 17
RES 25

Stat Variations

Level 1 Stat Variation
Low 16 7 8 3 5
Middle 17 8 9 4 6
High 18 9 10 5 7

Level 40 Stat Variations
Low 35 29 32 13 22
Middle 39 32 35 17 25
High 42 35 38 20 29

IV Sets

Key stats worth increasing through nature if possible.
Complementary stats that matter, but not to the point of picking them over key stats for nature increase.
Relatively worthless stat that can safely be decreased through nature.


  • +ATK: Attack is Tailtiu’s best choice for an Asset. With her ability to augment her Speed tremendously through skills and her unique refinement, Tailtiu has more to gain from improving her Attack in order to more effectively make 2HKOs.
  • +SPD: While Tailtiu has much less use for Speed than she did prior to her unique tome and refinement, a +SPD boon is still her second best choice for an Asset. With a Speed Asset, Tailtiu can make follow-up attacks against some of the fastest opponents.


  • HP: Tailtiu boasts a surprisingly solid base 39 HP. Given her relative frailty due to her poor Defense and middling Resistance, Tailtiu’s HP is best left neutral: especially considering her 4-point Flaw.
  • DEF: Tailtiu’s Defense is already poor, and with a 4-point Flaw, Tailtiu risks falling to physical attackers after a single attack. As she has more competitive choices for an Asset, Tailtiu’s Defense is best left alone.


  • -RES: Tailtiu’s defensive stats are generally quite poor, but her high HP gives her reasonable bulk. Therefore it’s worth dropping her Resistance instead in order to preserve her mixed bulk and avoid the 4-point Flaw in HP or Defense.

Skill Sets

Thunderstorm of Friege (Offensive Player Phase)

Build by
Tome of Thoron (+Eff)
Alternate: Tome of Thoron
A Swift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Fury (3 or 4)
Reposition B Desperation 3
Moonbow C Even Atk Wave 3
Alternate: Drive Spd 2
IVsSQuickened Pulse

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  • Preferred IV: +ATK or +SPD / -RES
  • Weapon: Tome of Thoron (+Eff)
  • Assist: Draw Back / Ardent Sacrifice
  • Special: Moonbow / Glimmer
  • Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Atk/Spd Solo / Fury
  • Passive B: Desperation
  • Passive C: Even Attack Wave / Even Speed Wave / Flexible
  • Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse / Darting Blow / Flashing Blade / Attack +3 / Speed +3

Building Tailtiu comes down to balancing different offensive skills to ensure that she has sufficient Attack and Speed to defeat any opponent she encounters. With base 35 and an additional +10 from both Swift Sparrow and Tome of Thoron, Tailtiu will wield an effective 45 Speed. This will be enough to make follow-up attacks against a slew of enemy heroes, though if Tailtiu needs extra Speed she can benefit from a buff from her allies.

Provided she has enough Speed, the rest of Tailtiu’s investment should be in Attack. +ATK puts Tailtiu’s base Attack on par with her Speed at 35, which totals a solid 59 after Tome of Thoron, Swift Sparrow and Even Attack Wave. However, a great deal of Tailtiu’s damage will come from her Special skills: Moonbow, coupled with Tome of Thoron’s reduced Special cooldown and +10 damage will allow Tailtiu to overcome a triangle disadvantage through powerful Special skills at regular intervals. If Tailtiu is below the necessary >75% HP threshold, Tailtiu will be able to use Moonbow during every battle, while avoiding retaliatory attacks.

Swift Sparrow provides +4 Attack and Speed on Player Phase, which is easy to utilise over other offensive skills. However, Atk/Spd Solo will provide a greater boost to Tailtiu’s offensive stats if she can meet the skill’s positional requirements. If both of these skills are too expensive, Fury can be used as a more budget alternative, offering defensive bonuses as well as an easier mechanism for dropping Tailtiu’s HP below that necessary 75% threshold.

For her C slot, an Attack or Speed Wave skill are the most beneficial, though either of these bonuses can be offered by an ally instead. If this is the case, Tailtiu’s choice is quite flexible. Sacred Seals are more competitive: Quickened Pulse allows Tailtiu to charge her first Special skill more quickly, though other alternatives like Darting Blow or Flashing Blade may have a greater impact during prolonged battles.

Righteous Thunderclap (One Hit Offense)

Build by
Tome of Thoron (+Eff) A Swift Sparrow 2
Alternate: Fury (3 or 4)
Reciprocal Aid B Special Spiral 3
Alternate: Moonbow
C Even Atk Wave 3
Alternate: Drive Spd 2
IVsSQuickened Pulse

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  • Preferred IV: +SPD or +ATK / -RES
  • Weapon: Tome of Thoron (+Eff)
  • Assist: Reciprocal Aid
  • Special: Luna / Moonbow
  • Passive A: Swift Sparrow / Fury
  • Passive B: Special Spiral
  • Passive C: Even Attack Wave / Flexible
  • Sacred Seal: Quickened Pulse / Flashing Blade

This build strives to grant Tailtiu immensely powerful Special skills through boosting her damage output and Special charge through Tome of Thoron, Special Spiral and Quickened Pulse. +ATK is generally preferred over +SPD as Tailtiu’s ability to KO will not depend on her Speed, but rather her ability to defeat the enemy in a single hit.

Reciprocal Aid allows Tailtiu to reach the 75% threshold more easily, which is crucial as she won’t receive the advantages of Tome of Thoron without doing so. Swift Sparrow and Even Attack Wave serve to improve her Attack stat, whereas Quickened Pulse and Special Spiral will improve Tailtiu’s ability to charge her Special skill at the start of the battle, and after subsequent battles respectively.

Tailtiu’s choice of Special is much more significant here: Luna is arguably the best option as it provides a strong damage boost on a 3-turn cooldown. This complements Tome of Thoron and Special Spiral perfectly, ensuring that Tailtiu can fully charge Luna at the start of every turn. This is less effective alongside a refresher however, so if Tailtiu is supported by a refresher hero she may opt to take Moonbow instead for its shorter cooldown.


Tailtiu was once the greatest example of the archetypal blue mage: as an infantry mage with a reasonable offensive statline and no unique tome, Tailtiu was destined to mediocrity. However, with her new weapon and refinement, Tailtiu wields impressive offensive power.

Inspired by her appearance in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Tailtiu’s unique tome grants her a Wrath effect, making Tailtiu the only ranged hero in the game capable of using Wrath. This grants her considerable power once she falls below the required HP threshold, which suits the typical mage playstyle nicely with skills like Desperation. Additionally, the tome’s refinement grants Tailtiu a solid +6 Speed upon initiation, vastly improving her offensive prowess.

With her newfound power, Tailtiu can stand amongst the likes of Ishtar and Lewyn as one of the strongest mage heroes in the game. Though she is reliant on an HP threshold for her offensive and defensive strength, Tailtiu can serve as a fantastic and reliable offensive Player Phase mage.

You lost me. You're (yawn...) putting me to sleep. Anyway, we don't got time for that stuff. We gotta get moving!

Tailtiu, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Good Offensive Stats

32/35 in Attack and Speed isn’t the greatest offensive stat spread around, but it offers Tailtiu reasonable attack power during the Player Phase and provides a solid foundation to be improved with skills.

Tome of Thoron

The Tome of Thoron grants Tailtiu impressive newfound power. Though the weapon relies upon her reaching a >75% HP threshold, it allows Tailtiu to vastly improve her damage output through reliably charging Specials.

Decent HP

Tailtiu’s HP stat is rather respectable among most mages: base 39 with more points to be gained from her weapon refinement makes Tailtiu quite durable thanks to her high Speed. She must still be wary of succumbing to a OHKO from a physical attack.


Low Defense

With a base Defense of only 17, Tailtiu is incredibly susceptible to physical attacks. Tailtiu must be careful to avoid taking an attack from physical heroes or from heroes that can target her Defense instead of her Resistance.

Reliant on >75% HP

Like many mages, Tailtiu performs much more effectively below 75% HP. However, Tailtiu relies on this threshold not just for the typical Desperation, but also for the offensive boost granted by her tome. Whereas many mages can fight adequately before reaching this threshold, Tailtiu may struggle to KO effectively.

Weapon Skills

Weapons SP Rng. Mt.
Blue Tome Users Only
50 2 4
Blue Tome Users Only
100 2 6

Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1).

Grants bonus to unit’s Atk = total bonuses on unit during combat.

Learns by default at 4 ★
Blue Tome Users Only
200 2 9

Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1).

Grants bonus to unit’s Atk = total bonuses on unit during combat.

Learns by default at 5 ★
Unlocks at 5 ★
Blue Tome Users Only
300 2 13
Tome of Thoron

At start of turn, if unit's HP ≤ 75% and unit's attack can trigger their Special, grants Special cooldown count-1, and deals +10 damage when Special triggers.

Unlocks at 5 ★
Non-Inheritable skill.
400 2 14
Weapon Evolution
Weapon Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Support Skills

Support Skills Rng. SP
Rally Resistance

Grants Res+4 to target ally for 1 turn.

Learns by default at 4 ★
1 150
Rally Spd/Res

Grants Spd/Res+3 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.

1 300

Passive Skills

Passive Skills SP Slot
Attack +1

Grants Atk+1.

Inheritable by all units.
Attack/Res 1

Grants Atk/Res+1.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 4 ★
Attack/Res 2

Grants Atk/Res +2.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 5 ★
Spur Spd 1

Grants Spd+2 to adjacent allies during combat.

Inheritable by all units.
Drive Spd 1

Grants Spd+2 to allies within 2 spaces during combat.

Inheritable by all units.
Drive Spd 2

Grants Spd+3 to allies within 2 spaces during combat.

Inheritable by all units.
Unlocks at 4 ★

Other Info

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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