Killer & Quick Riposte Synergistic Build Guide

Killer & Quick Riposte Synergistic Build Guide

This is part of the "Synergistic Build Guide" series, where we discuss synergistic builds that are applicable to many different characters.

Killer Weapons are weapons that contains the word "kill" or "slay" in the weapon name. The following are a list of Killer Weapons:

These weapons all have an effect in common, which reduces the special trigger timer by 1. With the help of Quick Riposte, it is possible for the character with a killer weapon to activate powerful special skills into their foes.

The main idea is to bait the enemy into attacking you where you could activate Quick Riposte, hit twice and activate your special skill, which will (hopefully) kill the enemy.

Note: Legendary Weapons (such as Mystletainn and Hauteclere) can also be used with Quick Riposte, achieving the same effect as Killer Weapons.

Other Skill Choices

Other Skill Choices


The character's special skill depends on the type of threat you are countering and the speed of your character.

For slower units, you'll have 3 turns to charge a skill with Quick Riposte. Using the Killer Weapon's effect means that you can use a 4-turn special skill. Faster units will not get doubled as often, which means that they can use a 3-turn special skill with the help of the killer effect.

If you are planning to use a physical wall, Ignis or Bonfire are the natural choices, and a magical wall would use Iceberg or Glacies. For a 3-turn special, Luna is a skill that is also worth considering.


Reciprocal Aid is the main support skill worth considering as it will allow you to go back to Quick Riposte's threshold after taking damage. A more defensive option is also possible using positioning skills such as Swap and Reposition.

Passive Skill A

Attack is an important stat to increase as it simply allows you to do more damage, and with the help of Quick Riposte its increases can be counted twice. Other than that, Defense is prioritized for physical baits and Resistance for magical ones.

Let's talk about the newest kid in the block, Steady Breath. Steady Breath's main draw is how it can accelerate charging very powerful specials when being initiated on, and the basis of the Killer-QR combo works precisely on this idea. It is obvious how synergistic Steady Breath is to this build. With the Killer bonus, you can afford to run 2-turn specials, and activate it on every attack.

Fury is probably one of the most effective options as it raises all stats (except HP) by 3. The main issue is that the recoil from Fury might push the character out of Quick Riposte range. For Fury users, Reciprocal Aid might be able to mitigate the recoil effect. Otherwise, any skill that can boost the three stats mentioned is worth considering.

Close Defense has considerable synergy with this build as well, as most of the physical tanks operates better in close quarters, and having the additional RES boost also increases their survivability towards DragonStone users.

Specifically for magic baits, if your character is a melee-ranged unit, Distant Counter will be mandatory to deal with mages. Otherwise, you are stuck with baiting no one but the melee magical Dragonstone users.

The list below showcases possible candidates for passive A skills:



Sacred Seal:

If you are talking about selfish seals for your own use, then ATK boost seals or DEF/RES seals are the best in doing so. However, some of the units that can fully utilise this skill set have high HP stat, which meant that Panic Ploy seal could also be used.

Character Choices

Character Choices

As the characters used with these builds require taking hits, one main feature of the character chosen should be the capability of tanking hits. The most common version of this build works for melee-ranged units, which means that high DEF and high HP are good stats for characters to yield. As for mage baiting, RES would be the stat to focus on.

Below are some examples of possible candidates for this build. This is not meant to be exhaustive: