Tempest Trials - Loki's Flames


Bonus Allies

Bonus Allies

Using a bonus ally on your team will raise your score by +40%. Multiple allies do not stack.

Event Overview

This special event contains a series of maps you must fight your way through from beginning to end. Losing does not mean game over, as you can retry with  multiple teams. At the end of each round, points are awarded based on clear speed, survivability and bonus units. Your total points are tallied and used to unlock various rewards, many of which are exclusive to the Tempest Trials. Additionally, there is a player ranking with large feather rewards given to those with the highest scores.

Basic information about the Tempest Trials+ are as follows.

  • Using a Bonus ally on your team will increase your score by 40%.

  • Bonus allies gain double EXP and SP, and stat boosts (HP+10, +4 other stats).

  • Your first two runs per day earn triple the amount of points, and grant stat boosts to all of your units (as if they were bonus allies).

  • Event Duration is 10 days.

  • Rewards are given for scores up to 50,000.

Notable Rewards

Score Reward
1,000 4★ Marth: Altean Groom
6,000 Attack/Def +1 Seal
10,000 Spd Smoke Seal
15,000 5★ Marth: Altean Groom
20,000 Flier Formation Seal

4★ Marth: Altean Groom

Marth's first (and long-awaited!) alternate form. This version of Marth is a green axe-wielding Cavalry notable for his high Speed and decent Defense. With his base kit, he is a good team support unit thanks to Drive Atk and Ardent Service, a new weapon. It provides the effects of Hone Atk, but also buffs the user. His four star version can be used or sacrificed to give Drive Atk 2 to another unit.

Attack/Def +1 Seal

A stat-boosting seal, it caps at level two and raises a unit's Attack and Defense by two. This is currently the biggest overall stat boost available without downsides, and is a good choice for tank-style units who aim to both give and receive heavy damage.

Spd Smoke Seal

This seal reduces the Speed of all enemies around the target within two spaces by seven after combat, and normally appears in the C slot. Smoke skills can debuff multiple foes at the same time, and are very effective against tight-knit clusters of enemies. Spd Smoke is most useful on offensive-style units looking to double attack more foes, or weaken counterattacks from high-speed enemies.

5★ Marth: Altean Groom

A five-star version of Marth: Altean Groom. It's recommended for most players to use him as a bonus unit if they can't obtain Sanaki: Apostle in White. Not only is he a great choice for the trials, he can be sacrificed to give his weapon, Ardent Service+ to another axe-wielding unit.

Flier Formation Seal

The Flier Formation seal lets a flying-type unit warp adjacent to any unit within two spaces. In this way, a unit with Flier Formation can move greater distances and in much more unpredictable ways. Most flier units will want Attack-boosting or Special-accelerating skills for their seal, but it's great when running full-flier teams. It's a handy skill to have on an Arena defense core, as the movement can catch out unsuspecting players.

All Sacred Seals come at level one, but can be upgraded to their higher-leveled versions in the Weapon Refinery.

Team Building

For those looking to maximise their score and stamina efficiency, care should go into choosing a Tempest Trials team. Instead of talking about just completed teams, I’ll be talking about the elements that make those teams successful, so that players with different units can construct viable teams. Unless otherwise stated, all units from here on out are assumed to be running their recommended builds. A team with the best chance of success will have the following: 

  • As many bonus units as possible, as they receive huge stat boosts.
  • Source(s) of healing, such as healing specials or a staff-user.
  • Strategy for the final map and boss.
  • Weapon Triangle coverage, as the actual units within each map can vary significantly.

The first two runs each day grant all units a stat boost as if they were bonus units. This simplifies team-building for those looking to complete just those runs and nothing else.

Bonus Units

The first units you’ll want to think about using are of course, the bonus units. With their huge stat bonuses (+10 HP, +4 to all other stats) they will punch far above their normal weight. Always endeavor to have at least one bonus unit on your team, as they increase your score by 40%. Bonus units do not stack: 40% total will be awarded no matter how many bonus units are on the team.

The first two runs each day grant all units a stat boost as if they were bonus units. This makes team-building much simpler for those runs, as players can use nearly any unit they want.

  • Bridal Tharja: Thanks to her awesome 35/35 Attack and Speed, Bridal Tharja is a powerhouse unit. She works well with her base tome but is even strong when given a Blade Tome. The boost from the Tempest Trials give her some much-needed defense, and make her offenses even better. She is one of the best partners for Groom Marth and can sweep through the trials with minimal support.
  • Bridal Ninian: The standout unit for these trials, Bridal Ninian provides both ranged and dancer support in one unit. Not only does she boast unrestricted movement and dancer utility, she can slay foes with a Blade tome when given the correct skill inheritance and buff support. Ninian excels in flier teams but is still amazing in a mixed team.
  • Bridal Sanaki: The best offensive unit available this time around, she hits incredibly hard and can activate strong Ploy skills on opponents. In order to truly shine she needs a Blade tome, but still hits hard when equipped with her Nifl Frostflowers. She is at her strongest when supported by other flier allies, and forms a deadly duo with Bridal Ninian.
  • Groom Marth: Marth is the only freely available unit this time around, making him an important staple of F2P teams. As a Cavalry unit, he works very well alongside the duo of Reinhardt and Brave Lyn. His Ardent Service weapon also makes him great at supporting Blade tome users.
  • Tharja: Regular Tharja is a strong unit in her own right, and with bonus stat boosts will hit extremely hard. She can be used much in the same way as her Bridal form, and has much better defense. She should be paired up with units who can grant her Attack and Speed buffs to power her Blade tome.
  • Ninian: Ninian is no stranger to the trials, as this is her third time as a bonus ally. She is extremely useful as a dancer, but when given the stat boosts and buff from Light Breath, she becomes extremely tanky and hard to KO. Ninian can and should be used in all kinds of teams.
  • Sanaki: Regular Sanaki is a different flavour of offensive mage, sacrificing Speed for raw power. her Cymbeline tome works best when paired with Flier allies (Bridal Sanaki and Bridal Ninian are both excellent partners). She only needs an Attack buff to demolish foes, which can be granted by anyone, including the bonus ally Groom Marth.
  • Marth: Marth is an amazing support unit due to his Falchion's buffs, and can also provide valuable healing through Falchion and Renewal. He's a great Dragon slayer and has good survivability due to his strong mix of Defense and Resistance. Marth is one of the most reliable units in the game, and is a fantastic choice for the Tempest Trials.


Staff-users are highly recommended for all kinds of teams due to their amazing healing potential. They are by far the most reliable and powerful healers available, and can also provide strong chip damage to neutralize strong threats.

There are a few types of builds which can be used to heal teams without using a dedicated healer. The first of these is the “Renewal Medic”, a build type which relies on healing from Renewal and the legendary weapon Falchion. Reciprocal Aid is a must-have skill to ensure clean transferral of health to allies. Forging Falchion increases the healing from this type of build. Marth can run this build by simply inheriting Renewal, and is a bonus ally to boot.

Lastly, there is the "sustain tank" build. With a cooldown -1 weapon such as a Slaying Axe combined with Steady Breath, Quick Riposte and Aether, a unit can charge and fire off their special every round of combat keeping their health topped up over a long time.


These are some of the most potent allies for Tempest Trials, offering both safety and speed to your run. In short, they are great for all the usual reasons, but are affected by their low combat stats, which can hold them back. Due to team limitations, if you choose to field a dancer they must be a respectable combat unit in their own right, with either a full build or something close. Both Ninian and Bridal Ninian are bonus units and are excellent units for the Tempest Trials.


One of the fastest ways to clear the Tempest Trials is with a powerful ranged attacker wielding a Brave bow or Blade tome. Combined with a buffer or dancer, they can destroy most units in the trials with ease once they are under the Desperation threshold. Nino, Linde, Rhajat, Lilina, Katarina, L'Arachel, Olwen and Brave Lyn are all common choices. Bridal Tharja, Tharja, Bridal Sanaki and Sanaki all fulfill the role, although they will need some skill inheritance to reach their max potential. Flier teams are highly recommended if running Bridal Sanaki and Bridal Ninian.

Using Autobattle

For those looking to save time, the autobattle feature lets you quickly gain tempest points with minimal effort. When creating an autobattle team, there are a few considerations:


  • Hard (5 Battles) is the most suitable difficulty for most players, assuming you can field a full team of five star characters. With enough bonus units or merges, it may be possible to do the lower infernal difficulty.

Team Building

  • Team building considerations are mostly the same for manual teams. The AI tends to play recklessly, making tanky units with well-rounded statlines and Distant Counter fare the best.
  • A dedicated healer is nearly always better unless you have multiple units with Aether or other healing. If you choose a dedicated healer, don’t forget to un-equip their weapon. Otherwise, the AI will treat them like a ranged attacker, and play aggressively with them.
  • Don't forget to pack a bonus unit!
  • Flying units tend to be poor choices, unless equipped with Iote's Shield. This is because the AI's reckless playstyle often leaves them in the range of deadly archers.


  • Distant Counter Units: Hector(LA), Nowi, Dorcas, Hector, Ike, Ike(VL), Ryoma, Black Knight, Young Tiki, Zelgius.
  • Sustain Tanks: Leif, Brave Ike, Ike, Ike(VL), Raven, Brave Lucina, Leif.
  • Dedicated Healers: Any staff-user!
  • Other Healers: Marth, Masked Marth/Lucina, Chrom, Arvis, Linde, Performing Olivia, Alm
  • Sweepers:  Bridal Sanaki, Bridal Tharja, Tharja, Sanaki, Reinhardt, Olwen, Brave Lyn, Lute, Reinhardt, L'Arachel, Olwen, Nino, Delthea, Lilina, Bridal Cordelia.

Threats to Autobattling Teams

  • Triangle Adept
  • Weapon Breaker Skills
  • Firesweep Weapons
  • Brave Weapons
  • Effective Weapons (Such as Armorsmashers, Horseslayers and Bows)
  • Wrath/Wo Dao

Defeating Loki

Loki is the boss of the Tempest Trials, and is a formidable foe due to the many effects of her staff, Thokk. She can restrict the movement range of your units, and hits hard and fast due to Wrathful Staff and her high Speed. In addition, she can heal her allies which may prove annoying, especially if the map has been failed a few times already. On higher difficulties, Loki carries Live to Serve, allowing her to heal herself by restoring the HP of allies. For this reason, it's recommended to try and KO her as soon as possible.

Mage Tanks

  • With high Resistance and the capability to strike back, they are among the best choices of unit for fighting him. Julia, Deirdre and Sonya are three excellent examples. With a Distant Defense seal and Quick Riposte, many units can handle Loki. Physical mage tanks such as Innes, Felicia and Faye can make short work of Loki with the correct skills and inheritance.

Distant Counter units.

  • Units with Distant Counter can hit back against Loki, but will need to ensure their survival. Armored units such as Sheena, Amelia, Zelgius and the Black Knight can OHKO her on retaliation or survive to double and KO her. 

Raven Tomes

  • As a grey unit, Loki can be handled by units with a Raven Tome and Triangle Adept. Robin(M), Henry and Cecilia can all do the job, and are also good units for the trials as a whole. They will need Quick Riposte on their build to ensure a KO, as Loki has both high Speed and Resistance.

Map Enemies

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Lunatic
23 23 14 7 12
Weapon Assault A
Support Heal B
Special C
27 28 18 9 15
Weapon Assault A
Support Heal B Live to Serve 1
Special Imbue C Atk Ploy 1
34 30 25 13 19
Weapon Gravity A
Support Restore B Live to Serve 2
Special Imbue C Atk Ploy 1
39 34 28 15 23
Weapon Gravity A
Support Restore B Live to Serve 3
Special Heavenly Light C Atk Ploy 2
50 48 35 20 29
Weapon Thökk A Brazen Atk/Spd 2
Support Restore+ B Live to Serve 3
Special Heavenly Light C Atk Ploy 3
54 51 38 22 33
Weapon Thökk A Brazen Atk/Spd 3
Support Restore+ B Live to Serve 3
Special Heavenly Light C Atk Ploy 3
67 54 41 25 36
Weapon Thökk A Brazen Atk/Spd 3
Support Restore+ B Live to Serve 3
Special Heavenly Light C Atk Ploy 3

User Submitted Teams

Fates chosen
Submitted by KirinAce
Show Explanation

Corrin (male) +10 merged/ Pair up: Female Corrin
-yato (eff refined)/ reposition/Glimmer/L&D3/Desperation 3/ Hone Spd 3/ Close Def SS

Corrin (Female) +10 Merged/ pair up: Male Corrin, Summoner Supported
Lightning Breath (atk refined)/ reposition/ Aether/ Steady Breath/ Renewal 3/ Infantry Pulse 3/ QR 3 SS

Gravity(Dazzle)/ physic+/ Heavenly Light/ Wrathful Staff 3/ atk/def 2 SS

Ninian +2 merged
Light Breath(def Refined)/ Dance/ Fortify Dragons/ Drive atk 2 SS

using Male corrin's yato effect refine along with the staple Lightning breath combo from Female corrin as well as fortify Dragons from ninian, Kamui (Female Corrin) can tank major hits from all enemies besides julia at the moment. when she's low on health Genny can heal while at a safe distance from the enemy. and while ninian could just be used for singing she can also be used as a tank at times, This Team I have can also clear Infernal 5 so long as you take off genny's gravity.

Slow team
Submitted by SirTempo
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Sanaki is the magic tank and Gerome is the physical tank. They support each other.

Local Plegian Dark mage nukes everything
Submitted by Remnant
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Tharja uses a Darting Blow + Desperation setup. Ephraim is there to act as a buff bot with his refined weapon + Rally Def/Res and Hone Spd giving +14 damage to Tharja's Bladetome. Azura works as she should: give Tharja another chance to nuke another enemy. The healer must be able to keep Tharja alive as much as possible

Two dragons and an apostle
Submitted by SapphireSea
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No brides? No problem!

Using standard Sanaki and Ninian as my bonus units. Myrrh is joining so she and Ninian can trade dragon buffs: while Ninian bolsters Myrrh's defenses, Myrrh increases Ninian's offensive capabilities. Sanaki still has her unrefined Cymbeline, while Ninian's breath was switched to Water Breath for enemy phase defense.

Edit: Originally I had rotating healers like in Invisible Ties TT, but seeing how well Maria has worked, I made her role permanent. She runs Wrazzle Dazzle, but I'm emphasizing healing using her Physic+.

Submitted by Nitor
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