New Fire Emblem Heroes Summer Swimsuit Characters Revealed

  • Summer Helbindi, Summer Laevatain, Summer Laegjarn, and Summer Gunnthra are available now 
  • Summer Ylgr will be available as a Tempest Trials reward

On June 19, 2019, a new trailer was posted to Youtube featuring the new Fire Emblem Heroes characters arriving a few hours from when it was put up. 

  • Summer Helbindi, an infantry sword
    • Sandfort Spade+, Rally Atk/Def+, R Duel Infantry, Panic Ploy
  • Summer Laegjarn, a blue tome flier
    • Worldsea Wave, Reposition, Swift Sparrow 3, Flier Formation, Hone Fliers
  • Summer Laevatein, a green tome flier
    • Buoyboard+, Smite, Mirror Impact, Def/Res Link, Odd Atk Wave
  • Summer Gunnthra, a cavalry dagger
    • Tropical Treats+, Rally Def/Res+, Ar-O Spd/Res, Disarm Trap

Summer Ylgr, an infantry axe, will also be arriving on June 21st. She has a Shoreline Rake+, Luna, Flashing Blade, and Even Def Wave.

You can check out their stats and analyses on their GamePress pages below.