New Halloween Heroes Ilyana, L'Arachel, Dozla, Hector Arrive October 9th

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Halloween Heroes are on the way!

The latest new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped! Watch it here or check it out through the in-game announcements.

A Monstrous Harvest features four Halloween-themed heroes: Ilyana, L’Arachel, Dozla, and Hector (appearing with Lilina). A fifth, Rolf, will be available through an upcoming Tempest Trials event.

Please Note: As they are dubbed Special Heroes, this means the new heroes are seasonal, and will not be a part of the regular summoning pool.

Ilyana, Treat Harvester

Ilyana is a blue mage armor, continuing the tradition of unusual weapon/movement type combinations. Sadly, she lacks a personal weapon, but introduces a new tome, the Spooky Censer, which gives a unit the effects of Fury 3. She also introduces Atk/Res Gap, which buffs the ally on her team with the highest combined Attack and Resistance (excluding her).

Ilyana’s strength will largely come down to her stats, which (due to the presence of Bold Fighter) likely mean she excels in all but Speed. Gone are the days where armored mages were feared, so she’s not likely to be impactful thanks to her low Speed and reduced movement.

L'Arachel, Harvest Princess

L’Arachel appears as a green mage cavalier, and also introduces a few new skills while lacking a personal weapon. Madness Flask is a new weapon gives the effects of Fury 3, while Spd/Res Ruse is the latest addition to the Ruse skill family.

Olwen: Righteous Knight and Gunnthrá both have useful niches due to their personal weapons, but other green mage cavaliers have since fallen into obscurity. Unless her stats are as spectacular as her art, it is unlikely L’Arachel will make a serious splash amongst mages.

Dozla, Harvest Attendant

Dozla is a colorless armored dagger, and also comes with an inheritable weapon. Pumpkin-a-Box gives the effects of Fury 3, but also the normal dagger debuff effects. He also has AR-D Atk/Def 3 in his base kit, a new addition to that skill family.

Depending on his stat distribution, Dozla could be an exceptional Aether Raids unit. Colorless daggers can’t normally be hit with weapon triangle advantage, and dagger debuffs can clear the way for a sweep.

Hector, Dressed-Up Duo

The first of a whole new class of units, Hector and Lilina are teamed up as one unit (although the trailer technically classifies them as Hector). They are an armored sword unit, coming with an odd personal weapon, the Conjurer Curios: It grants Atk +3, and if the enemy is under full HP or it’s an odd-numbered turn, gives a +4 boost to stats while in combat.

This pairs well with Odd Follow-Up, a new type of skill introduced on this character. It ensures they can make a follow-up attack and prevents their foe from making one, provided the turn number is odd. With their Duo Skill, Hector and Lilina can trigger their personal weapon’s effect with ease. Being able to deal 20 damage to all enemies within three columns is a huge advantage, and can be paired with lots of other unit types.

Hector’s stats were shown at one point during the trailer! Assuming he is buffed by L’Arachel’s Atk/Res Gap and has no asset/flaw, Hector has 47 HP, 41 Attack, 26 Speed, 39 Defense, and 27 Resistance. Low Speed is a problem for him, but with a Duo Skill in hand, Hector remains one of the strongest units introduced to the game.

Rolf, Tricky Archer

Rolf will be given out for free during the next Tempest Trials event. Nothing is known about him except he’s a colorless archer. Based on his art, he’s likely carrying a new type of bow, probably which gives the effects of Fury 3 (just like the units on the banner).

The pool of colorless archers is extremely bloated though, and with units like Legendary Alm around, Rolf will need a seriously good stat distribution to complete with top archers. Most likely, he’ll end up like Norne: a middle of the road unit with good base stats and no niche aside from that.

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